Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes

Minh NgọcMay 18, 2024 at 07:31

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If you follow Dong Van Hung and the Mother's Cuisine channel, many people probably know that before achieving the current results, the male YouTuber went through many difficulties. It can even be said that Hung and his mother changed their lives after creating content on social networks.

On the morning of May 16, Forbes magazine announced the list of " 30 Under 30 Asia" for 2024, including 300 talents under 30 years old in many fields in Asia. The faces selected for the list are all under the age of 30, working in many different fields and initially creating many positive influences in their professions and fields of activity.

In particular, in the field of Media, Marketing & Advertising, Vietnam suddenly had the appearance of Dong Van Hung (born in 1996) - owner of the YouTube channel Mom's Cooking. Notably, he is also the only representative of Vietnam to appear on the list in this category.

Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes - Photo 1

Here, Dong Van Hung was introduced as the person behind the Mother's Cuisine channel with more than 1 million followers, introducing Vietnamese country cuisine to a global audience.

"He started building a YouTube channel in 2019 and suddenly attracted many viewers, reaching 100,000 channel subscriptions along with the Silver button in just 3 months. In the videos, Hung and his mother cook, take care of the garden and sharing activities about rural life. Mother-made cuisine is also a rare Vietnamese representative participating in the FanFest YouTube 2020 event" - introduced on Forbes about Dong Van Hung.

Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes - Photo 2

It is known that Dong Van Hung's family only has two mother and c.hild. The lives of Hung and Ms. Cuong are very difficult, lacking everything. The mother and daughter used to live in a small, dilapidated house, which is also a familiar setting in videos. Seeing that his mother had to work hard to earn every penny to raise her children, after finishing high school, he decided not to study further and go to work to help his mother.

Thai Nguyen b.oy created a culinary channel in February 2019. At this time, YouTube in particular and other social platforms have many channels with sensational content and ugly views.

Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes - Photo 3

Mom's cooking does n't use dirty views tactics but still attracts millions of views.

Currently, Hung and his mother's channel has reached the YouTube gold button, with more than 1 million registered users. Each month, the channel only broadcasts about 3-4 videos, because the videos are all filmed in real life.

Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes - Photo 4

The ingredients for the dishes are prepared, grown, and processed by Mrs. Cuong herself. Therefore, the fastest time to complete a video takes 1 week, the longest is 5-6 months.

The channel's content is very rustic, reminiscent of rural life with vegetable gardens, rice fields, old roofs and mothers' cooking trays. Mom's rice is simply papaya salad, sweet potato stir-fried with garlic, boiled bamboo shoots dipped in soy sauce, bamboo shoots dipped in salt and peanuts... which makes many viewers admire and praise.

"A video posted on the channel must have good, unique, meaningful content and convey a positive message.

With those criteria, the channel is loved by everyone and is considered to have clean and humane content. Therefore, we have not received many negative feedback from the first days until now," said Dong Van Hung.

Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes - Photo 5

Reading positive comments from viewers, Ms. Cuong felt happier and more confident, gradually getting used to filming videos. Previously, when her son asked to record a video, she was very shy and tried to refuse. Hung encouraged her and said she wanted to record a video as a souvenir for her children and grandchildren to see, so she agreed.

Ms. Cuong lives in the countryside and is not familiar with filming and taking photos. Therefore, many times mother and daughter had to work until midnight.

By October 2021, in addition to Mrs. Cuong and Hung, the videos also had the appearance of Hung's wife. Mrs. Cuong and her daughter-in-law are very compatible and live in harmony. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law coordinate well and show very warm affection in culinary videos.

Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes - Photo 6

Besides teaching her daughter-in-law to cook, Mrs. Cuong also shared many interesting and humane memories and stories about life. Each story told in the gentle voice of a country mother is extremely touching.

With a simple and loving style, Mom's Cuisine receives a lot of love from netizens. In 2020, the channel was nominated for the H.ot YouTuber of the Year category at the WeChoice Awards 2020.

The YouTube channel Mother's Cuisine is also among the few Vietnamese representatives participating in the 2020 YouTube FanFest event.

Dong Van Hung shared that he felt surprised and lucky to be on Forbes' "30 Under 30 Asia" list.

Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes - Photo 7

"This morning when I received the email from Forbes, I was very happy. I didn't have words to describe it, so I didn't share the information on Facebook. My mother also went to the fields since this morning, so I still haven't heard the news yet, but I know it's her. I'm also very happy and proud of myself because my mother has always supported me like that."

Sharing more details about the voting process and reaching the top, Dong Van Hung said he himself sent nominations to this list. However, Hung himself was quite surprised because he didn't think he could make it to the top.

Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes - Photo 8

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