Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan were chosen as the most beautiful couple of the year, surpassing Duong Tu

Mẫn NhiMay 18, 2024 at 13:24

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Hau Du Phuong Hanh , Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan have "untied their couple", no longer interacting enthusiastically with each other like before. However, the couple was still voted as Tencent's most popular couple.

Du Phuong Hanh appeared on the air like a hit, bringing Trieu Le Dinh's name back to the first half race. Not only were huge records beaten, but Du Phuong Hanh also caused a stir because of the relationship between the two main male and female leads Lam Canh Tan - Trieu Le Dinh.

Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan were chosen as the most beautiful couple of the year, surpassing Duong Tu - Photo 1

After Du Phuong Hanh debuted, Lam Canh Tan and Trieu Le Dinh won the love of a large audience at home and abroad, and became a hotly discussed couple on online forums.

In a recent favorite couple poll, Lam Canh Tan - Trieu Le Dinh excellently won the highest ranking, far ahead of the couple Thua Hoan Ky Duong Tu - Hua Khai in 2nd place.

Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan were chosen as the most beautiful couple of the year, surpassing Duong Tu - Photo 2

Da Phuong Hanh revolves around the romantic love story between Tham Ly (played by Trieu Le Dinh) and Hanh Chi (played by Lam Canh Tan). Tham Ly fell injured and fell to earth and was rescued by Hanh Chi. From then on, she stayed with Hanh Chi and developed feelings for him.

After only 4 days of broadcasting, Du Phuong Hanh broke 13 records in terms of media index, discussion points, and views on Chinese social networking platforms.

After 10 days of broadcast, the film had nearly 3,000 h.ot search topics (the most searched keywords) on the social network Weibo (China). Related keywords such as "Trieu Le Dinh", "Character Tham Ly", "Lam Canh Tan"... continuously reach the top of searches on Chinese social networking sites.

When the movie aired, Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan were questioned about "real fake love movie". It is known that Trieu Le Dinh was the one who introduced Lam Canh Tan to the male lead role in Du Phuong Hanh.

Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan were chosen as the most beautiful couple of the year, surpassing Duong Tu - Photo 3

Lam Canh Tan said that at first he was not interested in the movie script. However, when he heard that Trieu Le Dinh was playing the main character, the actor quickly accepted to participate. He also turned down another movie offer to reunite with his good co-star.

At the filming set, the couple was caught having a romantic conversation and eating barbecue together. On social networks, they also actively interact with each other.

In an interview with Neufmode magazine, Lam Canh Tan was said to be unable to hide his feelings for his longtime co-star Trieu Le Dinh. According to 163 News, Lam Canh Tan was extremely delicate, taking care of Trieu Le Dinh every little bit when the two faced harsh weather conditions together at the filming location. The two are like a "newlywed" couple, constantly making sweet gestures together, according to this site.

Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan were chosen as the most beautiful couple of the year, surpassing Duong Tu - Photo 4

Previously, it was discovered that Lam Canh Tan always gave special treatment to Trieu Le Dinh, considering her an "exception". If normally Lam Canh Tan always seems gruff, then with the beauty born in 1987, he is always considerate, warm and very thoughtful. Even Trieu Le Dinh commented that Lam Canh Tam is a good and sophisticated guy, something the audience has never heard from anyone else. Lam Canh Tan also admitted that he acted in the movies So Kieu Truyen and Du Phuong Hanh because of Trieu Le Dinh.

Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan were chosen as the most beautiful couple of the year, surpassing Duong Tu - Photo 5

Accordingly, Lam Canh Tan said that when he received the script from So Kieu Truyen , the actor was not too interested. However, when he heard that the female lead was Trieu Le Dinh, he immediately agreed to participate.

Because he had watched many of Trieu Le Dinh's films and knew that she was serious about acting, talented and very professional, Lam Canh Tan wanted to try working together.

Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan were chosen as the most beautiful couple of the year, surpassing Duong Tu - Photo 6

7 years later, when invited to play Du Phuong Hanh , Lam Canh Tan shared that he agreed to participate in the movie even though he had not read the script. The reason is because the female lead is Trieu Le Dinh.

It can be seen that Lam Canh Tan's decision was the right one as both films he collaborated on with actress Trieu achieved remarkable results.

At the time of airing, So Kieu Truyen reached 50 billion views in the domestic market, more than 230 million views on YouTube and became the most watched Chinese television series in the world in 2017.

Trieu Le Dinh - Lam Canh Tan were chosen as the most beautiful couple of the year, surpassing Duong Tu - Photo 7

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