Van Toan admitted that he once liked Hoa Minzy, but the other person only considered him a "friend".

Đình NhưApr 12, 2024 at 15:41

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On April 12, female singer Hoa Minzy attracted attention when she posted a happy birthday post on player Van Toan on her personal page, causing the online community to continue "pushing the boat" for the couple.

Hoa Minzy wrote: "Happy birthday to you, Van Toan. You are the first person I know among all the players, we have been friends for 10 years. I often think that if we don't appreciate each other, perhaps love This friend ended 7-8 years ago".

Van Toan admitted that he once liked Hoa Minzy, but the other person only considered him a friend. - Photo 1

The singer Turn On Love said that 10 years ago or now, Van Toan has always supported her in life. Hoa Minzy also affirmed that she is always there when her best friend needs her, even "when you fall in love, I will be here to help you reconcile with your girlfriend".

The female singer praised Van Toan as a good person with a warm and gentle personality and wished his best friend to be happy and shine.

Van Toan admitted that he once liked Hoa Minzy, but the other person only considered him a friend. - Photo 2

Regarding dating rumors, Hoa Minzy denied. She said: "Toan and I are very innocent and carefree with this friendship. I hope everyone will let everything be as happy as it is. Love and support us the way we support each other." We will never lose this friendship in exchange for anything."

Hoa Minzy's post received nearly 90,000 likes and hundreds of comments from the audience. Many people praise Hoa Minzy - Van Toan's 10-year friendship. There are also some fans who continue to "pair" because the two are adorable when they appear together.

Van Toan admitted that he once liked Hoa Minzy, but the other person only considered him a friend. - Photo 3

Under the post, Van Toan also left a response to Hoa Minzy, saying he was touched and surprised by his close friend's "letter".

"The video posted on Tiktok is so touching, you surprised me so much. Being lucky enough to meet you is a very interesting thing, because my impression of you is that you have messy hair, but because I liked singer Hoa Minzy at the time, that's why I I would like to take a photo with you. Finally, I will become your servant without realizing it.

I often tease you besides my pictures on Facebook, there are probably the most things related to you on my face. That's all for sharing, anyway, everything is still the same, nothing has changed and hopefully it will stay that way forever. Thank you. If you come to my wedding in the future, don't get used to inviting Van Toan to sing. My bride got punched again. Even though I'm emotional, the fact that you owe me m.oney can't be deducted from interest. Don't live in a convenience street," Van Toan shared humorously.

Van Toan admitted that he once liked Hoa Minzy, but the other person only considered him a friend. - Photo 4

The closeness of Hoa Minzy and Van Toan makes many fans of the couple unable to hide their admiration. Many people hope they will become a couple in the future and many bless the friendship of Hoa Minzy and player Van Toan.

"Hope this friendship will become beautiful love"; "This friendship is so precious and worthy of respect. Wishing you two always be happy and your love always strong"; "Wish you two such a beautiful friendship forever. I really appreciate you two, congratulating Van Toan on his new age of good health and success. Wishing Hoa more success in his career"... are some of her comments. netizens.

Van Toan admitted that he once liked Hoa Minzy, but the other person only considered him a friend. - Photo 5

After Hoa Minzy broke up with young master Minh Hai, her private life always received attention from the audience. Many people support the female singer in finding a new "half" after her romantic failure.

Over the past year, Hoa Minzy and Van Toan have been entangled in dating rumors many times because they often appear to hang out, eat and drink together.

Van Toan admitted that he once liked Hoa Minzy, but the other person only considered him a friend. - Photo 6

Van Toan once explained: "There is a lot of information on social networks claiming that I am dating, even marrying Hoa. For young people, when they see such information, they can distinguish whether it is real or fake. However, when my aunts, uncles, and relatives in the countryside read that information, they thought it was true so they asked me again. I felt very headache about this issue.

Hoa and I have known each other for more than 10 years. There's no need to say too much about how you two treat each other and how much you care. I always support him. To me, Hoa is a happy person, devoted to his friends."

Van Toan admitted that he once liked Hoa Minzy, but the other person only considered him a friend. - Photo 7

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