Hari Won was busy with "personal matters" and was absent from Tran Thanh's family party

Quỳnh NhưMay 13, 2024 at 18:12

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On May 12 - Mother's Day, social networks were "dyed pink" by meaningful wishes and happy images of families. Among them, the moment together of MC Tran Thanh and his family especially attracted the attention of many fans.

Hari Won was busy with personal matters and was absent from Tran Thanhs family party - Photo 1

On his personal page, Tran Thanh shared a photo of his family celebrating Mother's Day together. Although the photo is simple, it exudes immense warmth and happiness. In the photo, Tran Thanh and his younger brothers Uyen An and Huynh Mi and Huynh Mi's husband and wife. Everyone smiled brightly, expressing their joy at being reunited on this special day.

Hari Won was busy with personal matters and was absent from Tran Thanhs family party - Photo 2

In particular, Tran Thanh also shared a sweet message for his mother: "Take your b.aby to celebrate her day." Although the sharing was brief, it contained all the love and respect that Tran Thanh had for his beloved mother.

Notably, Tran Thanh's biological mother is over 60 years old but still maintains her youthfulness and bright appearance. Below the post, in addition to comments praising Tran Thanh's biological mother's beauty, many netizens also said that the actor inherited many similarities with his mother. However, netizens wonder about the absence of an important figure, singer Hari Won - Tran Thanh's wife. Under Tran Thanh's post, many people continuously shouted her name.

Previously, the female singer scored points when she sent wishes to Tran Thanh's mother: "We only want one thing, which is for our parents to be healthy. We will take care of the rest." The male MC said that his biological mother and Hari Won have many similarities, many people even think they are biological mother and daughter.

Hari Won was busy with personal matters and was absent from Tran Thanhs family party - Photo 3

However, Hari Won was reprimanded by her other half: "Grandma, you're c.razy. I thought it was something big, so I was so scared that I stayed awake because of you." Hari Won also spoke up and said she is currently in Korea. This move of the 8x female singer is said to clarify the reason for being absent from Tran Thanh's family meal. The moment of Tran Thanh's family reunion this time was without Hari Won. Many viewers were also curious and asked the reason why Hari Won was absent from the family meal because she was in Korea busy with personal matters. The female singer confirmed this information and said she regretted not being able to be present at the family meal.

Hari Won was busy with personal matters and was absent from Tran Thanhs family party - Photo 4

Besides, on his 60th birthday, Tran Thanh's biological mother burst into tears when receiving gifts from her son and daughter-in-law. Hari Won once shared about her plan to give gifts to her mother-in-law, making her emotional:

"I'm the one who tried this and that style and finally chose one. Then we started discussing, we like to play games. You can't give me a gift at the same time. Let me give mom the earrings." . After I put it on for my mother, I thought it was time for you to give it to me! And the result is like the above... I love it when I see my mother crying! Won wrote.

Hari Won was busy with personal matters and was absent from Tran Thanhs family party - Photo 5

Tran Thanh and Hari Won are one of the most famous couples in Vietnamese showbiz. They got married after participating in the movie project "Ghost Hospital" in 2016. Their love quickly received the attention of a large audience because of the difference in age and culture. At the end of 2016, Tran Thanh and Hari Won officially joined the same family with a luxurious wedding. Since then, the couple has always made fans admire their sweet, romantic moments and are not afraid to show their affection in public.

Hari Won was busy with personal matters and was absent from Tran Thanhs family party - Photo 6

After 8 years, Tran Thanh and Hari Won's marriage was repeatedly suspected of having problems. There were even rumors that there was just a marriage contract between them. Tran Thanh once affirmed that he never stopped loving Hari Won. The male MC said: "My husband and I have never been like a husband and wife who have been together for 7 years, because everyone who looks at them thinks they are just dating. Every day we are like that, every day is love."

Hari Won was busy with personal matters and was absent from Tran Thanhs family party - Photo 7

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