Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu

Hoa TuyếtApr 15, 2024 at 15:18

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Having caused a fever over the past month, Trieu Le Dinh's "Du Phuong Hanh" finally met a formidable opponent, "Thua Hoan Ky" starring Duong Tu. The film has just aired and has achieved results beyond expectations.

On the evening of April 9, the first four episodes of "Thua Hoan Ky" officially aired. With the participation of Duong Tu and Hua Khai, the work quickly reaped many impressive achievements. Accordingly, the film's temperature has surpassed "Due Phuong Hanh" to rank first in real time on the Douyin platform.

Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu - Photo 1

And yet, after a few days of broadcasting, "Thua Hoan Ky" also achieved many remarkable achievements on the Tencent Video platform and CCTV8 television channel. The film's temperature has officially reached 28,000 points. From episode 6 to episode 8, each episode has 3 sponsor ads.

In addition, the Datawin index (prosperity index, discussion level) of the work has also reached 2.2%; Vlinkage index reached 80/100 points and network broadcast rating reached 11%, temporarily estimated about 32.80 million views.

Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu - Photo 2

On CCTV8 channel, the latest average rating of "Thua Hoan Ky" is 1.5%, although somewhat lower than the first day of broadcast, but not much worse than the rating of "Du Phuong Hanh" shown on Hunan TV.

These remarkable achievements of "Thua Hoan Ky" have made many people think that the film is benefiting from the very h.ot "Chau Phong Gia" (starring Vuong Nhat Bac) that premiered earlier. The work once exceeded 8.9 billion views on Douyin, the average Khoc Van rating of the last 2 episodes also exceeded 2%.

Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu - Photo 3

However, with a stable and solid performance after nearly a week of airing, it can be seen that "Thua Hoan Ky" attracts audiences because of its attractive content and the acting abilities of Duong Tu - Hua Khai, not What external cause?

The initial success of "Thua Hoan Ky" also helped the audience have a different view of the film's cast, especially Hua Khai. Because, over the years, this guy has not been highly appreciated for his acting despite being a high-traffic star.

Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu - Photo 4

Although Hua Khai's character Dieu Chi Minh has not had much acting space, he has still made an impression on the audience. With the current development momentum of "Thua Hoan Ky", it is promised that in the coming time the actor will explode even more.

According to Chinese media, after 1 week of broadcasting, Hua Khai increased more than 309 thousand fans on Weibo. However, the actor also received mixed reactions from the audience, in which some judged that his face was not suitable to play a general.

Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu - Photo 5

Others evaluate that the current acting of "screen lover" Duong Tu is only at the level of his role and has not yet made his own mark. However, the movie has only been shown for not long, who knows, maybe in the next few episodes Hua Khai will have more breakthroughs? Therefore, fans still have the right to expect that he will escape the label of acting in "trash movies" one day in the near future.

As for Duong Tu, many viewers think that she is too old to act as a love idol. Even previous projects with this theme starring her all received mixed controversies from movie fans.

Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu - Photo 6

Even when it was announced that Little Flower and Hua Khai were starring in "Thua Hoan Ky", there were many audiences who objected. However, when the film aired, it achieved impressive results, exceeding expectations and the audience immediately "turned around" to support this couple.

"Thua Hoan Ky" is based on the classic novel by Yi Shu. The female lead, Mach Thua Hoan, is an ordinary young woman who lives in a low-rent house but has had good academic achievements since childhood, graduated from university and works in a state agency.

Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu - Photo 7

Everything would still be normal if Thua Hoan did not plan to marry a boyfriend from a well-off family and her mother wanted her daughter to have a solemn wedding.

The conflict started from a conflict with her future husband, leading to many other events in Mach Thua Hoan's life. How will the female lead overcome those difficulties?

Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu - Photo 8

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