Tho Nguyen warmly denounced the Kumanthong doll case, scolding anti-fans as "ghosts".

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Tho Nguyen used to be one of the youtubers loved by young people in Vietnam with more than 10 million subscribers. Her videos have entertaining content targeting topics such as making toys, cooking instructions, and fun challenges.

However, in 2021, Tho Nguyen was boycotted because of a clip of playing with a doll similar to Kuman Thong.

Specifically, in this clip, Tho Nguyen gave the doll a soft drink to ask the ghost to study well.

Tho Nguyen warmly denounced the Kumanthong doll case, scolding anti-fans as ghosts. - Photo 1

Many opinions believe that Tho Nguyen is implicitly mentioning and even spreading the practice of raising Kumanthong (a type of doll originating from Thailand, raised like a human). This can influence and distort children's thinking.

Although Tho Nguyen later posted the entire clip and corrected that it was an ordinary doll, and if you want to study well, you must be diligent and not rely on asking for help.

Although Tho Nguyen has issued a correction, many parents still do not accept it and continue to criticize the content this YouTuber posted. Many people even said they forbade their children from watching Tho Nguyen's clips.

Tho Nguyen warmly denounced the Kumanthong doll case, scolding anti-fans as ghosts. - Photo 2

After that, the Ministry of Information and Communications invited Tho Nguyen to work and fined him 7.5 million VND for spreading superstition.

Now, after nearly 3 years, the female YouTuber suddenly hugged her old doll and at the same time vindicated herself once again.

Specifically, recently, she posted a status line affirming that she does not practice witchcraft, and at the same time revealed the origin of the doll: "LEAVE IT POETRY - That's what my relatives and friends say when I Got into a scandal 3 years ago with this doll because people thought it was unlucky.

Tho Nguyen warmly denounced the Kumanthong doll case, scolding anti-fans as ghosts. - Photo 3

But I am a FAIR person, not superstitious, vindictive, I am determined to keep him to vindicate both him and me when I have the chance.

Now I took off its shirt, took a picture with me, to show you all, it has no markings, just a normal doll, I bought it at Takashimaya shopping center District 1 for 900k (really It was 1500k but I got a discount because there was an event that day). It has no errors at all.

I'm not superstitious, I believe the devil is not in the doll, if there is: it is the toxic people on social networks every day. Living ghosts".

Tho Nguyen warmly denounced the Kumanthong doll case, scolding anti-fans as ghosts. - Photo 4

And yet, to vindicate herself, Tho Nguyen also re-shared a clip reviewing two dolls she bought 3 years ago. She said angrily: "After I bought them, I even unboxed the two dolls. It was posted on May 22, 2019 (2 years before the drama). I filmed these two dolls in many clips, changing their clothes. Pants of all sorts and I always believed it was clean until ink was thrown at me. And this is the clip I unboxed."

Tho Nguyen warmly denounced the Kumanthong doll case, scolding anti-fans as ghosts. - Photo 5

In the comments section, the female YouTuber affirmed: "It's never too late to tell the truth."

In addition to speaking up and clarifying the drama 3 years ago, Tho Nguyen said that after 8 years of having to please everyone, now she will "live virtually" more to feel better.

"I'm not a muse, I'm just a youtuber. Who remembers or has forgotten this sentence? When I heard it, I was very heartbroken because the name of my biological father was a joke.

Now stop being a youtuber. But I'm still a Poet. Why did my mother accidentally name me that, ladies and gentlemen?

Tho Nguyen warmly denounced the Kumanthong doll case, scolding anti-fans as ghosts. - Photo 6

A behind-the-scenes photo shoot that I take virtual photos of for my friends. What I put aside for 8 years of my youth, the most beautiful time of my girlhood, to live like a c.hild. So now I will live 8 times more virtual to satisfy my girlfriend," Tho Nguyen confided.

Tho Nguyen warmly denounced the Kumanthong doll case, scolding anti-fans as ghosts. - Photo 7

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