Zhencheng 'stunned' with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife

Diệu AnhMay 09, 2024 at 18:51

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Recently, Zhencheng has surprised fans by appearing with a completely new look that is far from the image of whiskers, long curly hair that once made people "turn on their backs".

Zhencheng stunned with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife - Photo 1

Tran Thanh is one of the male artists of Vietnamese showbiz who is always noticed by the audience whenever appearing anywhere. Fans are especially interested in the appearance, fashion style and hairstyle of the male MC. The frequent appearance in public makes Zhencheng in each stage will change diverse styles, avoiding causing boredom to the audience.

Zhencheng stunned with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife - Photo 2

Recently, on his personal page, A Xin once again changed his hairstyle, he appeared with a very different look in the shows as well as the moments that the artist shared before.

Zhencheng stunned with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife - Photo 3

The latest image of the male artist with a neatly cut hairstyle and simple outfits, makes the male MC and director trillion become young, masculine and somewhat age-hacking. After the photo was posted, Zhencheng received a storm of compliments from colleagues as well as viewers. Below the comment section are endless compliments such as: "Too handsome heaven and earth, brother", "Naturally he is beautiful and scary to wait, look out, like photos with hair like this, the top of the tip", "The Zhencheng that I knew in the old days.now handsome is the same old one", "The haircut looks young, cool, comfortable ha Xìn ha... I don't see it anymore... I don't know if the new picture or the old one... suspiciously handsome...", ...

Zhencheng stunned with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife - Photo 4

More notably, Hari Won's wife didn't hesitate to directly comment, "Who is delicious? kkk" into the article, which inadvertently gave Ah Xian a very clever flattery to his wife by replying to his wife's comment without a single sentence, worthy of the exemplary man of the family. The interaction of Zhencheng Hari and his wife made netizens excited, jealous of the happy married life of the two.

Zhencheng stunned with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife - Photo 5

Zhencheng stunned with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife - Photo 6

As artists with relatively tight return schedules, both Zhencheng and Hari Won are very busy. There were even times when the two didn't appear together. This caused people to be "semi-suspicious" again and sparked rumors that the couple had gone their separate ways. Faced with a series of false information, Zhencheng immediately corrected it.

The comedian said: "Regarding the information of the marriage contract, people ask if they are angry or stressed, pressure, it is not right to say not to be angry, but what can they do to be angry? It is rumored that we have to suffer, because they see little in common, so they think so. At that time, I was busy making movies, my wife was also busy with her own work in Korea, how can I have time to eat and go to the air to take pictures of love for you to see? So the audience likes it, we still accept it, but happy or not is felt in ourselves. And everyone talks about marriage contracts, just wait and see, time will tell. For example, if I sign a marriage contract, do I get anything? I was still successful unmarried and after I got married. Can I be a successful single person, but I don't have to get married to be successful?"

After the rumors subsided and the two completed their personal tasks and schedules, the two appeared together more, freely interacting intimately with each other on social media platforms.

Zhencheng stunned with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife - Photo 7

Not long ago, when talking about her marriage, Hari Won happily shared, "With Mr. Thanh, my life is full of laughter." On Zhencheng's side, he also expressed: "Hari and I have 7 years of love, 6 years of marriage, every day I open my eyes is also a smile, closing my eyes is also a smile, I have not messed up a day. Hari and I just try to live well every day, or go where we have fun."

Seeing Xìn Ri and her husband still interacting intimately with each other naturally has somewhat dismissed the rumors of social media, this is still a family that many people admire.

Zhencheng stunned with his new look, still skillfully praising his wife - Photo 8

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