Duong Tu sacrificed to do one thing with Hua Khai, but still could not save Thua Hoan Ky's ratings

Phượng VũApr 22, 2024 at 16:24

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After many days of waiting, couple fans finally witnessed the scene of Hua Khai confessing his love to Duong Tu. The couple also gave viewers a very affectionate lip-lock moment in a crowded place.

The modern movie "Thua Hoan Ky" starring Duong Tu and Hua Khai is becoming more and more attractive as the love story of the male and female couple Dieu Chi Minh - Mach Thua Hoan has a new development.

Duong Tu sacrificed to do one thing with Hua Khai, but still could not save Thua Hoan Kys ratings - Photo 1

In the most recent episode, boss Dieu, after learning that boss Mach had a childhood friend, couldn't help but feel a little jealous but was told by the other person: "What does that have to do with you?" Chi Minh was so excited at this point that he replied: "Of course yes, because I like you... This time I'm really serious, please be my girlfriend."

Although Mach Thua Hoan was "happy as hell" at Dieu Chi Minh's confession, she still pretended to be serious, even asking him to prove his feelings.

Duong Tu sacrificed to do one thing with Hua Khai, but still could not save Thua Hoan Kys ratings - Photo 2

However, boss Dieu seemed extremely confused and didn't know what to do, making boss Mach's heart burn like fire. In the end, Thua Hoan decided to take the initiative, placing a kiss on her boyfriend's lips, causing Chi Minh to freeze for a few seconds before regaining the initiative.

The moment Dieu Chi Minh (Hua Khai) - Mach Thua Hoan (Yang Tzu) passionately kiss each other on an open-top bus, in the middle of a rain of rainbow-colored bubbles as beautiful as a fairy tale, makes viewers cringe. gave countless compliments to the two's explosive interaction.

Duong Tu sacrificed to do one thing with Hua Khai, but still could not save Thua Hoan Kys ratings - Photo 3

The acting and chemistry of Hua Khai - Yang Zi in "Thua Hoan Ky" is considered stable, bringing a pleasant feeling to the audience when watching. Besides, many times, netizens have expressed that they really like male star Hua's emotional eye scenes when expressing anger, sadness or full of affection every time they see their loved one. Love.

Through this, it can be seen that this guy's acting has improved a lot compared to before. Because since the role of Phu Sat Pho Hang in "Dien Hi Cong Luoc", Hua Khai has not had any explosive works, his acting style has been criticized many times for being monotonous, stiff and without any emotion.

Duong Tu sacrificed to do one thing with Hua Khai, but still could not save Thua Hoan Kys ratings - Photo 4

Up to this point, "Thua Hoan Ky" has brought in many good achievements, leading many data charts, the film's views on Khoc Van as of April 19 have officially exceeded the 100 million mark.

However, as recorded a day ago, the rating of "Thua Hoan Ky" is trending down. In the latest 6 episodes, the movie also no longer has any advertisements. The rating is only at 1.81% while previous episodes all ranged from 1.86% to 1.94%. This makes Duong Tu fans confused and disappointed.

Duong Tu sacrificed to do one thing with Hua Khai, but still could not save Thua Hoan Kys ratings - Photo 5

Some opinions say that the movie's screening time coincides with the Chinese table tennis tournament, so the decreasing rating trend is understandable. Furthermore, many Chinese films have good results, high viewership rates, and are causing fever on social networks but still do not have advertisements such as: The Thief Can't Hide, The Wind Blows Half Summer, and Lien Hoa Lau.

In particular, the movie "Traveling the Fake" starring Vuong Nhat Bac - Ly Tham has a rating of more than 2.1% but none of the episodes received advertising from sponsoring brands, not just Duong's "Thua Hoan Ky". Tu - Hua Khai.

Duong Tu sacrificed to do one thing with Hua Khai, but still could not save Thua Hoan Kys ratings - Photo 6

In the first 4 months of the year alone, there were only 4 films with advertisements appearing in all episodes: "Pho Hoa", "Want to Love Forever", "Du Phuong Hanh" and "Nam Lai Bac Vuong". Therefore, Yang Zi fans do not need to worry too much or care about advertising in the episodes anymore.

"Thua Hoan Ky" is adapted from the novel of the same name by author Diec Thu. In addition to love, the film also explores the themes of motherhood, family love, and work pressure of young people. Currently, the work is still airing on the online screening platform Tencent.

Duong Tu sacrificed to do one thing with Hua Khai, but still could not save Thua Hoan Kys ratings - Photo 7

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