Yangzi Evades Taxes

Topic: Yangzi Evades Taxes

Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career

Hoàng Trang14:14:30 23/03/2024
Chinese social networks are constantly buzzing with rumors about the Yangtze river peak showing signs of tax evasion. Fans are also constantly looking for evidence to justify the actress.

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Yangtze entangled in noise tax evasion, career destruction, farewell to the audience like Dang Luan, Ly Dich Phong?

Nắng13:32:50 19/10/2022
Recently, the online community spread rumors that a famous female star with a 2-word name, has more than 50 million followers and just established a company is urgently having to pay taxes. It is worth mentioning here that right after the above news was spread, the famous...

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