Luo Yunxi "5 times 7 turns" as a cannon fodder for Bai Luo, eventually clearing the way for Wang Hexiu

SnowAug 28, 2023 at 11:01

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It can be said that thanks to Luo Yunxi who is always ready to stand up for protection, to be by Bai Luo's side in the most difficult times, she has reached the glory and confidence she has today.

As one of the most sought-after little flowers in Cbiz, few people know that Bai Loc had an extremely difficult time. Before being enthusiastically received by the public and having the opportunity to transform thanks to the movie "Chau Sinh Nhu Gu", the heroine Truong Nguyet Jin Minh had to face many events in work and life.

Luo Yunxi 5 times 7 turns as a cannon fodder for Bai Luo, eventually clearing the way for Wang Hexiu - Photo 1

At this time, Bai Loc almost fell into a stalemate, because his career was frozen for a long year, and was a "victim" of cyberviolence. Not stopping there, she did not even have a male star who would cooperate for fear of implicating herself.

And then, in the most desperate moment, she was lucky enough to meet Luo Yunxi, who agreed to cooperate with her on the project "Half Honey, Half Pain", despite all the scandals surrounding her co-star. After that, the film was smoothly released in 2020, helping Bach Loc regain a lot of fame.

Luo Yunxi 5 times 7 turns as a cannon fodder for Bai Luo, eventually clearing the way for Wang Hexiu - Photo 2

However, it was not stable until 2019, Bach Loc once again entangled in the African market. She and Hua Kai were exposed for a "fake love movie", so Bai Lu also acted rudely when touching the opponent's sensitive position right on the set, making him both shy and avoidant.

As soon as the image of this moment was released, the online community stirred, they constantly scolded and criticized Xiao Hua Dan with harsh words, forcing Yu Zheng – the boss of Hoan Ngu Anh Thi to speak up and stand up for the artist under him. At the same time, he also threatened to introduce legislation if netizens did not stop their aggressive actions against Bai Loc.

Luo Yunxi 5 times 7 turns as a cannon fodder for Bai Luo, eventually clearing the way for Wang Hexiu - Photo 3

Bai Luo's status at this time compared to Hua Kai who was famous for his role as Fu Heng in "Yanxi Gongji" was much inferior. Therefore, the Hua Khai fan community has more and more excuses to lead and boycott the beauty born in 1994.

Luo Yunxi continued to be her savior because after the "charm" at "Half Honey, Half Pain", the couple had the opportunity to reunite at "Changyue Jinming". When the successful film aired, it exploded onto the Chinese small screen and continuously earned a series of impressive achievements. And yet, according to some sources, this work is also a "gold mine", helping Youku prosper.

So far, when the drama has ended for a long time, Luo Yunxi and Bai Loc still maintain such a close and close relationship. Previously, Sohu also reported that the mother of the male star Huong Honey Like Mist was very fond of Bai Loc, and also praised her beauty and personality. Through many events, it can be seen that Luo Yunxi is really a solid spiritual support for Xiao Hua whenever she encounters great waves and winds.

Luo Yunxi 5 times 7 turns as a cannon fodder for Bai Luo, eventually clearing the way for Wang Hexiu - Photo 4

In another development, in addition to the drama "Ninh An Like a Dream" waiting for the premiere date, Bai Loc also has a project in collaboration with Wang He, "Di Ai Vi Doanh" about to air.

Not long ago, information suddenly appeared on social networks that "Di Ai Vi Doanh" was facing the risk of not being able to air. This is because the film's NSX has embezzled public funds and is under investigation. This makes movie nerds and fans of the Bai Loc - Wang Hei couple extremely worried.

Luo Yunxi 5 times 7 turns as a cannon fodder for Bai Luo, eventually clearing the way for Wang Hexiu - Photo 5

However, the newly released information has made the population much more reassured. Specifically, the producer "Di Ai Vi Doanh" was found guilty and did not affect the broadcast of this project. Moreover, his problem, which had been going on since late April after the film wrapped, has only now been dug up for discussion.

Many people believe that this is done by the opponent of the main couple to hope to usurp the screening of "Di Ai Vi Doanh" in the near future. The information also shows that this modern romance film project will soon be aired at the end of the year. According to the plan given earlier, it is likely that "Di Ai Wei" will air on Hunan Radio and Mango TV.

Luo Yunxi 5 times 7 turns as a cannon fodder for Bai Luo, eventually clearing the way for Wang Hexiu - Photo 6

It is known that right from the first days of opening, "Di Ai Vi Doanh" has received great attention from fans. Because the film not only has a famous original, but also owns two cult traffic actors of the 9x group in Cbiz. The behind-the-scenes images released also made people expect Bai Lu and Wang Hexi's chemistry in their first time working together.

However, there are still many viewers who expressed concern for this project, because Bach Loc's image is considered inferior and even somewhat "sealed" the beauty of the actress. If he doesn't improve, Yu Zheng's "pet chicken" will be more easily considered "stop" than Wang Xiu in the same frame.

Luo Yunxi 5 times 7 turns as a cannon fodder for Bai Luo, eventually clearing the way for Wang Hexiu - Photo 7

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