Trieu Le Dinh "flirted" after breaking up with Lam Canh Tan and was painfully surpassed by Duong Tu

Quỳnh QuỳnhApr 16, 2024 at 21:30

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After Du Phuong Hanh cooperated with Lam Canh Tan, Trieu Le Dinh's name became increasingly affirmed and recognized by many people. However, recently the actress regretted being surpassed by Duong Tu.

Trieu Le Dinh is one of the 8x generation beauties receiving great attention from fans. After divorcing Phung Thieu Phong, this little flower g.irl's love story has always been a h.ot topic of discussion among the audience. Recently, the 8x beauty is causing a stir on the small screen with her reunion with Lam Canh Tan in the project Du Phuong Hanh. After its premiere, the film achieved great success, receiving a lot of praise.

Trieu Le Dinh flirted after breaking up with Lam Canh Tan and was painfully surpassed by Duong Tu - Photo 1

Recently, actor Tran Chan, who plays General Chu Phi, shared about the living habits of the film crew Du Phuong Hanh. The actor shared: "Every day at the training ground, watching Tham Ly skillfully trade spears with the martial arts master, I know that she must have put in a lot of effort into training. Her diligence is unconscious. spread to me, making us not dare to be lazy, seeing whose clothes can be wrung out how many times during the day has become an indispensable daily thing."

Trieu Le Dinh flirted after breaking up with Lam Canh Tan and was painfully surpassed by Duong Tu - Photo 2

He also did not forget to express his love and respect for Trieu Le Dinh. Tran Chan said: "I feel even more honored to be able to act with my sister Le Dinh." The actor is not the first person in Du Phuong Hanh's group to praise Trieu Le Dinh's career.

Trieu Le Dinh flirted after breaking up with Lam Canh Tan and was painfully surpassed by Duong Tu - Photo 3

In recent days, the names of Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan have appeared heavily in the newspapers, accompanied by a series of both positive and negative news. In particular, Lam Canh Tan was accused of taking advantage of Trieu Le Dinh's name when he continuously had emotional actions with his co-star, even though he was a "flower that already had an owner". The fact that Lam Canh Tan revealed photos of him dating his girlfriend while promoting the movie with Trieu Le Dinh caused the actor to receive "rain of criticism" from netizens.

Trieu Le Dinh flirted after breaking up with Lam Canh Tan and was painfully surpassed by Duong Tu - Photo 4

Trieu Le Dinh's "distress" did not stop there. Recently, a blogger unexpectedly posted an article summarizing the fashion resources that Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Tu currently have.

Having had the opportunity to work together in the historical masterpiece Tru Tien: Thanh Van Chi, the real relationship of actresses Trieu Le Dinh and Duong Tu has always been a big question raised by the media. Despite having two different career development paths, Duong Tu and Trieu Le Dinh are constantly being compared.

Trieu Le Dinh flirted after breaking up with Lam Canh Tan and was painfully surpassed by Duong Tu - Photo 5

According to this source, while Duong Tu has up to 7 global brand ambassador titles, 10 regional brand ambassador titles and 21 brand best friend titles, Trieu Le Dinh has limited fashion resources. much better. Currently, the Trieu beauty only has 10 global brand ambassador titles.

Besides the controversial comments, most netizens believe that Trieu Le Dinh is originally focused on her acting career, constantly transforming and participating in film crews, so she does not have time to contact the brand. is very active in collaborating with brands.

Trieu Le Dinh flirted after breaking up with Lam Canh Tan and was painfully surpassed by Duong Tu - Photo 6

Not only that, on the evening of April 9, the first four episodes of Thua Hoan Ky officially aired. With the participation of Yang Zi and Hua Khai, the film quickly achieved many impressive achievements. As soon as it was broadcast, the film's temperature surpassed Yu Phuong Hanh to rank first in real time on the Douyin platform.

After a few days of broadcasting, Thua Hoan Ky achieved many remarkable achievements on the Tencent Video platform and CCTV8 television channel. The film's temperature officially reached 28,000 points. From episode 6 to episode 8, each episode has 3 sponsor ads. Datawin index (prosperity index, discussion level) reached 2.2%; Vlinkage index (popularity) reached 80/100 points; The network broadcast rating reached 11%, roughly estimated at about 32.80 million views.

Trieu Le Dinh flirted after breaking up with Lam Canh Tan and was painfully surpassed by Duong Tu - Photo 7

On CCTV8, the latest average rating of Thua Hoan Ky is 1.5%, although somewhat lower than the first day of broadcast, it is not much worse than the rating of Du Phuong Hanh shown on Hunan TV.

Trieu Le Dinh flirted after breaking up with Lam Canh Tan and was painfully surpassed by Duong Tu - Photo 8

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