Asa (BABYMONSTER): Last salvaged 2k6 member, rapper on par with Lisa

Trí NhiApr 02, 2024 at 16:11

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Asa – the idol female artist of the newly debuted group BABYMONSTER, although she has outstanding beauty and talent, few people know that she is the last chosen person by YG to debut with BABYMONSTER's 7-person lineup as of now.

Asa's real name is Asa Enami, born on 17/04/2006 in Japan. She is known as a Japanese female rapper. Currently, Asa is a member of the Korean g.irl group BABYMONSTER. She also holds the position of Rapper and Dancer in the group.

Asa (BABYMONSTER): Last salvaged 2k6 member, rapper on par with Lisa - Photo 1

Asa was born in Japan to her father, mother and an older sister named Enami Lisa. In addition, she is also considered the "ace" of the group B.aby Monster and a Japanese trainee of YG Entertainment since 2018. Although she is a foreigner, she is highly appreciated for her ability to speak Korean fluently like a native speaker. In particular, Asa also stands out for her excellent Hip-Hop and Rap dancing skills.

Asa (BABYMONSTER): Last salvaged 2k6 member, rapper on par with Lisa - Photo 2

At 0:00 on November 15, 2023 (Korean time), YG "released" the official visual videos and photos for the second member of BABYMONSTER - Asa. These were also the first images that Asa was shown to the public. The female rookie immediately caused a fever with her Japanese female beauty, overwhelming with her splendid temperament. In YG's signature shape, Asa's personality and dynamism still retain a feminine beauty, being called "new generation visual" by the people right after the image aired.

Asa (BABYMONSTER): Last salvaged 2k6 member, rapper on par with Lisa - Photo 3

In her debut video, Asa is remembered with her attractive eyes and divine angle, likened to the eldest BLACKPINK sister Jisoo. Asa is expected to be one of the members who attracts fans and expensive advertising shows in the future thanks to her outstanding appearance and multilingual ability because she is a Japanese idol.

When Asa was 7 years old, she had her first performance of Block B's "Very Very Good" at a dance school in Japan. Then, at the age of 12, she auditioned for the first time with the song "Weekend Warrior". Before joining YG Entertainment in Korea, Asa also had experience singing musicals and also participated in "LADYBIRD Green Musical" in 2017. She officially joined YG Entertainment at the end of 2016-2017 after stumbling upon BlackPink's music video.

Asa (BABYMONSTER): Last salvaged 2k6 member, rapper on par with Lisa - Photo 4

She also shared that she loves the company's signature Hip-Hop style. Until January 1, 2023, YG Entertainment released a video confirming the upcoming newly debuted g.irl group name "BABYMONSTER". Also, in the same video, pictures of Asa practicing have also confirmed her group membership.

Asa (BABYMONSTER): Last salvaged 2k6 member, rapper on par with Lisa - Photo 5

Asa was also the first member to perform a pure rap song "Look Alive", instead of singing and rapping like Ahyeon. The female idol was praised for her exceptional rap voice, impressive word-dropping skills, and accents. Even many viewers think that Asa makes listeners immediately think of seasoned rappers with the same company as Lisa, Jennie (Blackpink). Not only is her rap voice unusual, Asa also has good performance, expressiveness and stage mastery.

Asa is said to have a good-looking face, easy to cause sympathy. In particular, she surprised many audiences, because Asa's clear outer appearance is completely opposite to a strong rap style.

Asa (BABYMONSTER): Last salvaged 2k6 member, rapper on par with Lisa - Photo 6

Previously, BABYMONSTER only debuted with 5 members, including Asa and Rora. Talking about the reason for not choosing Asa and Rora in this lineup, Yang Hyun Suk said, "Rora is too young. YG is currently preparing for other g.irl groups. We have a lot of "monsters". Honestly, I'd like to put Rora in that group as Lead Vocalist."

"It's been 4 years and 9 months since Asa was a trainee at the company. Originally from Japan, her best skill is rapping. But I was quite surprised because Asa is a multi-talented person who can sing so well. According to Lee Jung, YG's dancer and choreographer, Asa and Rora's dancing skills are very good. A multi-talented person like Asa will be essential to the team. I'm heartbroken that I can't let her participate in BABYMONSTER."

Asa (BABYMONSTER): Last salvaged 2k6 member, rapper on par with Lisa - Photo 7

"In recent years, I have cherished the dream of forming a global g.irl group, so this is also the reason why I didn't let Asa join BabyMonster. The project will be launched later this year or early next year and I plan to have her participate in it," the former YG president said.

But then, Yang Hyun Suk suddenly "turned the car" and let all 7 girls debut. After 2 weeks of deliberation, with 98% to 99% of requests, BabyMonster needs to have 7 people. Since its inception, YG's team has been driven like a family. YG Family is not only about artists but also about the fan community. The founder chose to listen to the opinions of those who have watched the show and create a different version of BABYMONSTER than his original intention.

Asa (BABYMONSTER): Last salvaged 2k6 member, rapper on par with Lisa - Photo 8

Currently, Asa is still single and has no intention of dating. She also wants to focus on developing her career with BABYMONSTER and releasing new music products in the future. In addition, Asa is also quite secretive, so she does not share any information with the media. She has also never been involved in any dating rumors.

Asa (BABYMONSTER): Last salvaged 2k6 member, rapper on par with Lisa - Photo 9

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