Zhao Luxiu was "beautifully chopped" by his close friend Yu Shuhan when he touched the Tang Dynasty

Hoa TuyếtMar 01, 2024 at 15:33

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Once praised for having a beautiful Tang Dynasty shape that touched people's hearts, now Zhao Luxiu had to succumb to a 9X beauty when clashing. Even Yangtze is not equal.

Recently, the 90-95 miniatures of the Chinese entertainment industry raced to transform the beauties of the Tang Dynasty, causing people to be overwhelmed. From Zhao Luxi, Yang Zi to "ancient doll" Tian Xiwei received countless praises. However, recently, people discovered that a female star with the aforementioned shape overwhelmed even famous colleagues.

Zhao Luxiu was beautifully chopped by his close friend Yu Shuhan when he touched the Tang Dynasty - Photo 1

Accordingly, a photo of Confucius Tuyet Nhi on the set of "Cam Nguyet Nhu Ca" has just been revealed. This shape of her is considered very similar to the beauties of the Tang Dynasty with a characteristic strapless skirt. The red outfit was brilliant, further accentuating the glowing white skin of the little flower.

It is known that in "Cam Nguyet Nhu Ca", the 1996 beauty took on the role of Hong Jin, acting alongside Zhou Wild and Thua Lei. It seems that this is the shape of this character's youth.

Zhao Luxiu was beautifully chopped by his close friend Yu Shuhan when he touched the Tang Dynasty - Photo 2

Possessing five delicate mandarins and soft beauty, Giant Tuyet Nhi can easily weigh many different types of shapes. Her photo on the set has just been revealed, immediately compared to a series of beauties with Tang Dynasty shapes that are causing fever at the moment.

There are opinions expressing why Jin Yue Xue Ca stands out, much more beautiful than Zhao Luoxi, Yang Zi or even Tian Xiwei. Because her advantage is her beautiful face, easily transformed into ancient beauties. However, there are many people who express that the shape of Confucius is not very similar to the Tang period.

Zhao Luxiu was beautifully chopped by his close friend Yu Shuhan when he touched the Tang Dynasty - Photo 3

Previously, when Zhao Luxu's image in "Jade Chau Sha Curtain", Yang Zi in "National Color of Fanghua" released by the film crew also received many praises from the online community.

Talking more about "Cam Nguyet Nhu Ca", this is a project adapted from the novel "Chong Sinh Chi Nu General Tinh" by author Thien Son Tra Guest. The heroine of the original is General Hoa Yen, although she has a weak appearance, but is actually a strong and courageous person.

Zhao Luxiu was beautifully chopped by his close friend Yu Shuhan when he touched the Tang Dynasty - Photo 4

The male protagonist Xiao Chen is also not inferior when possessing a powerful martial artist, a cold but righteous personality. The two work together to eliminate flattery, destroy foreign enemies, and help the weak.

The images on the set were leaked and posted on social networks, especially of the main couple Thua Lei - Chau Dao. After watching the series of photos, netizens praised both the cast and the "chemistry" between them:

Zhao Luxiu was beautifully chopped by his close friend Yu Shuhan when he touched the Tang Dynasty - Photo 5

- "Chemistry" overflows the screen.

- It's so beautiful, I'm going to swing this movie.

- Zhou Wild is pretty, but Admittedly it's mine.

- I find "chemistry" good. As for leaking intimate scenes all the time, almost no movies are available, it matters which movies the pages like to bring back. Which is how to avoid exterior filming.

- If Zhou Yan stands in the boat with seasickness, then take a break, I go into this scene stunt for free.

- Fall in love with the "vibe" of this pair savagely.

Returning to Giant Tuyet Nhi, according to QQ, she has a talent for performing and is considered a fairly comprehensive female idol, stable singing ability, and one of the top most beautiful dance contestants in the contest "Thanh Xuan Has You 2".

Zhao Luxiu was beautifully chopped by his close friend Yu Shuhan when he touched the Tang Dynasty - Photo 6

In The9's performances, the 1996 beauty's ability to control expressions and master the stage was highly appreciated, becoming a topic of discussion with the audience, with many praises, surpassing even Ngu Shuhan.

However, after entering the entertainment world, Giant Tuyet Nhi lacked the stage to show his talent. Therefore, her reputation sank more and more after the competition. Therefore, fans hope, when encroaching on acting, she will have many opportunities to bounce.

Zhao Luxiu was beautifully chopped by his close friend Yu Shuhan when he touched the Tang Dynasty - Photo 7

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