Yang Zhaoyu was unlucky because he took a photo of He Hu to wish Li Quyen a happy birthday

Hoàng PhúcApr 04, 2024 at 10:21

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Recently, Duong Trieu Vu suddenly posted on his personal page a happy birthday image of senior Le Quyen. There would be nothing for the people to stir if the singer did not use images related to Ha Ho.

Specifically, Hoai Linh's younger brother sent his wishes to the singer If You Have the Choice: "Happy birthday Le Quyen. Finding a picture of the two of them to post happy birthday did not come out, but found this photo on Facebook, so I took it. Who says anything, I find it cute. Maybe one day the 3 of us will go to a drag show together again. Wishing you a very happy and jubilant birthday. It's always as natural as it gets."

Yang Zhaoyu was unlucky because he took a photo of He Hu to wish Li Quyen a happy birthday - Photo 1

Along with that, the singer did not hesitate to share a photo featuring him alongside Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha. This move of Yang Zhaoyu made the people constantly talk excitedly.

Accordingly, many viewers disagreed with Yang Zhaoyu's reason for "running out of photos" because they thought it was not convincing. Some commented that the singer may have deliberately chosen this photo to create a controversial effect.

Yang Zhaoyu was unlucky because he took a photo of He Hu to wish Li Quyen a happy birthday - Photo 2

Because before that, Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha were close friends, many times appearing together in public. However, for some reason, the two have long ceased to remain friends. Therefore, the audience no longer sees Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha in the same frame because the two female singers often "ignore" each other, acting like two strangers.

Yang Zhaoyu was unlucky because he took a photo of He Hu to wish Li Quyen a happy birthday - Photo 3

Currently, Duong Trieu Yu's post receives a lot of attention from the online community. Many comments criticized the singer for deliberately creating "drama" when choosing such a sensitive photo. However, there are still many opinions that Yang Zhaoyu posted such an image in the hope that the pair of old best friends will "heal again" after years of coldness, avoiding each other.

Nearly 10 years ago, Ho Ngoc Ha and Le Quyen were names that were often placed next to each other. On that day, Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha always accompanied each other in all events. Not only that, in daily life, the two also often accompany each other.

Yang Zhaoyu was unlucky because he took a photo of He Hu to wish Li Quyen a happy birthday - Photo 4

The "queen of entertainment" and "queen of the teahouse" then made everyone jealous because of their close sisterly relationship.

However, in 2015, public opinion was surprised by the information that the two s.lashed each other's faces because of a conflict. Culminating in their joint appearance at several events, the once-best friends ignored each other and appeared unacquainted.

At that time, the media and fans were also curious about their relationship, but Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha avoided mentioning it. That alone is enough to understand that the relationship of the once close friends has not been able to repair.

Yang Zhaoyu was unlucky because he took a photo of He Hu to wish Li Quyen a happy birthday - Photo 5

Nearly 10 years have passed, the pair of friends who used to be close every day are still "opposite paths", each choosing their own career path. The two also avoided talking about each other, as if they had never known each other.

Everyone is happy and fulfilled

After so many years, Ho Ngoc Ha and Le Quyen are still the top stars of Vietnamese showbiz. Both maintain their hotness in the admiration of many. The common point in the romance of Ho Ngoc Ha and Le Quyen is probably a bit "cheating".

Yang Zhaoyu was unlucky because he took a photo of He Hu to wish Li Quyen a happy birthday - Photo 6

After ending his love affair with businessman Quoc Cuong, Ho Ngoc Ha became involved in various love rumors and received mixed reactions from netizens. At this time, Le Quyen is happily married to businessman Duc Huy.

In 2020, it was reported that Ho Ngoc Ha and Kim Ly officially registered their marriage after 3 years of dating. In the same year, Le Quyen unexpectedly announced that she had divorced businessman Duc Huy after 10 years as husband and wife. Conflicting information about the couple's romance at one point became the subject of attention from a large number of fans and media. Many people also joked that although Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha "took a break from playing", they were strangely related.

Yang Zhaoyu was unlucky because he took a photo of He Hu to wish Li Quyen a happy birthday - Photo 7

At the present time, both Le Quyen and Ho Ngoc Ha have found their happy shore. If Ho Ngoc Ha has a fulfilling marriage next to her husband Kim Li, Le Quyen also has a passionate love affair next to young love Lin Bao Chau.

Yang Zhaoyu was unlucky because he took a photo of He Hu to wish Li Quyen a happy birthday - Photo 8

After the noise, the image of Ho Ngoc Ha's happy family next to Kim Ly and the twins has received everyone's love. Besides, the civilized relationship of Ho Ngoc Ha and her ex-husband Cuong Do in raising their common son also makes people admire.

As for Le Quyen, she and her ex-husband still maintain a good relationship to jointly raise their son. On her personal page, Le Quyen regularly updates pictures of taking her son and young lover on extremely happy and happy trips.

Yang Zhaoyu was unlucky because he took a photo of He Hu to wish Li Quyen a happy birthday - Photo 9

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