BABYMONSTER makes YG the most harmful g.irl group in history, what does the 'big guy' do?

Phúc SenApr 03, 2024 at 06:47

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YG Entertainment's rookie group BABYMONSTER is on the verge of collapse, when a series of products when released, did not achieve the same effect as BlackPink seniors did. YG 'big man' is being named, what to do in this situation?

With Sheesh's MV debuting on April 1 (local time), BabyMonster marks the return of member Ahyeon, who is known as "Little Jennie". Before that, she was unable to work with the group due to health reasons. Therefore, according to YG Entertainment, this time, BabyMonster is actually debuting. However, the achievement of this product is not positive. Even witnessing the consecutive failures of BabyMonster, the audience teased that the group should debut for the 3rd time.

BABYMONSTER makes YG the most harmful g.irl group in history, what does the big guy do? - Photo 1

Over the past half decade, YG Entertainment has found a pattern of success and repeated it with little change. Diehard fans always seem to accept and be satisfied with this one-coloredness, leaving YG no longer motivated to innovate. It's a sad state of affairs and makes it difficult for their music to be appreciated by audiences and critics, according to review site The Bias List .

BABYMONSTER makes YG the most harmful g.irl group in history, what does the big guy do? - Photo 2

And with Sheesh just released, YG continues to apply the song structure and songwriting style, staging the MV quite similar to some of BlackPink's previous products. Therefore, when watching the MV, the audience still saw a shadow of BlackPink even though the performers were 7 members of BabyMonster.

Earlier, when the teaser of the song was released, the chorus received mixed reviews. Audiences claim that the repetition of the exclamation word "sheesh" makes it outdated, unattractive, and quirky. By the time the song was officially released, the controversy surrounding this chorus had not abated.

BABYMONSTER makes YG the most harmful g.irl group in history, what does the big guy do? - Photo 3

Many other parts of the song have not satisfied the majority of the audience. The rapping of rappers like Ahyeon, Ruka or Asa is very impressive. Their talent is undeniable. However, it is unfortunate that the lyrics are considered too cheesy and "false advertising". Specifically, Ahyeon opens the rap by saying, "This is a blessing to your ears." The Bias List thinks that compared to what Sheesh has, this is a false statement and sounds quite funny.

BABYMONSTER makes YG the most harmful g.irl group in history, what does the big guy do? - Photo 4

As of 5 p.m. on April 1, Sheesh had not been able to reach the top 100 of Korea's largest market share music site Melon as well as other charts. This is a very dismal achievement for a group from a big company called "BlackPink juniors" like BabyMonster.

The current situation of this group is quite worrying because as of Sheesh, they have released 3 songs but they are not successful. Worth mentioning, around the same time BabyMonster released Sheesh, HYBE's rookie group ILLIT also debuted with the song Magnetic. In contrast to the dismal situation of BabyMonster, ILLIT is doing very well on the charts. They are currently No. 4 on Melon, No. 6 on Genie, No. 1 on Bugs.

BABYMONSTER makes YG the most harmful g.irl group in history, what does the big guy do? - Photo 5

Therefore, if BabyMonster continues to choose the criticized music as it is, the group is likely to fall into the same situation as JYP Entertainment's NMIXX. Also coming from a big company and having talent, NMIXX is now almost sinking compared to the idol cast that debuted at the same time. NMIXX's songs are often criticized for being difficult to listen to, so they cannot compete in digital music. Through unsuccessful promotions, NMIXX cooled down and was mentioned less than groups like NewJeans and aespa.

BABYMONSTER makes YG the most harmful g.irl group in history, what does the big guy do? - Photo 6

For YG Entertainment, the situation of this "big man" is also urgent. If JYP fails with NMIXX but Stray Kids, TWICE can "carry" the revenue, YG loses the "golden egg laying hens" like G-Dragon and BlackPink.

BABYMONSTER makes YG the most harmful g.irl group in history, what does the big guy do? - Photo 7

BlackPink still signed a group contract with YG, but Korean media predicted that in 2024 the members will focus more on individual activities. Meanwhile, the rest of YG's groups such as Treasure and Winner have not been effective recently. Therefore, BabyMonster is the company's rare hope for music today.

BABYMONSTER makes YG the most harmful g.irl group in history, what does the big guy do? - Photo 8

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