Xoai Non wears a wedding dress at the ceremony amidst the bustle of marriage, reuniting with her "ex"?

Thiên DiJun 15, 2024 at 07:27

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The question of marital problems between Xoai Non and Xemesis is still open, but recently, she made people excited when she appeared in a shimmering wedding dress walking down the aisle with a strange guy who was not Xemesis. .

Recently, the suspicion of problems between h.ot g.irl Xoai Non and her husband has received attention from the online community. The fact that the couple suddenly no longer appears together or the ambiguous attitude of the insiders makes netizens increasingly curious.

While the rumors were still unclear, people witnessed the release of Xoai Non's new MV. Specifically, she appeared as the female lead in the music product of a male singer who is loved by many people. In the MV, the h.ot g.irl shines brightly as she walks down the aisle, causing a stir among netizens.

Xoai Non wears a wedding dress at the ceremony amidst the bustle of marriage, reuniting with her ex? - Photo 1

Xoai Non wears a wedding dress at the ceremony amidst the bustle of marriage, reuniting with her ex? - Photo 2

Xoai's beauty in this event was highly praised. She chose a simple, graceful wedding dress that accentuated her graceful figure and white skin. Her face is lightly made up but still exudes a natural, attractive, and fresh beauty. Her hair is lightly curled and then tied up in a neat bun, partly showing her modern and sophisticated fashion style.

Xoai Non wears a wedding dress at the ceremony amidst the bustle of marriage, reuniting with her ex? - Photo 3

At the same time, in the posted image, Xoai Non appears beautiful next to the handsome guy, the two seem extremely close. Many viewers quickly recognized this guy as male singer Lou Hoang. The image of Xoai Non wearing a wedding dress is just the role she plays in Lou Hoang's new music product called A Beautiful Day to Say Goodbye.

Xoai Non wears a wedding dress at the ceremony amidst the bustle of marriage, reuniting with her ex? - Photo 4

This is not the first time Xoai Non has participated in Lou Hoang's music product. Previously, the two were very successful when working together in the MV Abduction of the Heart. Xoai Non's reunion with Lou Hoang in the new product is expected to bring a quality song and MV.

Xoai Non wears a wedding dress at the ceremony amidst the bustle of marriage, reuniting with her ex? - Photo 5

Until now, after many suspicions surrounding the noisy marriage problems of Xoai Non and Xemesis, neither of the two people involved has yet spoken out about the incident. Although the couple is not afraid to respond to false rumors about themselves and their lives, they are still determined to stay silent on the most important question: "Are the rumors of marital problems true or false?".

That's why Xoai Non received many mixed opinions when it was said that she used the scandal with Xemesis to promote her new MV. She was even pointed out by a part of viewers that in the past, she was often not afraid to speak up in many matters, but when faced with suspicions of problems, she remained silent, so she came to the conclusion: "The sentence is clear!" .

Xoai Non wears a wedding dress at the ceremony amidst the bustle of marriage, reuniting with her ex? - Photo 6

Many people think that her quarrel with her husband Xemesis is just a trick to "create heat" for Lou Hoang's upcoming new song. In addition, there are also opinions that Xoai Non should make an official statement about her relationship with Xemesis to avoid misunderstandings that she brings private matters to PR for her colleagues.

In a recent livestream, Xoai Non did not directly answer questions about "whether there was a problem or not", but only affirmed that he had no responsibility to inform anyone about his personal life: "Now a mouth of I can't argue with the thousands of comments out there, and I have no responsibility to inform you.

If you say you often argue, where do you see yourself arguing? What case? After so many years and so many things that have happened, I have learned my lesson. And I tried to change a lot.

Besides, you want to know the story but the problem is that people don't want to share it, so what? It's not their fault! That's the story of people's lives. Why do you want to know information about other people's lives? Why should other people have the responsibility to tell you what problem they are facing?" - Xoai Non said.

Xoai Non wears a wedding dress at the ceremony amidst the bustle of marriage, reuniting with her ex? - Photo 7

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