Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized

Hoa TuyếtNov 22, 2023 at 09:36

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Recently, the online community was stirred by the news that Bach Loc was in love with a man 8 years younger than him. The other person is said to have the same appearance as La Van Hi and Truong Lang Hach.

At the present time, Bach Loc is one of the female stars receiving great attention from the public. Beautiful appearance and diverse acting skills help the little flower g.irl quickly gain a large fan base. Besides her career with extremely "popular" series such as: Chau Sinh Nhu Co, Chieu Dao, Truong Nguyet Tan Minh,... her love story is also a hotly discussed topic among people over the past time. .

Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized - Photo 1

A while ago, Chau Kha Vu suddenly shared a photo taken with Bach Loc, making fans "restless". It is known that the two have known each other since filming "Di Ai Vi Doanh", the actor surnamed Chau takes on the character Dich Duong - a technical genius who secretly loves the female lead Trinh Thu Y, played by Tieu Hoa born in 1994. . Through the series of shared photos, it can be seen that the couple is very close to each other even though beauty Ninh An Nhu Mong is 8 years older than her junior.

Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized - Photo 2

In particular, in some photos, Bach Loc comfortably held his arm and leaned on Chau Kha Vu, while the male idol seemed quite shy when standing close to his senior who is nearly 10 years older than him.

Immediately after this series of moments was shared, the online community raised doubts that Bach Loc - Chau Kha Vu were dating because their interactions were too sweet and intimate. However, fans of the 9X flower g.irl quickly denied it, saying that she and actor Chau only consider each other close friends.

Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized - Photo 3

In fact, this is not the first time Bach Loc has been involved in emotional turmoil with his co-star. Before that, she was rumored many times about "real fake love movies" with Cbiz handsome men such as: Hua Khai, La Van Hi and Truong Lang Hach.

The most prominent must be the scandal of Bach Loc and actor Truong dating through a series of evidence of matching clothes and staying at each other's house overnight. However, the two are still determined to keep quiet about all the dating rumors to avoid affecting the currently airing movie "Ninh An Nhu Mong".

Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized - Photo 4

On the morning of November 20, the keyword "Three gates of female lead Di Ai Vi Doanh" suddenly climbed to No. 1 on Weibo's h.ot search, and at the same time the similar topic about Ninh An Nhu Mong was also present in the rankings. Many audiences were disappointed and frustrated by Bach Loc's way of establishing the female protagonist Trinh Thu Y, when she was so obnoxious.

Because in order to punish the "third person" who made him suffer, Trinh Thu Y tried to seduce "green tea"'s uncle to get revenge. However, she misunderstood her uncle as Thoi Yen, which led to the "false teasing" later.

Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized - Photo 5

Many people even want "Di Ai Vi Doanh" to have a "BE" ending because the male lead Thoi Yen (played by Vuong Hac De) is a talented CEO and does not deserve to fall in love with a cheater. I approached you just to get revenge.

Not only being criticized in the movie but also in real life, Bach Loc is also facing fierce controversy when a video of him laughing unattractively with his co-star Vuong Hac De was revealed. Specifically, behind the scenes, the handsome man named Vuong gave suggestions on filming angles to director Quach Ho, and also suggested the Korean movie "Goblin" as reference material.

Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized - Photo 6

However, this opinion of the guy was rejected and laughed at by the director. It's worth mentioning that at that time, Bach Loc even "laughed" loudly, causing Vuong Hac De to fall into an awkward situation. Now when the movie airs, the amateur, ugly, and "shadowy" filming angles of the actors have become a h.ot topic, making viewers disappointed.

Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized - Photo 7

Besides, Bach Loc's acting in "Ninh An Nhu Mong" was also mentioned, even criticized for being too dramatic and "reformed" causing the film's quality to decline. In addition, many performances and lines of male supporting character Truong Gia (Vuong Tinh Viet) were cut to male main character Ta Nguy (Truong Lang Hach), which also made people equally angry.

Bach Loc carelessly dated Chau Kha Vu, despite being severely ostracized - Photo 8

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