Minh Hang revealed her true beauty after giving birth, so why did she have to "turn off the lights" in front of her son?

Phương ThảoMay 11, 2024 at 20:08

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Recently, actress and singer Minh Hang made the online community "fever" when she posted new photos of her first son on her personal page. The beauty born in 1987 showed off her radiant beauty in a purple halter dress, but the spotlight unexpectedly belonged to b.aby Mo, the "warm boy" of Minh Hang's family.

Minh Hang revealed her true beauty after giving birth, so why did she have to turn off the lights in front of her son? - Photo 1

B.aby Mo is now nearly 9 months old, possessing a plump, round, adorable "doll" appearance with big round eyes and plump dumpling cheeks. This is one of the rare times Minh Hang clearly shares her son's entire appearance, making fans excited and excited.

Since the family welcomed a new member, Minh Hang said she has encountered a lot of pressure but life has also become more joyful. The actress often posts happy "mommy" moments in her daily life with her son, attracting a lot of attention from netizens.

Minh Hang revealed her true beauty after giving birth, so why did she have to turn off the lights in front of her son? - Photo 2

Besides, Minh Hang also revealed about raising her son. Unlike many other artists, the actress said she did not hire a nanny but took care of b.aby Mo herself. She trains the b.aby in scientific and disciplined habits of eating and sleeping on time, while also limiting the b.aby's exposure to phones and television. Thanks to that, b.aby Mo is considered very obedient, rarely cries, and brings a lot of joy to Minh Hang and his family.

In particular, Minh Hang also created a social networking page for her son to preserve his lovely images. The actress wants her son to be able to look back on his adulthood journey through these photos.

Minh Hang and her son's images of "clinging" her mother to the gym quickly received a storm of likes from the online community. Many people expressed their admiration for Minh Hang's radiant beauty after giving birth and the cuteness and plumpness of b.aby Mo.

Minh Hang revealed her true beauty after giving birth, so why did she have to turn off the lights in front of her son? - Photo 3

Previously in June 2022, Minh Hang suddenly announced that she was getting married to her husband's house with businessman Quoc Nguyen. Minh Hang's married life received a lot of attention from the public, making fans excited. and bless her happiness.

Minh Hang revealed her true beauty after giving birth, so why did she have to turn off the lights in front of her son? - Photo 4

After more than 1 year of marriage, Minh Hang and her husband officially welcomed their first c.hild in August 2023. Minh Hang's pregnancy using in vitro fertilization has received a lot of attention from the online community. Since having her son, she has become more fulfilled and happier than before. After becoming a mother of one c.hild, Minh Hang was also commented that her beauty improved and her figure quickly returned after giving birth.

However, Minh Hang also shared that the journey to becoming a mother for the first time is not easy. "Being a mother is the most difficult thing in this life," the actress confided. "There are things I have the right to do wrong, the right to be tired, the right to give up, the right not to do well. But being a mother must always do well, that is my duty to do. No matter how tired, lacking How to sleep, but motherhood must be fulfilled."

Being a new mother has brought completely new experiences to Minh Hang. She learned how to be patient, sacrifice and love unconditionally when she was with b.aby Mo. Besides, Minh Hang also feels extremely grateful that her husband always loves, shares and supports her in taking care of her children.

Minh Hang revealed her true beauty after giving birth, so why did she have to turn off the lights in front of her son? - Photo 5

Currently, Minh Hang is enjoying happy days with her small family. She temporarily put aside work to spend time with b.aby Mo. The actress shared that she hopes to return to art soon in the near future. Fans are also extremely looking forward to Minh Hang's return to the screen and hope that she will continue to achieve much success in her career.

Minh Hang revealed her true beauty after giving birth, so why did she have to turn off the lights in front of her son? - Photo 6

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