BLACKPINK is busy with individual activities, YG bluntly "crossed off" the entire group

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After 4 female idols did not renew their individual contracts, YG Entertainment quickly took decisive action; especially when BLACKPINK members "pop" solo activities.

Failing to negotiate individual contracts with the girls, even though they had previously signed group contracts, YG's stock continuously dropped sharply. On the afternoon of January 11, people discovered that the "big guy" suddenly deleted the personal profiles of 4 female idols on YG's website.

BLACKPINK is busy with individual activities, YG bluntly crossed off the entire group - Photo 1

Previously, YG had a similar move by deleting Jisoo's image in the Actors - YG Stage category of the YG Family page. These are two consecutive moves by YG after all BLACKPINK members decided to leave.

Also during this time, BLACKPINK members are having a series of days working hard on personal projects since deciding to "leave their clothes". Accordingly, a few days ago, the eldest sister had her fans record the moment of outdoor filming for the project "Influenza" with the theme of the apocalypse and zombies.

BLACKPINK is busy with individual activities, YG bluntly crossed off the entire group - Photo 2

Jennie "accidentally" revealed a check-in hint at LA Chalice Recording Studio - a famous recording studio in the US, raising suspicions that she was focusing on making a solo album. Similarly, Rosé recently personally "flirted" for her personal project when posting a story at a recording studio.

This image was also quickly traced by internet "detectives" to the time it was taken in November 2023 - the time when she "had no news" during her activities in France.

BLACKPINK is busy with individual activities, YG bluntly crossed off the entire group - Photo 3

Lisa will become the first member of BLACKPINK to have a solo stage after not renewing her personal contract with YG on January 26. According to revelations from French media, the female idol born in 1997 will perform a special performance, created by herself along with the Lamoureux Symphony Orchestra performed by Adrien Perruchon and Maxime Pascal.

BLACKPINK is busy with individual activities, YG bluntly crossed off the entire group - Photo 4

It can be said that in just the first few days of 2024, fans have received a lot of good news from BLACKPINK, signaling a year of full activity for the 4 members for individual projects, as well as for the whole group's activities. group.

Notably, this situation has caused YG's shares to be heavily affected and continuously decrease, with no signs of increasing again in the future. According to estimates, YG Entertainment's revenue in 2023 has decreased by 3% compared to the same period last year, operating profits are also expected to decrease significantly by 50% after the departure of the Black Huong members.

BLACKPINK is busy with individual activities, YG bluntly crossed off the entire group - Photo 5

At the mid-trading session of January 10, 2024, the stock price dropped to 44,050 Won (33.37 USD) - down 1.67% compared to the previous day. The failure to secure contracts for the solo activities of 4 female idols has affected stock prices.

Daishin Securities analyst Lim Soo Jin said that in addition to announcing the cancellation of individual contracts with key members, the delay in B.ABY MONSTER's album release plan also contributed to the decline in stock price. promissory note.

BLACKPINK is busy with individual activities, YG bluntly crossed off the entire group - Photo 6

Lim Soo Jin added: "With the annual outlook revision for BLACKPINK and B.ABY MONSTER's activities this year, a decrease is inevitable."

Experts emphasize that the current stock price of the "entertainment giant" reflects the excessive level of market anxiety and may continue to decline at a serious level in the near future. However, it is likely that when BLACKPINK has group activities again, YG's stock price will gradually increase.

BLACKPINK is busy with individual activities, YG bluntly crossed off the entire group - Photo 7

At the end of last year, YG announced: "We have agreed not to sign separate additional contracts for individual activities. YG Entertainment fully supports the group activities of the 4 girls and expressed their desire to members pursue solo careers".

On January 6, 2024, the "big man" announced the signing of exclusive contracts with 4 members for group activities. Yang Hyun Suk - YG's main producer, expressed his satisfaction saying: "I am happy to continue connecting with BLACKPINK", and emphasized YG's commitment to enhancing the global prominence of BLACKPINK. group.

BLACKPINK is busy with individual activities, YG bluntly crossed off the entire group - Photo 8

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