New drama: Nguyen Sin mocks Phuong Hang for "receiving" the merits of the accusation of Tinh That Bong Lai

Nam PhươngJan 05, 2022 at 13:10

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As one of the pioneering individuals to e.xpose Tinh That Bong Lai facility. Facebooker Nguyen Sin felt funny when someone livestream claimed credit for himself.

Regarding the case that Tinh That Bong Lai was searched, brought to the investigation headquarters on the afternoon of January 4. Recently, the Long An Provincial Police Department has issued a decision to prosecute a criminal case against Mr. Le Tung Van for signs of religious profiteering, hiding in the shadow of orphaned children to call for charity. In particular, the news that the boys were living with their biological mothers and having b.lood relations with other members made public opinion extremely surprised.

New drama: Nguyen Sin mocks Phuong Hang for "receiving" the merits of the accusation of Tinh That Bong Lai - Photo 1

Immediately after the group of fake monks was arrested, on the morning of December 5, Facebooker Nguyen Sin had a line to share on Fanpage. As one of the first people who dared to e.xpose the Bong Lai Tinh That, the "street knight" said that for the past 3 years, he had collected evidence and submitted documents himself, serving the investigation work for the authorities. power. In it, public articles on birth certificates, living witnesses and the involvement of dirty media. At that time, Nguyen Sin received many bricks and stones from the number of fans of 5 little boys - Challenging comedians.

However, the story will be nothing if the male Facebooker mocks a certain character who is claiming credit for himself even though he has not filed a complaint or publicized the evidence. Below the article, many comments say that the streamer that Nguyen Sin is referring to is none other than Phuong Hang. Because from the evening of January 4, the giants of Binh Duong have been online for 4 hours continuously to interact with the audience. She couldn't help but be happy because thanks to her voice, the public knew more about Tinh That Bong Lai's face. Also on the online broadcast, CEO Dai Nam also revealed that there is a g.irl about 6 months old of unknown origin living here. Dung's wife also asked a big question whether this was the c.hild of the g.irl Diem My, who had been missing before.

New drama: Nguyen Sin mocks Phuong Hang for "receiving" the merits of the accusation of Tinh That Bong Lai - Photo 2

Nguyen shared Nguyen Sin:

Officially, it's been 3 years since I started to collect documents and evidence on my own to unravel the mysteries that make listeners dumbfounded when it comes to Tinh That Bong Lai.

During that process, I faced many difficulties and hardships, but for the sake of the civility and purity of society and with the spirit of respecting the law, I tried to go to the end.

The prosecution of Tinh That or the prosecution of the accused related to this place is something that I can know in advance. Because more than anyone else, I am the person who directly supplements and provides testimony to complete the legal documents. But to make sure not to leak information or affect their investigation, I chose to remain silent for a long time.

As mentioned, this effort is a common property, of all those who have voiced their objections to the TTBL, of the special case committee, of the Public Security of Long An province and those who love the truth, this effort is not private. Who.

It's a bit funny because someone did a live stream yesterday to take credit for themselves, even though they didn't collect any documents to provide to the public, nor did they file a complaint against the group's behavior at TTBL."

New drama: Nguyen Sin mocks Phuong Hang for "receiving" the merits of the accusation of Tinh That Bong Lai - Photo 3

Below the article, many comments expressed support for Phuong Hang, saying that this feat also contributed a lot. Even Nguyen Sin's 3-year reverse coffee is not equal to a trillion-dollar CEO's livestream.

Even giving him 10 years of simple things but it doesn't work, no one cares about that snout

Sin should have thanked Mrs. Hang. Going to the yard again

Through her live, she said she would come later on this case, but come back first. Right person at the right time, Nguyen Sin got his wife funny

If it weren't for Hang's shocking livestream, this case would have been investigated there

Phuong Hang's statement on the evening of January 4th: "There is another special information, why is there a 7-month-old b.aby girl contained in this Meditation Am on the Shore? This is one thing that we We ask many question marks, is it Diem My's c.hild, or whose c.hild is it? But everyone's c.hild dies, because why, at only 7 months old, it's a b.aby girl, being harbored. being taken away, Mr. Tung Van seems to have also died up and down, because he never thought that today would be a good day for Thien Am. I haven't participated in social media for many years. It almost sank because of how many forces protected me."

New drama: Nguyen Sin mocks Phuong Hang for "receiving" the merits of the accusation of Tinh That Bong Lai - Photo 4

It is known that there was a quarrel between Phuong Hang and Nguyen Sin. At the time the female giant borrowed "dream" to denounce the artist for stealing charity, Nguyen Sin through Facebook posted many articles that were meant to be discussed. Words went back and forth, the drama pushed to the c.limax when the "street knight" posted a picture of an ambulance located at the campus of the giant woman's villa. Phuong Hang implicitly used medical means to clear the key to move from Binh Duong to Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Answering public questions, businessman U50 said that because his company is a large scale, there is a rule of 3 on the spot for employees, so ambulances are served according to regulations. Phuong Hang is also ready to take responsibility before the law if she violates the state's anti-epidemic regulations.

New drama: Nguyen Sin mocks Phuong Hang for "receiving" the merits of the accusation of Tinh That Bong Lai - Photo 5

Mr. Huynh Uy Dung's wife said firmly on the livestream: "Nguyen Sin said on it that I will be arrested in 2 weeks. If I am not arrested in 2 weeks, can I have 4 teeth pulled out, Nguyen Sin.

You said you have to keep your word. Now on the 11th, I'll give you the end of this month, if I don't get caught, can I pull out your teeth, Nguyen Sin. Do you agree that I play this game with Nguyen Sin, give him all his lies and explosions. But I especially spit without anesthetic, I will personally pull out pliers. I agree! From now on, whoever's father lies, makes up a story, I will ask the fans, 1 will pull out teeth, 2 will give you a name, to bring shame for life...

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