Trieu Le Dinh "lost miserably" to Duong Mich and Liu Yifei, closing the door internationally

Trí NhiMay 19, 2024 at 13:31

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Actress Trieu Le Dinh was said to have lost miserably to other Chinese beauties such as Yang Mi and Liu Yifei. Even though they are all movie stars in a country of billions of people, when Trieu Le Dinh goes international, there is no way to compare.

In recent days, many Chinese stars have participated in the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. Many Chinese stars came to the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, but most of them were criticized from their costumes to makeup. Among them, beauties like Gong Li have not been able to make an impression and the public is expecting beauties Zhang Ziyi, Trieu Le Dinh... to make a better impression.

Trieu Le Dinh lost miserably to Duong Mich and Liu Yifei, closing the door internationally - Photo 1

However, contrary to expectations and many previous rumors, Trieu Le Dinh was once again absent from the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. Besides the comments expressing regret, there are many criticism and sarcasm, saying that although she is the top 85 flower g.irl, Trieu Le Dinh's name in the international arena is not as good as her two competitors of the same age. are Duong Mich and Liu Yifei.

Trieu Le Dinh lost miserably to Duong Mich and Liu Yifei, closing the door internationally - Photo 2

It is known that Duong Mich first appeared in 1992 as a c.hild actress, but during this time she only took part in a few small roles. It was not until 2004 that Duong Mich officially debuted and quickly joined the film industry in 2005. Duong Mich also soon had the opportunity to set foot at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012.

Trieu Le Dinh lost miserably to Duong Mich and Liu Yifei, closing the door internationally - Photo 3

As for Liu Yifei, the actress debuted in 2003 and quickly starred in a movie in 2004. At the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, Liu Yifei appeared and quickly attracted the attention of television cameras. through her reputation and outstanding beauty.

Trieu Le Dinh lost miserably to Duong Mich and Liu Yifei, closing the door internationally - Photo 4

Meanwhile, despite always being hailed by fans as the top of the 85 year old generation, Trieu Le Dinh seems to be much less famous when it comes to "hitting" the international market. Previously, there were many rumors that the upcoming movie Tuong Tu Diem with Truong Tu Di, Trieu Le Dinh, Duong Mich... will premiere at Cannes 2024. Therefore, these beauties are expected to create Be attracted by style and outfits on the red carpet, regaining the attraction of Chinese beauties. However, both Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh were absent, only Truong Tu Di appeared but faded on the Cannes 2024 red carpet.

Trieu Le Dinh lost miserably to Duong Mich and Liu Yifei, closing the door internationally - Photo 5

Trieu Le Dinh recently lost to Liu Yifei, ranking behind this little flower on the rankings of actresses whose films have high douban scores. Douban is one of the most popular movie review sites in China with high reliability and reputation. Although it is not the most important factor in the film's influence, the score on Douban also represents the opinion of the majority of the audience, which has a certain influence on the success or failure of the work.

Liu Yifei is the only actress with 100% of drama douban scores above 7.0. From historical films from more than 10 years ago such as Tien Kiem Ky Hiep (9.2 points), Thien Long Bat Bo (8.6 points), to recent films such as Mong Hoa Luc (7.9 points) or Going Where the Wind is (8.7 points) all have excellent content. It can be seen that although Liu Yifei has acted in quite a few dramas, all of Liu Yifei's films are of very good quality.

Trieu Le Dinh lost miserably to Duong Mich and Liu Yifei, closing the door internationally - Photo 6

As the leading actress of the small flower group after 85, Trieu Le Dinh ranked 2nd and after Liu Yifei, there were 60% of films with high scores on douban: The Wind Blows Ban Ha (8.2 points), Yu Phuong Hanh (7.2 points ) and Happiness to the End of the World (7.0 points). In addition to her excellent ability to "carry" historical films, Trieu Le Dinh has also successfully transformed into the drama genre and recently into cinema.

Trieu Le Dinh lost miserably to Duong Mich and Liu Yifei, closing the door internationally - Photo 7

Meanwhile, Duong Tu ranked 3rd. The percentage of films scoring high for Duong Tu was 33.3%. The flower g.irl is one of the few actresses in the 90s who can balance both acting ability and a large fan base. In recent years, almost every television series starring Yang Zi has been well received by the audience.

Trieu Le Dinh lost miserably to Duong Mich and Liu Yifei, closing the door internationally - Photo 8

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