Xoai Non clarifies that his best friend Sunna is Xemesis's "little tam", regrets one thing

Bút BiJun 18, 2024 at 10:26

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Although she confirmed her divorce with Xemesis, recently, Xoai Non continued to post a long letter to correct misunderstandings and clarify a series of recent rumors.

On his personal page, Xoai Non said that initially he did not intend to announce private matters, but because there were too many false rumors, he decided to clarify his current relationship. In addition, Xoai Non also mentioned for the first time the reason for breaking up with Xemesis and affirmed that her close friend - Sunna was not the "little girl" who broke the happiness of their second marriage, causing the couple to separate.

Xoai Non clarifies that his best friend Sunna is Xemesiss little tam, regrets one thing - Photo 1

Accordingly, Xoai Non expressed that because of the inaccurate rumors spreading on social networks, Sunna's entire family was affected. That's why Xoai Non was forced to speak up to protect her close friends and those around her, hoping that the online community can stop because divorce is just a matter between two people.

"Actually, at first I didn't intend to make an announcement, but I saw a lot of false information, affecting many people close to me. The stories aren't true, they're just people guessing and making things up." .

The reason why you and I are not together anymore, we want to keep it private so we won't share about this issue. As for the fact that my best friend - Sunna is the third person, if it's true, I wouldn't be stupid enough to still play and ruin my little family, right?

Xoai Non clarifies that his best friend Sunna is Xemesiss little tam, regrets one thing - Photo 2

I see the story going further and further because it bothers Sunna's entire family. So I hope everyone has a more positive perspective, don't let the little information affect others. Xoai thanks me and hopes my story will not affect anyone because this is a relationship between two people, my loved ones do not deserve this," Xoai Non shared.

As for Sunna, she has also posted many times to express her discomfort and fatigue when she was accidentally dragged into unnecessary drama. Sunna even thought the matter would stop when Xoai Non and Xemesis both confirmed their divorce. However, she is still the focus of criticism, many anti-fans flooded Sunna's TikTok because they believed that she was the reason Xoai Non and Xemesis had to break up.

Xoai Non clarifies that his best friend Sunna is Xemesiss little tam, regrets one thing - Photo 3

Previously, on the evening of June 16, the breakup announcement of Xoai Non and Xemesis became the focus of attention from netizens. The couple officially went their separate ways after 4 years of marriage. In the confirmation post, Xoai Non thanked Xemesis for being a part of her beautiful youth.

As for Xemesis, the male streamer also quickly spoke up on the evening of June 16. He thanked Xoai Non for being by his side for the past 6 years and hoped the best things would come to her in the future.

Xoai Non clarifies that his best friend Sunna is Xemesiss little tam, regrets one thing - Photo 4

Before officially speaking, Xoai Non and Xemesis were "spotted" by netizens for a series of signs of conflict in their married life. Not only that, many close people around the couple were also involved, questioned as the reason why Xoai Non and "Vietnam's richest streamer" went their separate ways.

At a time when the divorce was still in question, many people found a clip of Sunna sitting between Xoai Non and Xemesis. In addition, she is also quite close to the male streamer and attended many important parties of Xoai Non's husband's family.

Xoai Non clarifies that his best friend Sunna is Xemesiss little tam, regrets one thing - Photo 5

Immediately after that, Sunna shared a meaningful message on her personal page. She wrote: "Wake up and drink green tea. It's a virtual online community." She implicitly confirmed that the rumor of becoming a "little girl" who stole her husband is false.

Sunna said on Nong Thon Viet: "I'm really laughing. Suddenly someone cut the clip right at the part sitting between Xoai and Xemesis, then posted it with nonsense rumors, causing me to be criticized by netizens." .

Xoai Non clarifies that his best friend Sunna is Xemesiss little tam, regrets one thing - Photo 6

Sunna said that in the clip, she and Xoai Non and her husband and a group of friends went out to eat in 2022. Initially, Xoai Non and her husband sat next to each other, but when the group of friends arrived, Xemesis moved to another table to drink with the group. brothers. After a while of eating and drinking, everyone changed seats continuously to interact and chat, so the moment Sunna sat between Xoai Non and her husband was just a coincidence.

Xoai Non clarifies that his best friend Sunna is Xemesiss little tam, regrets one thing - Photo 7

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