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How did Ms. Truong My Lan illegally transfer more than 4.5 billion USD across the border?

Bút Máy10:48:49 21/06/2024
The investigation agency identified Truong My Lan as the mastermind and leader of the act of laundering more than 445,747 billion VND and illegally transporting more than 4.5 billion USD. According to Ms. Truong My Lan's testimony, m.oney transferred abroad is debt repayment.

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Truong My Lan "washed" more than 445,700 billion VND, the Department of Prevention and Control did not know

Pinky13:29:13 09/06/2024
Continuing further investigation in the Truong My Lan case, Van Thinh Phat's owner in 4 years laundered an amount of more than 445,700 billion VND. The Department of Prevention and Control was also unaware of her embezzlement process.

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Ministry of Public Security: Ms. Truong My Lan has had a change in awareness and legal awareness

Bút Màu16:31:48 07/06/2024
According to the conclusion of the Investigating Police Agency of the Ministry of Public Security, the defendant Truong My Lan has changed in terms of awareness and legal awareness, has sincerely declared and repented.

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Dozens of defendants "followed" Truong My Lan to appeal, asking for reduced punishment

Pinky11:07:32 04/05/2024
After submitting an appeal against the entire first instance verdict, dozens of other defendants followed in Lan's footsteps. Specifically, 22 out of 86 defendants filed appeals, most of them seeking reduced punishment.

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Ms. Truong My Lan did not accept the d.eath sentence, appealed to the end, and sent a petition from the prison

Phúc Sen16:56:29 29/04/2024
After being sentenced to d.eath, Ms. Truong My Lan did not accept the entire sentence, President Van Thinh Phat sent a final appeal, sent from the detention center to the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City, hoping to have the crime retried.

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Warning of violation of fake transfer photo of 673 trillion of Ms. Truong My Lan

T.P10:53:25 23/04/2024
Trend set sail to find treasure that had not yet been recovered, and on social networks appeared a screenshot of Ms. Truong My Lan transferring 673,000 billion VND. Many people worry when there is warning information about violating the law.

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Google Maps is in chaos because of the trend 'Truong My Lan's treasure', users are confused

Đức Trí14:55:01 21/04/2024
Google Maps users are extremely confused by the series of locations identified as Truong My Lan's treasure. This false information causes incorrect navigation and everyone is confused.

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Zhang Huiyun sobbed and begged the court to reduce Ms. Zhang My Lan's d.eath sentence

Trí Nhi10:43:38 05/04/2024
Defendants Zhang Huiyun and Zhou Lijie said their last words in tears, and she asked the court to commute Ms. Zhang Meilan's sentence to escape the d.eath penalty. Both begged the council to consider and lightly sentence the guilty fellow, sobbing apologetically at the horseshoe.

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Zhang Meilan burst into tears and said his last words, tormenting him every night in the detention center

Gia Nhi10:42:06 04/04/2024
In the afternoon of April 3, the trial of the case that occurred at Van Thinh Phat Group and Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SCB) ended the argument. Defendant Truong My Lan and the defendants present at the trial were given the last word before the court entered the deliberations.

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One defendant in the Truong My Lan case had terminal cancer and asked for exemption from punishment

Thảo Mai16:31:11 28/03/2024
On March 28, continuing the trial of the case of Truong My Lan (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Thinh Phat Group), the lawyer of defendant Luu Quoc Thang (former Head of SCB Bank's Control Board) conducted a defense. .

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Holding 1,350 billion from Ms. Truong My Lan, how did Truong Hue Van overcome the consequences?

Gia Nhi13:21:52 22/03/2024
On the afternoon of March 21, the trial of defendant Truong My Lan (68 years old, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Thinh Phat Group) and 85 accomplices continued the arguments of the lawyers and the self-defense of the defendants.

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Ms. Truong My Lan was stunned to hear the d.eath penalty proposal and was given the opportunity to see her daughter again

Trí Nhi13:30:18 21/03/2024
After hearing the d.eath penalty recommendation, defendant Truong My Lan - the key figure in the Van Thinh Phat case - collapsed and suffered a mental breakdown. She also had the opportunity to see her daughter again, as a privilege.

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Van Thinh Phat case: Truong My Lan gave billions to her employees, but 2 years later said she forgot

Gia Nhi10:10:51 14/03/2024
The Van Thinh Phat case continues to have new developments causing a stir in public opinion. Accordingly, when Ms. Truong My Lan was questioned about giving her employees a Tet bonus of several hundred billion, she repeatedly shook her head and said she forgot, did not remember anything, netizens were confused.

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Ms. Truong My Lan cried, did not admit guilt, and was called mother by Thanh Bui's wife, r.evealing one thing

JLO16:31:31 11/03/2024
On March 11, the jury continued the trial of the Van Thinh Phat case with questioning of defendants Truong My Lan (former Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group) and Nguyen Cao Tri - former Chairman of Capella Group.

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Ms. Zhang My Lan's husband caused $39,000 billion in damages, indictment translated into English

Thanh Phúc10:38:55 07/03/2024
New developments in the Van Thinh Phat incident recently continued to confuse people when they learned that Ms. Truong My Lan's husband caused a loss of up to 39 trillion billion. The indictment must also be translated into English.

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The image of Truong My Lan in court and the first testimony, what is Thanh Bui's wife's attitude?

Thảo Mai11:52:45 05/03/2024
March 5, TAND HCMC. HCMC opened a preliminary hearing of the case that occurred at Van Thinh Phat Group, SCB Bank and related units. The trial is scheduled to run from March 5 to April 29.

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Ms. Truong My Lan and 12 defendants were prosecuted with the highest penalty range

Mỹ Hoàng10:20:38 23/02/2024
Among the 86 defendants preparing for trial, Ms. Truong My Lan and 13 accomplices who caused about VND 498,000 billion in damages to SCB were prosecuted by the Supreme People's Procuracy (People's Procuracy) at the highest penalty level.

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