BABYMONSTER bombed the world and invaded the world music charts, making fans sobbing with pride

Trí NhiApr 11, 2024 at 06:49

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The group " BlackPink's little sister" - B.aby Monster - YG's darling has just entered the global music chart Billboard, fans are simultaneously sobbing with pride, as the 7 girls gradually achieve success after a series of criticisms. song.

Billboard's latest announcement shows that the song " Sheesh" by Kpop g.irl group B.aby Monster has entered both Billboard global charts.

On the Global 200 chart (global ranking of 200 regions, including the US), "Sheesh" ranked 87th. On the Global Excl. US (globally outside the US), ranked 35th.

BABYMONSTER bombed the world and invaded the world music charts, making fans sobbing with pride - Photo 1

YG's Babymonster group is gradually proving its position not only in Kpop but also internationally.

This achievement marks a new milestone for B.aby Monster, breaking the group's previous personal record. Their previous song "Batter Up" reached the Top 101 and Top 49 on these two charts respectively.

According to Korean media, B.aby Monster's recent activities show signs of its skyrocketing popularity globally.

BABYMONSTER bombed the world and invaded the world music charts, making fans sobbing with pride - Photo 2

The 7 Babymonster girls are considered the successor generation of their seniors BlackPink, with great success.

Following its first music broadcast on SBS's Inkigayo, "Sheesh" climbed to number 82 on Spotify's Daily Global Chart, and peaked at number 73 the next day.

The "Sheesh" MV also attracted great attention, becoming the "most viewed video in 24 hours" upon release and dominating YouTube's global weekly charts.

BABYMONSTER bombed the world and invaded the world music charts, making fans sobbing with pride - Photo 3

With views now surpassing 90 million and approaching the 100 million milestone, the popularity of the MV "Sheesh" continues to soar. B.aby Monster is expected to follow Blackpink to become the next generation "YouTube Queen".

In addition, B.aby Monster's first mini album " BABYMONS7ER" sold 401,287 copies in its first week of release on Hanteo. Set a record for the debut album of a Kpop g.irl group to achieve the highest sales in the first week in Hanteo history.

BABYMONSTER bombed the world and invaded the world music charts, making fans sobbing with pride - Photo 4

Just a week before, ILLIT was the group holding this record with 380,056 copies. However, BABYMONSTER surpassed and became the leader in the number of albums sold in the first week for a newly debuted g.irl group. This is an extremely impressive achievement for the 7 YG girls, especially when the group's music since their debut has always faced many mixed opinions.

According to YG's prediction, the first week's sales figure may be even higher if the volume of albums exported internationally is included. BABYMONSTER's debut album has also reached the top of the iTunes chart. Meanwhile, the title song Sheesh ranked 69th on the Global Daily Top Songs chart on Spotify. This is also the highest ranking for a K-Pop g.irl group this year.

BABYMONSTER bombed the world and invaded the world music charts, making fans sobbing with pride - Photo 5

This debut mini album marks the full appearance of all 7 members, including "core" Ahyeon. Ahyeon's return received a lot of attention from the audience as the female idol was considered "little Jennie" and had the ability to go further in the future.

Previously, on the online community in Korea, the public enthusiastically discussed the review of the British music site NME for the mini album "BABYMONS7ER" by the Kpop g.irl group B.aby Monster.

BABYMONSTER bombed the world and invaded the world music charts, making fans sobbing with pride - Photo 6

"YG Entertainment's g.irl group did their best with half-hearted material, but it wasn't nearly enough," the NME website gave the first review, giving 2/5 stars for the album "BABYMONS7ER".

"There's a new monster/Keep spreading the word/We promise to haunt you/Over and over again", B.aby Monster chants in "Monsters" - the intro song for their first mini album " BABYMONS7ER".

BABYMONSTER bombed the world and invaded the world music charts, making fans sobbing with pride - Photo 7

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