The 29-year-old daughter refused to get married, so the father immediately made an unbelievable decision

Tuyết NgọcApr 19, 2024 at 17:55

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Frustrated that his only daughter refused to get married and have children, the father then decided to use a surrogacy service to have a grandchild. After hearing this, the mother immediately became angry and demanded a divorce.

SCMP reported that a woman surnamed Guo (53 years old, living in Yiyang, Hunan province, China) recounted how her husband secretly asked a surrogate mother to carry a c.hild. The reason is because their 29-year-old daughter refuses to get married and have children.

The 29-year-old daughter refused to get married, so the father immediately made an unbelievable decision - Photo 1


Specifically, one day in September 2022, Ms. Guo saw a strange woman holding a newborn b.aby appear in her house. The stranger told her that this b.aby belonged to her and her husband, and I was hired as a maid.

Not stopping there, Ms. Guo was even more shocked to learn the truth that the b.aby was born by surrogacy, after her husband paid a brokerage company. Talking about the confusing decision of her "partner", Ms. Gua said that it was after her and her husband's only 29-year-old daughter announced she would not get married.

The 29-year-old daughter refused to get married, so the father immediately made an unbelievable decision - Photo 2

The mother was shocked when she heard that her husband asked a surrogate mother.

"My husband once told his daughter: Your choice means I will never become a grandfather. So what is the purpose of raising a c.hild? Not giving birth means the c.hild is not filial, according to the literature. Chinese tradition," she said.

Ms. Gua's husband (age unknown) also said that the newborn b.aby girl was so cute and healthy that he could ask a surrogate to have another b.aby boy. Regarding procedures, he secretly took his wife's ID card to register the b.aby's birth, showing on paper that it was their c.hild.

"I was angry and asked for a divorce," Ms. Gua said. Meanwhile, the daughter believes that her father cannot raise the c.hild alone. She worries that she will be the one legally responsible for raising the c.hild if her parents divorce.

The 29-year-old daughter refused to get married, so the father immediately made an unbelievable decision - Photo 3


It is known that surrogacy is an illegal service in China and last year authorities issued a directive to crack down on this situation. Thus, it is very possible that the father in the story above could be entangled in legal trouble because of his decision.

In 2021, there was a case in China where a daughter was bribed and still refused to get married, but the father's reaction was completely different from Ms. Gua's husband.

Accordingly, a video recording the father's extremely adorable reaction when he heard his daughter wanted to be single was posted on social site Zhihu, making netizens extremely excited.

The 29-year-old daughter refused to get married, so the father immediately made an unbelievable decision - Photo 4

At the beginning of the video, the g.irl's father said: "Knowing that, I shouldn't have crushed your love thoughts in the bud. I should have let you go to college and fall in love at the same time. So now let's see." When my career is successful, my love experiences are filled with me."

He seemed quite disappointed when he initially forbade his daughter from falling in love while she was still in school. Now he complains that his son: "Bullshit, I don't have anything!". Hearing that, the daughter laughed and replied: "There's nothing good about being in love? Isn't it nice to be single?".

The 29-year-old daughter refused to get married, so the father immediately made an unbelievable decision - Photo 5

After that, the father angrily argued back: "Where is the joy of being single? How can you understand the feeling of being hugged until you suffocate every night? How can you understand the romance after marriage? How do you know what love is?

The father's next action made netizens extremely excited and gave him a "rain" of compliments for being so adorable. That was the father who started teasing his single daughter by showing affection, pampering his wife, and saying extremely sweet words of love.

The 29-year-old daughter refused to get married, so the father immediately made an unbelievable decision - Photo 6

He also didn't forget to glance at his daughter and say: "If you see it, don't admire it! I'm a loyal man now, don't be jealous." Having finished speaking, the father gently held his wife's hand: "Let's go! Today we will go out for a romantic meal under candlelight."

In the end, I still had to "tease" my daughter: "Goodbye, I don't want to go back anywhere, I don't want to smell the smell of a single person who only knows how to sit in the house alone." The video is just over 1 minute but has left the online community with a lot of laughter and humor.

The 29-year-old daughter refused to get married, so the father immediately made an unbelievable decision - Photo 7

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