'Little Jennie' succumbs to BABYMONSTER, plunges without brakes, group runs out of saves

Trí NhiApr 04, 2024 at 06:47

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" Sheesh" marks the official debut of Babymonster and the return of member Ahyeon, who has been likened to "Little Jennie". Unlike public expectations, BlackPink's junior group did not leave much of an impression.

After their single Batter Up in November 2023 but failing to achieve significant success, Babymonster returned again with their debut mini album, the title track Sheesh. After 24 hours of release, the group's achievement from the "big 3" contrary to the expectations of fans. Sheesh did not reach the top 100 of any digital music charts in Korea and reached number one in iTunes in 5 countries, completely inferior to Batter Up, which held number one in 20 countries.

Little Jennie succumbs to BABYMONSTER, plunges without brakes, group runs out of saves - Photo 1

Album sales were also not as high and remained at more than 70,000 copies sold – a modest number compared to rival g.irl groups. The group's best score so far is views from the YouTube platform with 24.4 million after a day of posting, making Sheesh the most viewed K-pop MV of 2024 in the first 24 hours. The aforementioned views resonate in large part from the ad.

Little Jennie succumbs to BABYMONSTER, plunges without brakes, group runs out of saves - Photo 2

7 years after BlackPink formed YG, a new g.irl group was released. That's why the group is called the "BlackPink sisters" — a nickname that rookies consider a great honor. "We got a lot of attention because of that nickname and we're really grateful," Rami said.

Babymonster chose to debut with a strong hip hop song in the context of popular easy-listening music. According to YG, Sheesh is described as a baroque hip-hop dance song.

Little Jennie succumbs to BABYMONSTER, plunges without brakes, group runs out of saves - Photo 3

YG's efforts only made the audience feel like they were trying to create previous versions. "YG is trying to recycle old sounds and concepts from former g.irl groups 2NE1 and BlackPink, instead of creating their own unique brand," the audience commented. Some people believe that the style that the company aims for is outdated and needs to be seriously renewed.

According to lead producer Yang Hyun Suk, April 1 marked the debut of Babymonster, welcoming the return of Ahyeon – the member who has been likened to the "second Jennie". She was unable to join the group last year due to health issues. In the absence of Ahyeon, many people thought that it would be difficult for the group to break through, competing with fourth-generation g.irl groups of the same time because there were no core members. However, Ahyeon's return couldn't make Babymonster any better.

Little Jennie succumbs to BABYMONSTER, plunges without brakes, group runs out of saves - Photo 4

In the Sheesh MV, Ahyeon has a lot of room to s.how o.ff her voice, from rapping to taking on high notes. The 17-year-old singer's appearance and voice were praised but not enough to propel Babymonster to the next level.

Sharing her title "Little Jennie", Ahyeon said that the BlackPink member is her idol and inspiration. "To be called 'Little Jennie' to me is an honor. As a junior, I want to be a great artist and want to explore my own unique style."

Little Jennie succumbs to BABYMONSTER, plunges without brakes, group runs out of saves - Photo 5

Right from the time she was a trainee, Ahyeon was highly appreciated for her outstanding talent, she could sing, rap, and dance evenly. Besides, the appearance and temperament of the star make the audience think of Jennie (BlackPink).

YG once introduced Ahyeon as "the perfect trainee who not only dances but has a beautiful voice and explosive rapping skills." YG's president at that time assessed that the 17-year-old idol held many special "weapons": " Ahyeon is a warrior with many unique 'weapons'. Every time I see her, it's hard to find someone like that."

Little Jennie succumbs to BABYMONSTER, plunges without brakes, group runs out of saves - Photo 6

Thanks to her excellent performance of Dangerously (Charlie Puth), she was praised by the owner of the song. When he returned with Babymonster, Charlie Puth even dedicated the group to the song Like that.

With high expectations, Ahyeon made mistakes. During the performance at Hanlim Arts High School, the idol chose a song with N-words (sensitive words with racist meanings). The incident made the audience disgruntled, criticizing Ahyeon for being immature, YG did not strictly manage "domestic chickens". According to fans, this may be part of the reason for the delay in the idol's debut. During her time off, Ahyeon said she struggled psychologically.

Little Jennie succumbs to BABYMONSTER, plunges without brakes, group runs out of saves - Photo 7

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