Truong Tuong Tu 2, a historical masterpiece by Yang Zi, announced the official screening schedule

Phương ThảoMay 12, 2024 at 14:41

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Good news for historical film fans. After more than a year of waiting, "Chang Tuong Tu 2", the sequel to the 2023 hit, promises to rock the small screen with the return of talented actress Yang Zi.

After more than a year of waiting, fans of the historical masterpiece "Truong Tuong Tu" can finally burst into tears when information about the official schedule of part 2 was revealed. Expected to air in early summer 2024, "Chang Tuong Tu 2" promises to stir up the small screen with eye-catching footage and attractive content, continuing the resounding success of part 1 achieved in September. July 2023.

Truong Tuong Tu 2, a historical masterpiece by Yang Zi, announced the official screening schedule - Photo 1

Part 1 of "Truong Tuong Tu" brought the audience to the thrilling, emotional story about the life of Tieu Yeu (Yang Tzu), the daughter of the 'big devil' Xich Than. Through many events and challenges, Tieu Yeu gradually matures and discovers the secret of her true identity and three men who have a great influence on her life: Tay Viem Thuong Huyen (Truong Van Y). ), Tuong Lieu (Dan Kien Thu) and Do Son Canh (Dang Vi) with a spectacularly invested special effects set, "Truong Tuong Tu" quickly attracted the attention of a large audience and became one of the The most outstanding Chinese films of 2023.

Truong Tuong Tu 2, a historical masterpiece by Yang Zi, announced the official screening schedule - Photo 2

Following the success of part 1, "Truong Tuong Tu 2" will revolve around Tieu Yeu's journey to maturity after experiencing events in love and life. Overcome suffering, loss and unsolved mysteries. Tieu Yeu will continue to f.ight to protect the people she loves and keep peace for the two races.

Besides Yang Zi, the main actors such as Truong Van Y (as Thuong Huyen), Dang Vi (as Do Son Canh) and Dan Kien Thu (as Tuong Lieu) will also appear in part 2. Each character has his own personality. He has a handsome appearance and unique aura, promising to create explosive interactions and attract viewers.

Although familiar, the cast in "Truong Tuong Tu 2" still promises to bring new and interesting things. Through the long journey in part 1, the characters have experienced many events and grown more mature. This will lead to changes in their personalities, relationships and actions, creating unexpected and intriguing details for part 2.

The combination of the "old and new" cast will create a strong attraction for "Truong Tuong Tu 2", bringing the film to a new level and leaving a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. And it is expected to have 21 episodes, continuing Tieu Yeu's mysterious and challenging journey

Truong Tuong Tu 2, a historical masterpiece by Yang Zi, announced the official screening schedule - Photo 3

Possessing a clear, sweet beauty and flexible acting ability, Duong Tu is known as the "drama queen" and is one of the most popular actresses today. Born in 1992 in Beijing, China, Duong Tu's real name is Duong Ni Ao. From an early age, she showed artistic talent and participated in acting at the age of 5.

Truong Tuong Tu 2, a historical masterpiece by Yang Zi, announced the official screening schedule - Photo 4

The TV series "House with Boys and Girls" brought Duong Tu's name closer to the audience and helped her confirm her position as a promising c.hild star. After that, Duong Tu's career increasingly improved with a series of successful roles in films such as "Hoan Lac Tung", "Tru Tien Thanh Van Chi", "Fragrance Like Smoke", "Stewed Squid Fish". Secret",...

Truong Tuong Tu 2, a historical masterpiece by Yang Zi, announced the official screening schedule - Photo 5

Each of Duong Tu's roles has its own color, demonstrating the diversity and maturity of her acting. Not only beautiful, Duong Tu is also highly appreciated for her efforts and professionalism at work. She always improves herself and constantly challenges herself with new roles, bringing impressive performances to the audience.

Truong Tuong Tu 2, a historical masterpiece by Yang Zi, announced the official screening schedule - Photo 6

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