Tang Weixin was vague on stage, blue face apologizing in front of thousands of spectators

Diệu AnhApr 02, 2024 at 14:44

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On the evening of March 31, during a night of explosive music at the epic music festival held in Binh Dinh, attracting the participation of thousands of audiences, singer Tang Duy Tan encountered a rare incident.

After performing a series of hit songs in his career to serve his fans, he suddenly confused the location of the city, making the atmosphere of the night become surprising and stirring. This mistake caused the singer to fall short and hurriedly apologize to the audience on his personal page.

Tang Weixin was vague on stage, blue face apologizing in front of thousands of spectators - Photo 1

The incident began when Tang Duy Tan appeared on stage and greeted the audience but a confusion occurred when he mistakenly received the name of Quy Nhon city to Phu Yen while interacting with the audience on stage. This greeting immediately surprised and stirred the audience because the concert took place in Quy Nhon, not Phu Yen. After realizing his mistake, Tang Weixin showed remorse and directly bowed his head to apologize to the audience.

Tang Duy Tan's incident quickly attracted the attention of the online community with many mixed opinions. Some sympathized with the singer's error, claiming that it was just a minor mistake caused by carelessness and could happen to anyone. They said that Tang Duy Tan acted respectfully when he apologized and asked the audience to forgive him.

Tang Weixin was vague on stage, blue face apologizing in front of thousands of spectators - Photo 2

However, many others expressed frustration and dissatisfaction with Tang Duy Tan's lack of professionalism. They argue that the mistaken location is a serious shortcoming, showing a lack of respect for the audience. Some people even think that this is Tang Duy Tan's PR ploy to attract attention.

Tang Weixin was vague on stage, blue face apologizing in front of thousands of spectators - Photo 3

In the face of mixed opinions, Tang Duy Tan posted a long post on his personal page to apologize to the audience again. He explained that due to the tight schedule and constant movement between locations, there was an unfortunate confusion. Tang Duy Tan also promised to learn from experience and be more careful in the future.

Tang Duy Tan's incident is a valuable lesson for the singer as well as other artists. The lack of professionalism at work can affect their image and career. Therefore, artists need to always hone their knowledge, practice skills and have a serious attitude at work to serve the audience in the best way.

Tang Weixin was vague on stage, blue face apologizing in front of thousands of spectators - Photo 4

Tang Duy Tan is one of the famous young male singers/musicians in the Vietnamese music market today. Although he has not been active for a long time, this singer has quickly got himself hit songs that are loved by domestic and international audiences.

By 2023, Tang Duy Tan will continue to be mentioned a lot when launching the product Cut the Sorrow in half. The song has become a viral cover trend on social networks for a long time because it meets all 3 criteria to create hits: easy to listen - easy to remember - easy to remember.

During the Green Wave 2023 a.ward ceremony, Tang Duy Tan did not forget and always knew how to express his gratitude to the audience, especially mothers and weaning babies, who supported him in his career. He looks forward to more opportunities to give children works specifically for children, and is committed to continuing to bring quality and meaningful music products to the audience.

The success of "Cutting Sorrows in Half" is a testament to Tang Duy Tan's talent and efforts. This is also a very meaningful gift that the singer gave to fans after the mistaken incident at the concert in Quy Nhon

Tang Weixin was vague on stage, blue face apologizing in front of thousands of spectators - Photo 5 .

With the spirit of professionalism, respect for the audience and continuous creativity, Tang Duy Tan has been affirming his position in the Vietnamese music industry, while becoming a symbol of youthfulness, creativity and positivity in the entertainment industry.

Tang Weixin was vague on stage, blue face apologizing in front of thousands of spectators - Photo 6

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