Huang Xianxan - Yangtze Rivalry: The goddess of Wuhan whose face stiffened from excessive cutlery

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Huang Xianxan is known as the "Goddess of Wuhan" thanks to her beautiful and clear appearance. Performing arts with many large and small roles, but until "Xiangtu School", she was noticed by the audience.

Huang Xunxan (born February 28, 1995) is a Chinese actress under Filmko Entertainment. On July 26, 2013, she participated in the "Star Goddess" selection event held in the Central Himalayas (Shanghai), eventually w.inning second place with 2,533,636 votes.

Huang Xianxan - Yangtze Rivalry: The goddess of Wuhan whose face stiffened from excessive cutlery - Photo 1

Stepping out of the show, Xan Xan suddenly became a popular internet phenomenon when a series of photos showing off her beautiful and clear appearance went viral. At that time, she was a first-year student in the Department of Performing Arts of Wuhan University, China.

With long feminine black hair, a bright face, and a slender b.ody, Huang Xunxan quickly became a goddess in the hearts of many boys at that time. She is also fondly called the "Goddess of Wuhan" by many.

After gaining popularity online, Xan Xan quickly gained many fans and became a h.ot g.irl with high expectations. The surprising aura also helps the female Performing Arts student open her way into the entertainment world. On August 16, she appeared in Hunan TV's "Heavenly Heavenly Direction" TV program.

Huang Xianxan - Yangtze Rivalry: The goddess of Wuhan whose face stiffened from excessive cutlery - Photo 2

In 2014, Xan made headlines when he became a guest on the TV show "Running Brothers" (Chinese version of Running Man) on Zhejiang TV. At this time, 9X is still commented by many netizens as possessing a lovely and beautiful appearance.

However, after that, Xan Xan made many people disillusioned when a series of press photos taken during entertainment events were published. In addition to the old criticized style, her face is not as shimmering and sweet as in previous photos.

Also in 2014, Xan appeared in the romantic drama "Spicy H.ot In Love" alongside He Yundong and Zhang Zilin, in which she took on the role of Deng Wuqi, a tourist from Los Angeles to Hangzhou.

Huang Xianxan - Yangtze Rivalry: The goddess of Wuhan whose face stiffened from excessive cutlery - Photo 3

In 2015, she took on the role of the female lead Duan Ha Mo - cold, unwitting in the youth melodrama "Summer Bubbles" directed by Lai Tuan Vu. In March 2016, Xan Xan continued to be assigned the main role of the youth drama "Selling Shu Young Woman" directed by Tran Lap Khiem.

In the film, she plays a big man whose delicate appearance has a strong personality. After that, the actress participated in the filming of the animated reality show Golden Eagle Puppet Story. In September, Xan Xan appeared in director Chau Wei's magical film "Rui Sai Lao Ba" as Angela.

In July 2017, the historical fantasy detective film "Great Song Beidou" co-starring Huang Xan Xan with Avenue Oa, Xu Kha, Zhang Wujian was officially opened in Hengdian Province. In this project, Xan Xan plays Kaiyang - a naïve inventor.

Huang Xianxan - Yangtze Rivalry: The goddess of Wuhan whose face stiffened from excessive cutlery - Photo 4

On May 8, the web drama cooperated by the beauty surnamed Hoang and starring Pham The Ky called "My Weird Boyfriend" officially aired. In the film, she played internet story author Phi Phi.

In January 2018, Huang released her first single called "Heavenly Black Black" and thanks to this song, she won the New Female Singer of the Year a.ward at Jing Bang Ta Cai.

In January 2019, the psychological drama "Mo Houzhi Wang" cooperated by the actress with Zhou Dongyu and Luo Xun was officially broadcast on Dragon TV and Beijing TV.

Huang Xianxan - Yangtze Rivalry: The goddess of Wuhan whose face stiffened from excessive cutlery - Photo 5

On August 29, the urban melodrama "My Mowgli Boy" starring Ma Tianyu and Yangtze aired. In this project, Xan Xan played the role of Ling Xi's best friend, Tang Forest.

In 2020, the historical romance "Ly Nhan Tam Thuong" was officially released, in the film beauty 9X plays the role of To Glutinous - a brave g.irl pursuing love and straightforward personality.

On October 8, the romantic comedy "Hello My Girl" starring Huang Xunxan officially opened. In the film, the actress played a Northeastern g.irl - Zhao Dada. In the same year, she participated in the light comedy TV series "Two Conjectures About Marriage".

Huang Xianxan - Yangtze Rivalry: The goddess of Wuhan whose face stiffened from excessive cutlery - Photo 6

In 2021, Xan Xan had a supporting role as Hu Lianna in the movie "Duel La Mainland". In 2022, she went on to take on the supporting role of "Two Types of Marriage Conjectures" and then the heroine Zhao Dada in "Hello, My Northeastern Girlfriend."

In 2023, Huang Xunxan attracts the attention of the audience by playing the role of Feng Yiying - Yangtze's rival in the historical masterpiece "Xiangxiu School". She is the one who is betrothed to Do Shanjing (played by Deng Wei). However, she has feelings for Geng's brother, so she plots to harm him many times.

Huang Xianxan - Yangtze Rivalry: The goddess of Wuhan whose face stiffened from excessive cutlery - Photo 7

Worth mentioning, in the episode near the end of season 1 of "Xiangxiu School", Feng Yiying also caused anger when he trapped Du Shanjing, causing his and Xiao Yao's feelings to crack, unable to see each other's faces. Currently, the audience is still waiting for part 2 of the drama to air, to see the couple resolve the misunderstanding and get back together.

Through the above films, Xan Xian's beauty was criticized by many people as faded, not worthy of the name "goddess". Others defended her, claiming that 9X was "drowned" due to character creation and makeup. When taking photos, the actress's appearance is "elevated" compared to real life thanks to her ability to act in front of the camera and have charisma.

Huang Xianxan - Yangtze Rivalry: The goddess of Wuhan whose face stiffened from excessive cutlery - Photo 8

Besides, the beauty surnamed Huang is also suspected of cosmetic intervention to have a sharper appearance. Many netizens compared the series of photos of the emerging 9X and when she joined the entertainment world, her forehead was full, the bridge of her nose was also much higher.

However, the "goddess of Wuhan" has never spoken out about these rumors. However, it was easy to see that her face had many moments of swelling and stiffness, which was the result of excessive cutlery interference.

Huang Xianxan - Yangtze Rivalry: The goddess of Wuhan whose face stiffened from excessive cutlery - Photo 9

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