Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career

Hoàng TrangMar 23, 2024 at 14:14

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Chinese social networks are constantly abuzz with a series of rumors about the "top of the line" Duong Tu showing signs of tax evasion. Fans are also constantly looking for evidence to justify the actress.

Recently, the public was surprised by information related to the salary of a famous actress. Accordingly, an article by Tencent News mentioned Duong Tu's remuneration when participating in Tram Van Huong Fai with Thanh Nghi in 2021. Specifically, this newspaper revealed that Duong Tu received about 100 million yuan. (about 345 billion VND) when accepting the female lead role in this movie.

It is worth mentioning that previously regulations limiting actors' remuneration were introduced. The fact that Duong Tu received such a high number for a movie made many people unhappy. Because of frustration, many viewers simultaneously requested to investigate Yangzi's taxes. Because with this remuneration, the amount of m.oney she has to pay in taxes is not small.

Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career - Photo 1

The incident caused great controversy on social networking forums, even causing Tencent News to remove the previous article. Amidst the fierce controversy, Duong Tu's fans spoke up to clarify. They said that according to Hoan Thuy's statistical report, her peak traffic revenue was only about 40 million yuan (about 138 billion VND). Besides, she also has to pay a lot of expenses to staff, etc. Yang Zi fans affirmed that they will collect evidence to sue.

Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career - Photo 2

Previously, the entertainment world was shaken when a series of famous artists were "fallen" for tax evasion of millions of dollars. Names that make people regret such as Pham Bang Bang, Dang Luan, Tong To Nhi, Vien Bang Nghien... Used to be top stars in Cbiz, but these names are now difficult to appear publicly. before the media, because they were "assassinated", completely wiped out in cyberspace, the public and brands simultaneously boycotted.

Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career - Photo 3

Looking at Duong Tu's condition, many people think that she will not be involved in scandals like her previous seniors. The reason is because Pham Bang Bang, Dang Luan, Tong To Nhi... were all suddenly subjected to a tax investigation and were immediately executed. Meanwhile, Duong Tu's story has been going on for a while but there hasn't been any action yet.

In addition, evidence of Yang Zi's income in 2021 has been provided, so she is completely clean. An artist's remuneration and tax payment is an extremely sensitive issue in Cbiz, all fans do not want their idols to be dragged into it.

Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career - Photo 4

Not long ago, Duong Tu attracted attention when appearing in the livestream room of the brand for which she was the representative. The beauty immediately became a h.ot topic because her appearance became more and more beautiful. Netizens also discovered that Duong Tu recently lost weight.

Since his debut, Duong Tu has always appeared with a somewhat chubby image. In fact, Duong Tu's appearance compared to normal people is pretty and cute. But with the rigors of showbiz, netizens also have higher requirements for female artists in terms of appearance. Furthermore, appearing on camera often makes you look heavier than you actually are, so Duong Tu is often the name that appears in topics about the weight of female stars.

Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career - Photo 5

Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career - Photo 6

She is often criticized for her limited appearance and poor b.ody shape, and every time she appears, she becomes a topic of discussion. Even Duong Tu's fans have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the team because they thought that not choosing appropriate outfits made her look chubbier. But that is a story of the past, Duong Tu is now transformed into a beautiful woman.

From about half of 2023 onwards, every time Duong Tu appears, netizens admire her more and more because her appearance is more beautiful than before. There is even suspicion that Duong Tu has had plastic surgery.

Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career - Photo 7

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