Trieu Lo Tu received "good news" with Tran Triet Vien after 1 year, revealing a surprising truth

Bút MáyJun 06, 2024 at 15:44

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Tran Triet Vien and Trieu Lo Tu used to be a feverish screen couple in the summer of 2023. The first time the two 9x stars co-starred together was in Clumsy Can't Hide.

After 1 year since the film's happy ending, Tran Triet Vien and Trieu Lo Tu suddenly received great good news in the international market. Specifically, the film starring the two suddenly entered the list of the 14 best Chinese dramas, ranked according to IMDb scores.

Trieu Lo Tu received good news with Tran Triet Vien after 1 year, revealing a surprising truth - Photo 1

According to the online magazine Lifestyle Asia, Clumsy Can't Hide has excellently received a high IMDb score, specifically 8.6. This remarkable film has garnered a private audience on streaming platforms such as ifestyle Asia

The high score on IMDb and the praise from critics is a testament to the fact that Clumsy Can't Be Hidden is a film that initially made an impact on a global scale.

Trieu Lo Tu received good news with Tran Triet Vien after 1 year, revealing a surprising truth - Photo 2

Previously, at YOUKU's recruitment ceremony, Clever Thief Who Can't Hide was also honored as one of the five most successful projects broadcast in 2023 on the platform, besides Truong Nguyet Tan Minh (La Van Hi - Bach Loc), Who Is He (starring Truong Dich) and Mutant Chi Ha (Peng Duc Sung, Hau Minh Hao...).

According to data announced by Youku, Clumsy Can't Be Hidden has attracted an enthusiastic audience from more than 190 countries and regions around the world, bringing the overseas YOUKU application into the top 10 most downloaded apps in many countries.

Trieu Lo Tu received good news with Tran Triet Vien after 1 year, revealing a surprising truth - Photo 3

From a film entangled in countless controversies, the audience even asked the film crew to change actors, just because they thought that Trieu Lo Tu, Tran Triet Vien along with the supporting actor Ma Ba Kien would not be able to take place the style of Tang Tri - Doan Gia Hua and Tang Dien. However, the truth has proven the judgment of netizens to be completely wrong. The two have recreated a Doan Gia Hua and Tang Tri as if tearing a book out.

On the other hand, at the time of broadcasting, Tran Triet Vien and Trieu Lo Tu were also enthusiastically "pushed the boat" by the audience. The beautiful appearance and explosive chemistry of this 9x couple made people fall in love. Many suspicions of fake love movies that exploded all over the internet were also raised when the two often interacted and posed for sweet poses when taking pictures together.

Trieu Lo Tu received good news with Tran Triet Vien after 1 year, revealing a surprising truth - Photo 4

After the film, the careers of the two have changed in two different directions. With Tran Triet Vien, when participating in the movie Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 4, the guy was allowed to compete for the first place in the session with Cuc Tinh Y. This caused the film's projection effect and the actor's own reputation to drop significantly, people frankly condemned the actor's blatantness, Even fans can't defend it.

Trieu Lo Tu received good news with Tran Triet Vien after 1 year, revealing a surprising truth - Photo 5

By the first half of 2024, many rumors said that Dich Le Nhat Ba's crew had contacted him with the desire to cooperate with the actor in the science fiction film Kieu Khoi Thanh Yang. However, the male lead was announced as Tran Tinh Huc.

Until recently, Tran Triet Vien continued to "compete" with senior Ly Tham in the Oan Tam Ky project. According to previous speculation, the film's s.hooting schedule was originally scheduled to be in June, but because of the dispute between Tran Triet Vien and Ly Tham, it is very likely that the filming time will have to be postponed if the two sides still cannot reach an agreement soon.

Trieu Lo Tu received good news with Tran Triet Vien after 1 year, revealing a surprising truth - Photo 6

On the side of netizens, most of them think that Tran Triet Vien should not have his back and compete with Ly Tham, because that will make him lose the goodwill in the hearts of the audience even more.

In terms of all aspects from achievements to acting, and recognition, Tran Triet Vien has absolutely no door compared to Ly Tham. Above all, this time, Ly Tham also attracted a lot of attention after Khanh Du Nien 2 aired, her heat was still relatively high.

With Trieu Lo Tu, she has made solid steps and received many great successes. Unlike Tran Triet Vien, Trieu Lo Tu is the ability to choose the right script for himself. Therefore, all of Trieu Lo Tu's roles are successful, making the audience remember.

Trieu Lo Tu received good news with Tran Triet Vien after 1 year, revealing a surprising truth - Photo 7

In addition to outstanding film achievements, Trieu Lo Tu is also sought after by the media. Her every move became the focus of discussion among netizens. In the near future, the actress will be paired with Tran Vy Dinh in Let Me Shine. This film project is receiving great attention from the audience as well as fans.

Trieu Lo Tu received good news with Tran Triet Vien after 1 year, revealing a surprising truth - Photo 8

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