Bach Loc plans to "go home" with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hach's fans strongly object?

Hoa TuyếtSep 18, 2023 at 07:35

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The two collaborations were both successful, obviously Bach Loc still wants to continue filming with La Van Hi. Recently, she revealed that she hopes to play a villain if she reunites with actor La.

It can be said that La Van Hi and Bach Loc are currently one of the couples most enthusiastically sought after by the public and the media in Cbiz, since the masterpiece "Truong Nguyet Tan Minh".

Bach Loc plans to go home with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hachs fans strongly object? - Photo 1

Not only because of La Van Hi's steady, emotional acting in each scene or the attractive script, but the harmonious combination between stars Huong Mat Tua Khoi Suong and Bach Loc is also the reason why the film is a hit. famous in the world, reaping countless remarkable achievements.

It's clear that both of the couple's collaborations in "Half Sugar, Half Pain" and "Truong Nguyet Tan Minh" had good effects and were enthusiastically supported by a large audience. That's why people want La Van Hi - Bach Loc to marry again. Worth mentioning, not only the audience but La Van Hi - Bach Loc themselves are also extremely excited about the third pairing.

Bach Loc plans to go home with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hachs fans strongly object? - Photo 2

The proof is that in a recent conversation, when the MC asked what role they both wanted to play in the next movie, the 95-year-old flower g.irl did not hesitate to say she wanted to join the villain side. As for La Van Hi, he laughed and said: "If Bach Loc plays the villain, I will be the one to capture her", she also immediately continued: "We will be villains together.. . You and I are like double agents."

Immediately, the conversation between La Van Hi and Bach Loc made the online community excited. Many netizens and couple fans have the same thought, as long as the two reunite, regardless of whether it's the villain or the protagonist, they will watch and support it wholeheartedly.

Bach Loc plans to go home with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hachs fans strongly object? - Photo 3

However, some viewers think that La Van Hi - Bach Loc are on the path to developing their own careers, and no matter how close their relationship is, a second collaboration is more than enough. Because being "tied together" forever sometimes causes the opposite reaction. An interesting thing is that many people say that anyone who opposes the Loc - Hi boat must be a fan of Truong Lang Hach, because this guy is known as Bach Loc's boyfriend.

Ignoring whether the famous star couple will reunite or not, not long ago, La Van Hi excellently won the most prestigious a.ward at the 2023 Seoul International Television Film Festival thanks to her role in "Truong Nguyet Tan Minh".

Bach Loc plans to go home with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hachs fans strongly object? - Photo 4

Specifically, the historical handsome man successfully took home the "Outstanding Asian Star" a.ward in the Chinese region, at the 18th Seoul International Drama Festival 2023 (Seoul International Drama Awards 2023) thanks to his role. Dam Dai Tan. This is considered a great achievement in La Van Hi's acting career.

Although quite happy for this guy, many fans still feel sorry that "Truong Nguyet Tan Minh" could not win in the Series category at the awards ceremony. Because, if it wins this a.ward, La Van Hi - Bach Loc's film can "pocket" another new record, after a series of previous "huge" achievements.

Bach Loc plans to go home with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hachs fans strongly object? - Photo 5

It is known that "Truong Nguyet Tan Minh" is an S-class historical project, adapted from the romance novel "The Dark Moon Light Holds BE Script" by author Dang La Vi Chi. The film brings together famous Cbiz faces such as: La Van Hi, Bach Loc, Tran Do Linh, Dang Vi, Ton Tran Ni,...

The story is about the bitter, tearful love affair between the demon god Dam Dai Tan (La Van Hi) and Le To To (Bach Loc) - the daughter of the head of the Hanh Duong sect. In order to prevent the demon god from destroying the three worlds, Le To To was f.orced to go back 500 years ago, when Dam Dai Tan was still a normal, quite honest person.

After that, the two fell in love but could not get good results, because countless misunderstandings and intrigues prevented Dam Dai Tan and Le To To from getting together. Having gone through many ups and downs, he chose to sacrifice himself to protect the people he loves and the three worlds.

Bach Loc plans to go home with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hachs fans strongly object? - Photo 6

In the final episodes, the film brought many tears from the audience because of La Van Hi's extremely good acting and role-playing ability. Accompanied by the smooth coordination of Bach Loc, the footage becomes valuable. In particular, the scene where the two are separated from each other makes viewers feel heartbroken.

Because of the successful collaboration in "Truong Nguyet Tan Minh", fans are even more eager to soon see La Van Hi - Bach Loc working side by side in a new film project.

Bach Loc plans to go home with La Van Hi, Truong Lang Hachs fans strongly object? - Photo 7

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