Li Quyen was called "little" by Lin Baozhou, lamenting the young love for taking all the cassettes to buy gifts

Hoàng PhúcApr 03, 2024 at 06:49

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May 4 is Li Quyen's birthday and her young lover, Lin Baozhou, soon bought gifts. The singer also revealed that to buy a designer dress and shoes as a birthday gift for her

Le Quyen celebrated her 42nd birthday in the United States this year. Although she is not near relatives and friends, she has Lin Baozhou by her side on this business trip. In fact, every time she goes abroad, the singer's young love is "accompanied". This year, on his personal page, Lam Baozhou shared a love photo with his girlfriend with a wish: "Happy birthday to my chicken friend."

Li Quyen was called little by Lin Baozhou, lamenting the young love for taking all the cassettes to buy gifts - Photo 1

Meanwhile, the "queen of the tea room" showed off a branded birthday gift from Lin Baozhou and shared: "Only I know how beautiful the peace in my heart is now. It's not that life is free of pains, it's important that I live for others forever, now I know how to love myself more, so I don't allow sorrow to creep into me, exist in me in any way. My 4th month, my birthday."

Li Quyen was called little by Lin Baozhou, lamenting the young love for taking all the cassettes to buy gifts - Photo 2

Most notably, Le Quyen also wrote: "Your gift makes me very happy because I know this is the best thing I can give you, without being so expensive, all my advertising check-in contracts."

Right under the singer's post, Lin Baozhou said he still has another surprise for her on this special occasion: "Buy poor. I'm still surprised, b.aby."

Li Quyen was called little by Lin Baozhou, lamenting the young love for taking all the cassettes to buy gifts - Photo 3

This sharing of Le Quyen surprised the audience by a valuable detail that accidentally revealed the income of young love. Accordingly, the singer affirmed that the value of the birthday gift is equivalent to Lam Bao Chau's advertising contract.

It is known that Lam Bao Chau's birthday gift to Le Quyen comes from Louis Vuitton brand, including a Peter Pan antique dress with a zipper as a highlight priced at VND 54.5 million and boots printed with the famous Monogram motif of the fashion house priced at about VND 32 million. To give the other half this gift set, Lam Bao Chau had to spend nearly 100 million VND. Because it is possible that the amount of m.oney the actor receives after each advertising contract is up to hundreds of millions of VND.

Li Quyen was called little by Lin Baozhou, lamenting the young love for taking all the cassettes to buy gifts - Photo 4

During Li Quyen's birthdays before, the male model was never absent and often had sweet messages. In response, Li Quyen also thoughtfully organized a party to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday; But the two don't usually o.ff each other's gifts on these special days.

On Lin Baozhou's birthday in 2022, the singer shared: "Men in their 30s are mature enough to be responsible for every decision they make. Seeing that many people are worried and funny, people do not know that you are a super old, mature, principled young man called an Asian old man by a large number of friends. To be together is to be happy like this. What sin to pretend to be tired, we are free."

Li Quyen was called little by Lin Baozhou, lamenting the young love for taking all the cassettes to buy gifts - Photo 5

It can be seen that, despite the age difference and being considered more successful than her boyfriend, Li Quyen has always skillfully affirmed that Lin Baozhou is a steady and independent man.

Li Quyen (43 years old) and Lin Baozhou (31 years old) have had 5 years of marriage. Before publicizing her relationship with Li Quyen, Lin Baozhou was remembered by many viewers as a model. However, after a period of time with the singer's girlfriend, the actor's name really exploded all over the media.

Li Quyen was called little by Lin Baozhou, lamenting the young love for taking all the cassettes to buy gifts - Photo 6

Not only was he invited by many units to cooperate, he had the opportunity to appear in a movie of the "VFC universe", as well as become an MC for a reality TV show. However, according to the audience, Lin Baozhou has not really made his mark with art.

Li Quyen was called little by Lin Baozhou, lamenting the young love for taking all the cassettes to buy gifts - Photo 7

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