The old man has just been forced to retire, turning to "clinging" to his sister Bach Loc to continue acting

Hướng DươngAug 18, 2023 at 17:00

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The fact that the guy constantly appears with an alarming state, a thin b.ody, a poor face, and injuries during filming makes fans both hurt and bored.

The person mentioned by netizens is none other than the ancient god Luo Yunxi. Because after the success at "Changyue Jinming", the audience is looking forward to his new project. And in response to that sentiment, Luo Yunxi was currently participating in filming for the movie "Nhan Tam Ky", but an incident suddenly happened.

The old man has just been forced to retire, turning to clinging to his sister Bach Loc to continue acting - Photo 1

Accordingly, on August 17, Chinese media reported that actor Luo Yunxi was injured while filming a scene in "Yan Tam Ky", specifically on his left leg. The guy was forced to stop all work and was immediately hospitalized for treatment, then discharged in a pitifully emaciated state.

Faced with this information, many viewers were extremely confused and worried about Luo Yunxi, because he repeatedly had problems affecting his b.ody or health during his role in the film. Before "Nhan Tam Ky", the actor had many times encountered similar incidents in: Zi Guangjian, Liang Yan Yi, Hao Yiheng, Yue Shangzhong Fire ...

The old man has just been forced to retire, turning to clinging to his sister Bach Loc to continue acting - Photo 2

Besides, some opinions also said that perhaps Luo Yunxi should take a break from art activities for a while to relax and strengthen his b.ody to restore his health. At the same time, they also suggested that the actor should choose a certain sport to practice.

Because this will help Luo Yunxi both improve his appearance and be good for his health in the future. And of course, the male lead Chang Yue Jinming also completely meets the recording conditions, rather than "selling the network" continuously like now.

The old man has just been forced to retire, turning to clinging to his sister Bach Loc to continue acting - Photo 3

On the other hand, as soon as Luo Yunxi's image revealed a bone-thin figure, his legs were like bamboo tubes leaking out, suddenly became a topic of debate in newspapers and social networks. Many netizens have voiced sarcasm, claiming that the actor is playing tricks to attract the love of the audience.

Because almost every movie, Luo Yunxi has only one story line: participate, then r.eveal the skinny, injured photo, return to shoot and finally close the camera. Many people made the point that the actor should not continue to a.buse the trick over and over again because the audience is already too bored with this. In addition, doing so is too risky, because it is unlikely to bring the expected results, but only physical harm.

The old man has just been forced to retire, turning to clinging to his sister Bach Loc to continue acting - Photo 4

It is known that "Nhan Tam Ky" is a project marking the cooperation of Luo Yunxi and Tong Yat, telling about the cold but case-solving Wang named Jiang Tam Bai. During an interrogation in Ha Man Ham, he accidentally met the wandering gypsy woman Yan Nanjing with a bizarre disease. The two are destined to "seduce" together to become a duo to solve the case, gradually helping each other overcome tribulations and decipher the secrets that make the other suffer.

In another development, social media recently rumored that Luo Yunxi confirmed her marriage to her "sister" Bai Lu after "Chang Yue Jinming".

The old man has just been forced to retire, turning to clinging to his sister Bach Loc to continue acting - Photo 5

A source said that in addition to the almost planned male lead, Luo Yunxi, the female lead of the film and some other characters have not been able to find the most suitable person.

At this time, information spread online that Li Yitong would take on the role of the female lead A Thuy in "Thien Kiep Mi". Although it is not clear how real it is, based on the reaction of the majority of netizens, they all strongly agree that this time between Luo Yunxi and Bai Luo's sister, because they both possess bright visuals and good acting ability.

The old man has just been forced to retire, turning to clinging to his sister Bach Loc to continue acting - Photo 6

Previously, it was also revealed that Chen Dao and Xiao Shunyao, the male god of "Lien Hua Lou", also appeared in "Heavenly Life Mi" (Water Dragon Immersion).

"Tianjie Mi" is adapted from the martial arts novel by author Teng Ping (also the "mother" of "Lien Hua Lou"). The plot tells the story of Tang Lixu's journey to correct past mistakes, trying to save Tang Lixu's group of close friends. The film is produced by Thuy Thuy Van Culture, producer Trung Thi Dong Thanh, under S investment level and is scheduled to be screened on Youku platform.

The old man has just been forced to retire, turning to clinging to his sister Bach Loc to continue acting - Photo 7

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