Zhao Luxiu officially let Bai Lu inhale the smoke, and the 85 flowers were not equal

Tuyết NgọcMar 05, 2024 at 16:56

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After relentless efforts in both film and commercial, Zhao Lu Tu officially welcomed new good news in his career. This made her fans "stand still".

Over the years, Trieu Lu Tu's career has always developed quite well with a large fan base, abundant resources, and is also the darling of many big brands/brands. The star born in 1998 attracts all eyes thanks to her sweet, clear beauty, sunny smile and fresh and positive energy.

Zhao Luxiu officially let Bai Lu inhale the smoke, and the 85 flowers were not equal - Photo 1

According to a recently published data table, Lu Tu is currently the female star with the highest short video views on the QQ platform with more than 1.3 billion views, surpassing many seniors or peers such as Yang Mi, Liu Yifei, Zhao Liying, Yang Tzu, Cuc Jing Y, Bai Loc ...

On the other hand, the current value of the beauty surnamed Zhao is also said to be relatively impressive. It is known that she is currently an ambassador / ambassador for 21 brands, will continue to announce a new deal soon.

Zhao Luxiu officially let Bai Lu inhale the smoke, and the 85 flowers were not equal - Photo 2

Meanwhile, some actresses of the same age as "Saint through space" such as Ngu Shu Han only have 14 deals, or Bach Loc currently represents / represents 11 brands. This caused people to exclaim exclamations because they did not think that the actress would be so trusted by fashion houses.

As many people know, in 2023 alone, Zhao will become the representative of 14 brands, including Versace, Guerlain, Bulgari. In addition, the 95-year-old has been selected as WeTV's Global Ambassador (announced at the end of September 2023).

Zhao Luxiu officially let Bai Lu inhale the smoke, and the 85 flowers were not equal - Photo 3

Interestingly, Lu Tu is not only famous in China, but also very beloved overseas, especially in Thailand and Vietnam. She has made her mark in many hit projects such as: O My Majesty's Emperor, Chen Tiantian, in the rumor, accidentally picked up the total talent, Long Song, released Thien Tianxia, Pure Han Bright, Clumsy can not hide, God Hide...

1 month ago, the Chinese blogger spread the information, Zhao Lu Tu will be charmed with the beauty of Truong Xiangtu - Deng Vi in the movie "Thanh Van Dai". After days of waiting, most recently, Xiao Hua's side issued a written denial of the information.

Zhao Luxiu officially let Bai Lu inhale the smoke, and the 85 flowers were not equal - Photo 4

Earlier, when hearing that the couple was about to collaborate, the netizen's reaction was extremely good. Many people also believe that they are both rising stars as well as possess versatile acting, impressive looks and when standing next to them look very suitable.

Deng Wei impressed when he co-starred with Yangtze in "Xiangtu School" and a number of other ancient and modern projects. As for Zhao Luxu, she has "pocketed" many great female master's works even though she is only 25 years old.

Zhao Luxiu officially let Bai Lu inhale the smoke, and the 85 flowers were not equal - Photo 5

Through past roles, movie nerds also affirmed, if Zhao Lu Tu - Deng Vi really become a couple, the Chinese screen will have 1 new super product.

However, the move of the beauty surnamed Zhao made the people disillusioned and regretted. However, they still expect the two to have the opportunity to be charmed in some project one day.

On the other hand, the position of the female lead of the movie "Thanh Yuntai" is vacant, netizens have not been able to find a name enough to replace Zhao Luxu. The issue of transcription between the male and female leads is also discussed by many people. Hopefully, the film crew will make an official announcement about this project soon.

Zhao Luxiu officially let Bai Lu inhale the smoke, and the 85 flowers were not equal - Photo 6

"Thanh Van Dai" is adapted from the famous original work of Tram Criterion, loved by many people. The heroine of the film is Wen Xiaoyan, whose father is a famous craftsman of the dynasty, mother is a posthumous general, and a c.hild who has learned martial arts and advanced martial arts.

As for the male protagonist, he is the son of the reigning chief princess, conferred the title of Emperor Zhao, possessing fairy-like beauty, independence, flexible mind and intelligent mind.

Zhao Luxiu officially let Bai Lu inhale the smoke, and the 85 flowers were not equal - Photo 7

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