YG clearly favors "copy Jennie", training her to become a "trump card" to overthrow the original?

Phi YếnMar 16, 2024 at 18:57

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The online community has just been left speechless by the personal design for Ahyeon's (BABYMONSTER) first mini album. This time, "copy Jennie" is clearly favored by YG Entertainment.

At 0:00 on March 15 (Korean time), YG released a visual photo, r.evealing the appearance of Ahyeon - BABYMONSTER's ace for her first mini album. She is the most appreciated piece but absent from the group's debut song "Batter Up" and the group's opening single "Stuck In The Middle", making many fans look forward to her return.

YG clearly favors copy Jennie, training her to become a trump card to overthrow the original? - Photo 1

After a break due to health reasons, Ahyeon was allowed to "re-export" by YG as a "treasure" containing many mysteries. The female idol's visual makes people fall in love with her charm, captivating charisma and sharp facial features.

As expected of the "Jennie copy", Ahyeon soon showed her star temperament even though she was just a rookie. The female idol's big, round eyes are the secret "weapon" that makes fans fall in love with her. Close-up photos are attractive thanks to their charisma, photos showing off their bodies also receive a rain of compliments thanks to their ability to "weigh things" to help their appearance look extremely luxurious.

YG clearly favors copy Jennie, training her to become a trump card to overthrow the original? - Photo 2

It can be seen that YG did well in shaping Ahyeon's real debut. People also clearly see the favor "giants" of the entertainment industry have for "copy Jennie". The proof is that the female rookie had her personal photo released last and was the only one in the spotlight, because the company spent a whole day in the promotion schedule to introduce her.

Previously, YG posted photos of 2 members at a time, giving a total of 3 days to introduce 6 BABYMONSTER pieces for this comeback. As for Ahyeon, she not only appeared as a vedette in the visual film, making people talk with just the last 2 seconds of the clip, but also played the role of "closing" the group with her personal photos.

YG clearly favors copy Jennie, training her to become a trump card to overthrow the original? - Photo 3

From the above details, it is clear that YG is aiming to make Ahyeon the "trump card" representing BABYMONSTER's color. Although Idol 2k7 did well in showing her personal charm, in the official photo with her 6 sisters, people said that her appearance was not outstanding enough to become the center of the group.

It's also possible that due to the layout and standing position, Ahyeon is somewhat stuck between Rora, Ruka and Rami. Currently, the performance of "copy Jennie" in the new album is what the public is most excited about. People hope that YG will carefully prepare schedules for rookies during this promotion, so that the girls have the opportunity to shine on big stages.

YG clearly favors copy Jennie, training her to become a trump card to overthrow the original? - Photo 4

Not disappointing fans' expectations, YG recently confirmed that BABYMONSTER will be one of the performing artists at the Summer Sonic 2024 music festival, taking place in August in Tokyo (Japan). , with a full 7 members.

This move shows that the company intentionally promotes Ahyeon's name to the fullest, the first time the female idol officially joins the group's full lineup. The group's mini album "BABYMONS7ER" will be released on April 1 - marking the return of "copy Jennie" after more than 4 months of rest.

YG clearly favors copy Jennie, training her to become a trump card to overthrow the original? - Photo 5

Ahyeon is the second member to officially r.eveal herself on January 16, 2023 and in the final announcement, she ranked first. The female idol was born in Toegye-dong, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, South Korea and is studying at Hanlim Art High School with member Haram.

"Jennie Copy" was accepted by the company in December 2018 and passed the first audition round in February 2019. During her audition, she performed the song "The Show" by Lenka.

YG clearly favors copy Jennie, training her to become a trump card to overthrow the original? - Photo 6

Yang Hyun Suk described idol 2k7 as "a warrior with many weapons". She is also the all-rounder of the group and is considered "an ace" by her instructors.

Ahyeon can speak both Korean, Chinese and English. The female idol started learning English when she was 5 years old by reading cartoon subtitles. Then, at the age of 7, she started learning Chinese.

YG clearly favors copy Jennie, training her to become a trump card to overthrow the original? - Photo 7

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