22-year-old nanny snatches the landlord's husband, thrilling 27 parts, Vietnamese netizens are stunned

PinkyApr 12, 2024 at 13:46

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Vietnamese netizens are constantly buzzing about a Vietnamese tiktoker's nanny-snatch-her-husband drama series, a thrilling 27-part series that everyone is looking forward to. This series of million-view scandalous videos is shaking netizens.

Recently, the online community has been spreading story clips from a TikTok account named P., who is Vietnamese and lives in Canada. She started creating an account and posting clips since March 28. Up to now (April 11 afternoon), less than half a month has passed, but the number of followers of this account has increased from 0 to more than 100 thousand and is still on the rise.

22-year-old nanny snatches the landlords husband, thrilling 27 parts, Vietnamese netizens are stunned - Photo 1

Here, P. tells the "husband snatching" drama that happened in her family with the main characters being the wife - P.'s sister (temporarily called T.), the husband - T.'s husband and the nanny (temporarily called T.). temporarily called L.). And even though she is not the main character, she has also made 27 clips recounting details and stories about the incident, some of which quickly reached millions of views.

The story is summarized as follows: The nanny was born in 2002, and both the high school and university she attended are very famous in Hanoi. She received a scholarship from a school in Canada and studied for 2 years. In November 2023, she became a nanny for P.'s family, responsible for picking up the children after school and taking care of them until the evening, when their parents returned from work. At first, L. dressed very simply and discreetly, took good care of the children, so she earned trust.

One time the wife came home without warning, she discovered someone was at home with her husband but he denied it. After adding other shady details, P. and her sisters went to the neighbor's house to ask to extract the camera and realized that person was the nanny. Finally, the family decided to let L. quit his job.

22-year-old nanny snatches the landlords husband, thrilling 27 parts, Vietnamese netizens are stunned - Photo 2

According to the story, P.'s family treated this nanny very well. On her birthday, she invited her out and gave her gifts, often called her home for dinner, etc. However, the nanny told her husband that 2 sisters P. "live a bit bad". In addition, during the ambiguous and dating period, the nanny also often mentioned T.'s husband's assets, even hinting at buying a house or a future together when the two got married.

Finally, after much evidence, the nanny and her husband admitted to having an affair. This nanny proactively called to apologize and promised to stop, but still continued to hold back. In addition, the nanny also wrote a "negotiation consent form", admitting the relationship on black and white paper.

22-year-old nanny snatches the landlords husband, thrilling 27 parts, Vietnamese netizens are stunned - Photo 3

As for T. and his wife, the husband's family also held a family meeting to talk. According to the husband, he truly knew his mistake and regretted it and decided to stop, but the nanny still tried to hold on, texting and calling every day. Meanwhile, the wife wants to separate, have her assets divided according to the law and she can raise the children full time. The couple still lives in the same area near each other but in different houses. The father can visit the c.hild but the only condition is not to have any relationship with the other nanny.

22-year-old nanny snatches the landlords husband, thrilling 27 parts, Vietnamese netizens are stunned - Photo 4

Explaining about setting up a TikTok channel to "scandalize", P. said he once had a post on Facebook but for objective and subjective reasons had to delete it. After that, the nanny still showed no signs of changing, taking actions that harmed her sister's mental, material, property, children, etc., so she was determined to "fight". to the end to protect.

22-year-old nanny snatches the landlords husband, thrilling 27 parts, Vietnamese netizens are stunned - Photo 5

With P.'s series of clips, netizens are paying attention because the process of finding evidence of sisters P. and T. is as thrilling as a detective movie. Some people said they spent more than 3 hours just watching dozens of clips, others revealed that even though they were so sleepy that they fell asleep while watching, they still watched closely and many people urged them to watch because they wanted to watch. next part.

22-year-old nanny snatches the landlords husband, thrilling 27 parts, Vietnamese netizens are stunned - Photo 6

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