Hari Won is "in love" with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu

Diệu AnhApr 22, 2024 at 17:07

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Female artist Hari Won and Tran Thanh and close friends visited Korea. The wife of a famous tiktok trending MC is Chi Pu's "rumored lover" ex-lover who appeared after 4 years of "hiding".

Hari Won is in love with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu - Photo 1

After 8 years of living together, Hari Won and Tran Thanh are still enjoying a happy married life that many people admire. Most recently, the two and their close friends had a trip to Korea. During this trip, Hari Won happily took on the role of "tour guide" for everyone, helping them explore interesting places and enjoy Korean cuisine.

Hari Won is in love with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu - Photo 2

Besides, Hari Won also attracted attention when participating in trend dancing to the music "Thien Ly Oi" by Jack with Korean actor Jin Ju Hyung. This video quickly received many views and comments from netizens. Many people expressed their delight at Hari Won's cuteness and humor in the video.

Hari Won is in love with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu - Photo 3

Jin Ju Hyung, born in 1994, is a famous actor in Korea. He has participated in many movies and music videos, including the movie "Sunny Again Tomorrow" in 2018 and the MVs "Let Me Be Closer" (2017) and "Invite Me to Your Team" " (2018) by Chi Pu.

Jin Ju Hyung was entangled in dating rumors with Chi Pu in 2018, but the two broke up later due to geographical distance. In 2022, he re-appeared in the Korean entertainment industry after 4 years of "hiding" to treat depression.

Hari Won is in love with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu - Photo 4

Jin Ju Hyung's appearance in the trending dance video with Hari Won surprised and delighted many people. Hopefully in the future, Hari Won will continue to have more impressive artistic activities and achieve more success.

During this trip to Korea, in addition to Tran Thanh and Jin Ju Hyung, there were also Ali Hoang Duong and Truong Quynh Anh. The two also participated in previous group trips. However, this time the new member appearing is MC Thai Dung. He posted many photo frames excitedly performing "skits" with other members.

Hari Won is in love with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu - Photo 5

In Hari Won's most recent share, the female singer posted a photo of a group of friends h.anging out together during this trip to Korea along with humorous comments about each member. In particular, talking about her husband Tran Thanh, Hari said: "An old man and children are too mixed together. He loves taking pictures and adjusting everyone. When the wife stops speaking, the husband speaks for the whole group, and the husband speaks after the trip. I feel sorry for my wife. I hope that sentence is fulfilled."

Commenting on Thai Dung, Hari wrote: "Look at the playboy. He always seems to be very playful. But he's a good b.oy, innocent and naïve. He thinks he's cool but he's naive (don't joke with me when I invite you). wine, don't cheat!)".

Hari Won's words about her husband's best friend show that their relationship is very close, dispelling rumors of discord. Before that, when Thai Dung seemed excited to post many pictures together and perform funny skits with Ali Hoang Duong and Ngoc Nguyen, Hari Won's attitude was quite indifferent. When Tran Thanh turned to ask, Hari said, "I kept quiet," causing Tran Thanh to explain that he was just joking and then the two hugged each other affectionately.

Hari Won is in love with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu - Photo 6

Hari Won and Tran Thanh are one of the most popular couples in Vietnamese showbiz. The two met each other in 2016 and officially got married in 2017. After 8 years of being together, Hari Won and Tran Thanh have always remained happy and satisfied. The two often share sweet and romantic moments in their daily lives on social networks, making fans extremely excited.

Tran Thanh once shared that he loves Hari Won because he is optimistic, cheerful and always brings positive energy to everyone. Hari Won also said that she appreciates Tran Thanh for his intelligence, humor and always knowing how to make her smile.

Hari Won is in love with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu - Photo 7

The couple always accompanies and supports each other in everything. Tran Thanh has always been a strong support for Hari Won in difficult times, and Hari Won has always been a great source of encouragement for Tran Thanh in his career.

The happiness of Hari Won and Tran Thanh is proof of true love. Wishing both of you will always be happy and fulfilled like now.

Hari Won is in love with a famous Korean actor, turns out to be his ex-lover Chi Pu - Photo 8

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