Xoai Non - Xemesis was "dissected" for her divorce post in English, suspected of using sample writing?

Thiên DiJun 17, 2024 at 16:31

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Xoai Non and Xemesis confirmed that divorce has been a h.ot topic in the past few hours. Besides the regret, people are extremely wondering why the two used English to announce their marriage. There have been many controversial opinions surrounding this issue.

Recently, both Xemesis and Xoai Non spoke up to officially confirm their separation after nearly 4 years of wedding planning. The couple "went their separate ways" peacefully, without conflicts and sent blessings to each other in the future.

Xoai Non - Xemesis was dissected for her divorce post in English, suspected of using sample writing? - Photo 1

Besides the surprise, what made the public interested and questioned is why Xoai Non and Xemesis posted their divorce announcement entirely in English. While in the past, Xoai Non shared that she was not very good at foreign languages, she had only recently been improving, so the fact that she chose to announce in English surprised people. Both of their posts were quite brief, basically talking about breaking up and thanking each other for being each other's beautiful youth.

Xoai Non - Xemesis was dissected for her divorce post in English, suspected of using sample writing? - Photo 2

Some people think that the couple is both Vietnamese and normally uses Vietnamese to communicate, but why do they have to write in another language when they break up? Besides, neither Xoai nor Xemesis have many fans from abroad, so who had to choose another language to announce the breakup to convey it to?

One opinion suggests that perhaps the couple chose to use English to "relieve awkwardness", using English to hide their true feelings and make the breakup seem gentler.

When analyzing carefully, many people realize that the style and way of expressing ideas in the separation announcement paragraph of both are similar. If Xoai talks about the good times and ends with a thank you. As for Xemesis, he also acknowledged that the time he spent with Xoai was the best time of his life and wished her to happily move on. In conclusion, the two placed a heart to end the announcement just like a prepared announcement. Many people said that they did not feel the true feelings in these last words for each other from Xemesis or Xoai Non.

Xoai Non - Xemesis was dissected for her divorce post in English, suspected of using sample writing? - Photo 3

Moreover, the couple's announcement post was also "dissected" because there were many "unstable" things. Especially in Xemesis's shared post, the male streamer is currently receiving countless comments about his coldness and standard interpretation of the "breakup letter" of men. Most of them have the same formula: "Thank you", "I'm sorry for...", "I wish you...",...

Currently, the online community still has many mixed opinions about the couple's breakup announcement. Many people expressed dissatisfaction with the breakup but still gave their wishes to the other person because they felt quite "disappointed", fake and worthless.

Xoai Non - Xemesis was dissected for her divorce post in English, suspected of using sample writing? - Photo 4

However, these are just inferences and online discussions of some sections of the online community. Currently, neither Xoai Non nor Xemesis has updated anything further after the news of their divorce.

Xoai Non's real name is Pham Thuy Trang, born in 2002. Possessing beautiful beauty, she is a famous advertising model on social networks, attracting more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram. Besides being an influencer (online influencer), she also participates in acting in sitcoms and music videos.

Xoai Non and Xemesis got married in November 2020, at that time she was only 18 years old. The couple's wedding was lavish and majestic for the super rich. Xoai Non's wedding dress alone was worth more than 28 billion VND.

Xoai Non - Xemesis was dissected for her divorce post in English, suspected of using sample writing? - Photo 5

Rumors of Xoai Non's marriage breakdown have been rumored on social networks recently, when many viewers realized that the 10X h.ot g.irl was no longer living in the same house with streamer Xemesis. Faced with everyone's doubts, Xoai Non did not confirm. Therefore, the post on her personal page on June 16 was the first time she spoke frankly about the breakup rumors.

Xoai Non - Xemesis was dissected for her divorce post in English, suspected of using sample writing? - Photo 6

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