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Dong Van Hung: a worker in the top 30 under 30 Asia voted by Forbes

Famous people

07:31:34 18/05/2024
If you follow Dong Van Hung and the Mother's Cuisine channel, many people probably know that before achieving the current results, the male YouTuber went through many difficulties. It can even be said that Hung and his mother changed their lives after creating content on social networks.

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Miss Huong Giang was accused by netizens of being an "exploder" on the Cannes red carpet


14:12:41 17/05/2024
Huong Giang's name was constantly called out when she checked in to Cannes city, but fans did not see Le Thu Trang - the champion of The New Mentor, has the queen forgotten her previous promise?

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Wonhee (ILLIT) caused a stir with her response to negative comments and was praised

Korean stars

07:33:30 17/05/2024
Even though she is a rookie, the 16-year-old female idol of ILLIT received many compliments for her extremely decisive actions when reading negative comments from netizens on the livestream.

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Huong Tram has matured significantly after 4 years of studying abroad, both in appearance and voice

Vietnamese showbiz

21:44:24 15/05/2024
On the evening of May 13, Huong Tram officially closed the successful "Rain Girl" music night at the Hanoi Opera House campus. This is Huong Tram's first official music night since returning home, after 4 years of studying abroad in the United States.

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What's interesting about the job of pushing passengers onto trains in Japan, with a salary of over 1 billion per year?

Wonderful world

12:22:42 15/05/2024
Crowding on train carriages is unavoidable, causing many times the doors cannot be closed when the carriages are packed with people. That's why the profession of welcoming passengers on board, and sometimes pulling passengers on board, was born in Japan.

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Vietnamese silkworms in Africa were about to be harvested and suddenly encountered a series of devastating events

H.ot trend

17:26:22 14/05/2024
East Paulo cassava leaf silkworm Africa team carries silkworm eggs from Vietnam, with the hope of breeding and raising them for food. Yet, when the harvest was about to begin, a series of devastating events suddenly occurred.

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Win Metawin is Jennie's number 1 fanboy in Thailand, asking to buy the idol's car to promote

Showbiz 24h

16:06:23 13/05/2024
In Thailand, there are many famous people who are c.razy about Jennie (BLACKPINK). Among them is famous actor Win Metawin. For many years, he has kept hoping to collaborate with his goddess.

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Fat Cat's sister confirmed her younger brother's appearance, only publishing two pictures

H.ot trend

20:24:10 11/05/2024
Many images believed to be Fat Cat's appearance in real life were distributed, but among them, only two were confirmed by his sister and made public to the public.

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Vu Tuan Viet: Runner-up of Vietnam's Next Top Model becomes the new god of VFC

Star's profile

11:04:21 10/05/2024
Vu Tuan Viet is known as the runner-up of Vietnam s Next Top Model 2013. In early 2024, he married actress Kim Oanh and took a new step in his acting career, which was his first appearance in a VFC film.

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Miss Khanh Van officially replaced Thuy Ngan at 7 Spring Smiles?


07:35:01 10/05/2024
The online community in recent days has been buzzing with information that Thuy Ngan will be replaced by Miss Khanh Van at the 7 Spring Smile program. What is the reality behind this story?

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The flower shop of Fat Cat opened for Dam Truc's girlfriend was blocked by the police for investigation

H.ot trend

15:44:18 09/05/2024
According to recent information from Chinese media, the police have sealed off the flower shop of Fat Cat's girlfriend as part of the investigation into the d.eath of the short-lived young man.

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Lei Con is becoming more and more connoisseur of Vietnamese, admitting to forgetting his mother tongue

H.ot KOLs

10:21:43 09/05/2024
Lei Con is currently visiting Vietnam with Quang Linh Vlogs and his aunts and uncles in the African team. Recently, the b.oy continuously caused a fever in the online community and attracted more attention when appearing with Miss Thuy Tien.

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