Trieu Lo Tu won the race with Yang Zi: Both skill and beauty were overwhelming

Đông NguyênMar 16, 2024 at 17:22

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After a tense direct confrontation between Duong Tu and Trieu Lo Tu, there was finally a final result. However, Chinese netizens were extremely surprised when Duong Tu was so far behind Trieu Lo Tu.

Since the success of series such as Tran Thien Thien Trong Rumours, Truong Ca Hanh, Tinh Han Xan Lan, Can't Hide Theft, Trieu Lo Tu gradually rose to become the top flower g.irl of the 95th generation in Cbiz. It is known that Trieu Lo Tu easily caused an explosion on the screen thanks to his beautiful, lovely appearance and natural acting, not stiff like his contemporaries.

Recently, Trieu Lo Tu suddenly attracted attention when he achieved great achievements that many people could not help but admire. In particular, this achievement also helps Trieu Lo Tu officially surpass Duong Tu, the strongest competitor in the current CBiz world.

Specifically, on March 15, both magazines by Trieu Lo Tu and Duong Tu appeared on the shelves, directly confronting each other. Trieu Lo Tu appeared in Madame Figaro magazine with a series of outfits from the Spring Summer 2024 collection of brands: Rahul Mishra, Ashi, Schiaparelli, Viktor & Rolf, Giambattista Valli, Peet Dullaert, Georges Hobeika. Meanwhile, Duong Tu confidently showed off his perfect number 11 abs on the cover of Rouge Fashionbook magazine.

Trieu Lo Tu won the race with Yang Zi: Both skill and beauty were overwhelming - Photo 1

By the end of March 15, which was also the first day the two magazine issues went on sale, the latest issue of Madame Figaro featuring Trieu Lo Tu had sold more than 22,000 copies, while Rouge Fashionbook magazine with the participation of Duong Tu had only sold more than 22,000 copies. Just "sold out" nearly 20 thousand copies. Although the difference is not large, it can be seen that Trieu Lo Tu defeated Duong Tu on the first day of the magazine's sale.

Trieu Lo Tu won the race with Yang Zi: Both skill and beauty were overwhelming - Photo 2

At the present time, both Trieu Lo Tu and Duong Tu are bright young actresses of CBiz. While Duong Tu is achieving a lot of success in both historical films and modern romance, Trieu Lo Tu is not inferior as he continuously has historical film projects that achieve good results. Zhao Lusi was born in 1998 in Sichuan province, China. She is currently a prominent young face in the Chinese entertainment world.

Trieu Lo Tu won the race with Yang Zi: Both skill and beauty were overwhelming - Photo 3

Although he has never actively spoken out, many sources say that Trieu Lo Tu grew up in a powerful family with "huge" assets. In the early days of filming, Trieu Lo Tu was said to have spent his own m.oney to invest in time-travel films in which he starred. Many viewers also believe that because of her wealthy background, this actress only focuses on acting and rarely does commercials to earn extra income.

Before entering the profession, Trieu Lo Tu created a certain reputation after w.inning the title of Miss Ming Dao University (Taiwan). Even the actress's high school photo once "caused a fever" on Chinese social networks

Trieu Lo Tu won the race with Yang Zi: Both skill and beauty were overwhelming - Photo 4

In 2017, Trieu Lo Tu first debuted to the public with the role of Ma Tuyet Van in "Phoenix Prisoner". Although she only plays a supporting role, the beauty has begun to impress the audience with her very fashionable appearance as a noble lady.

After that, Trieu Lo Tu participated in many other famous network films. It wasn't until her role as Lac Phi Phi in "Oh, My Majesty the Emperor" (2018) that her name really gained attention.

The Potential Actor of the Year A.ward for the web-drama category at the 3rd Jingu Doo Network Film and Television Festival (2019) launched Trieu Lo Tu's career.

After that, Trieu Lo Tu always received leading roles in major film projects. Movies like Listen to the most touching thing, Thanh Nang Truyen, Thien Loi Nhat Bo Chi Xuan Hoa Thu Nguyet... although not very successful, still brought a certain reputation to the young actress.

Trieu Lo Tu won the race with Yang Zi: Both skill and beauty were overwhelming - Photo 5

With momentum going forward, Trieu Lo Tu boldly tried many different roles and characters, from ancient to modern. Works with the participation of beautiful people receive public attention and record many remarkable achievements.

After nearly 6 years in the profession, Trieu Lo Tu has owned 22 television and movie works. This is quite an impressive number for a young rookie like Trieu Lo Tu.

Trieu Lo Tu won the race with Yang Zi: Both skill and beauty were overwhelming - Photo 6

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