Binh Dinh: Miracle of finding home after 49 years of being lost, man shocked at reunion

Gia NhiApr 13, 2024 at 14:47

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The story is receiving a lot of attention from netizens, the emotional situation of a family in Binh Dinh. Accordingly, this man has been lost and away from his parents for 49 years. It's a painful feeling to find your c.hild again and now the family is reunited.

On March 31, 1975, the family of Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa and Ms. Tran Thi Bay (in Liem Dinh village, Nhon Phong commune, An Nhon district, Binh Dinh province) gave birth to 5 children: Cuc, Xuan, Canh, Hoang, Tuyet. set out to run wildly from Binh Dinh to Khanh Hoa. Nearly 300km away, Mr. Hoa and Mrs. Bay lost their fourth c.hild, Mr. Hoang (born in 1970) in Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa.

Binh Dinh: Miracle of finding home after 49 years of being lost, man shocked at reunion - Photo 1

Having lost his c.hild, Mr. Hoa let his wife and children continue while he stayed behind to search. He said, that day there were a lot of children running around and getting lost, up to several dozen children. It all goes to school. The loudspeaker announced that anyone with a lost c.hild should come look for them. Mr. Hoa arrived but Hoang was not there. After 15 days of unsuccessfully searching for his c.hild, Mr. Hoa found a temporary residence with his wife and children, stayed for a while and then returned to his hometown.

Later, Mr. Hoa and Mrs. Bay gave birth to 5 more children. There are many children, but the family always feels inadequate because Hoang is missing. In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, Ms. Bay passed away from heart disease. Before she closed her eyes and gave up, she still painfully talked about finding her lost son. Mr. Hoa himself also wanted to find his c.hild, but partly because of his conditions and family burden, and partly because he did not know how to find him.

Binh Dinh: Miracle of finding home after 49 years of being lost, man shocked at reunion - Photo 2

Talking about the day he got lost, when he was 5 years old, Hoang only remembered that he was walking with his parents, siblings, and suddenly sat on the hood of a car. From that moment on, Hoang no longer saw his relatives around him. Mrs. Doan Thi Khanh (in Cam Hai Tay commune, Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province) was the first person to raise Hoang.

Binh Dinh: Miracle of finding home after 49 years of being lost, man shocked at reunion - Photo 3

That day, Ms. Khanh took a relative injured by a stray bullet to Nha Trang for treatment. On the way back home, we were stopped because the soldiers were moving in to prepare to take over. She then flagged down a military vehicle to ask for a ride. On that car was Hoang. When asked, she found out that the b.oy had just gotten lost on the road that day. They saw Hoang running on the street so they put him in the car. Mrs. Khanh wants to take Hoang back to raise her. If she meets Hoang's biological parents again in the future, she will return it. At that time, Mrs. Khanh had 3 daughters. She and her husband and their daughters love Hoang very much.

Binh Dinh: Miracle of finding home after 49 years of being lost, man shocked at reunion - Photo 4

Ironically, after 1 year of adopting Hoang, Mrs. Khanh became pregnant and gave birth to another son. She was f.orced to take Hoang back to live with her parents, because at that time, raising four children was extremely difficult. Hoang is fortunate to be loved by his grandparents and treated like a grandchild. Hoang worked for his grandfather from a very young age and gradually became the main worker in the house. When Mr. Hoang was 16 years old, he continued to be adopted by another family and took the name Nguyen Phi Cuong.

Binh Dinh: Miracle of finding home after 49 years of being lost, man shocked at reunion - Photo 5

Currently, Mr. Hoang has his own family. His wife commented that he is a gentle, hard-working person who loves his wife and children. After 49 years of separation, thanks to the program As if there had never been a separation, Mr. Hoang was able to meet his father and siblings again. However, editor Thu Uyen shared that something unprecedented in Nhu had never happened before, when it came to this most important moment, Mr. Hoang did not feel very confident.

Binh Dinh: Miracle of finding home after 49 years of being lost, man shocked at reunion - Photo 6

While his father and brothers and sisters waited for Mr. Hoang to give him a hug and a heartwarming reunion, his face showed a hint of confusion. When asked, Mr. Hoang said in s.hock that he remembered that he had "2 brothers and 2 sisters" but now on stage he saw 2 brothers, 1 sister and 1 sister, so he was a bit confused.

The Nhu crew, who had never had a separation, took hair samples from Mr. Hoang and his family members right on stage to do a DNA test. 10 days later, the results showed that Mr. Hoang was indeed Mr. Hoa's son. After that, Mr. Hoang and his wife and children returned to Binh Dinh to reunite with his family, a reunion that was extremely warm, happy and filled with laughter.

Binh Dinh: Miracle of finding home after 49 years of being lost, man shocked at reunion - Photo 7

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