Xemesis reacted strangely when Xoai Non was intimate with a male star, always saying one thing to his wife

Kim LâmJun 12, 2024 at 07:12

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Xemesis's reaction when Xoai Non acted in the MV received a lot of attention from netizens. The male streamer gave many compliments to Xoai Non's acting. He also continuously complimented his beautiful wife when appearing next to a male singer.

After nearly a month causing a stir all over the internet, the suspicion of marital problems between Xoai Non (Pham Thuy Trang, born in 2002) and Xemesis (Nghiem Anh Hieu, born in 1989) has not yet been resolved. Many rumors were spread but the two main characters still chose to stay silent.

Xemesis reacted strangely when Xoai Non was intimate with a male star, always saying one thing to his wife - Photo 1

In the latest developments, netizens have "turned around", claiming that Xemesis and Xoai Non are using the scandal as a PR trick. Because during the noisy period, from male streamer opening a new shop to h.ot g.irl becoming the female lead in Lou Hoang's new MV.

Xemesis reacted strangely when Xoai Non was intimate with a male star, always saying one thing to his wife - Photo 2

It is known that this is not the first MV that Lou Hoang collaborated with Xoai Non. In 2022, wife Xemesis also appeared in Lou Hoang's MV Kidnapping My Heart. After nearly 2 years of release, this MV has achieved nearly 19.5 million views and 143 thousand likes, and also received many reaction clips.

One of the most notable reaction clips comes from Xoai Non's husband - h.ot streamer Xemesis. Right at the beginning, Xemesis felt that the melody Kidnapping the Heart sounded familiar, similar to Loving someone maybe that Lou Hoang sang with Miu Le.

Xemesis reacted strangely when Xoai Non was intimate with a male star, always saying one thing to his wife - Photo 3

In the first scene where Young Mango appears, Xemesis pretends to wonder: "Who is that?" then continuously looked at his wife's image. After that, he burst into laughter when he saw Xoai Non frowning in discomfort: "This is a really angry face, guys, you can't get lost. I've seen this face many times, for about 3 years." -4 years together. Expressing the exact requirements of the film."

Xemesis gave many compliments to his wife's acting: "Trang's level (Xoai Non's real name) has also improved, it's better, in general, the m.oney invested in studying acting is free, so that's fine. ...Who doesn't know his wife, but she's pretty?".

Xemesis reacted strangely when Xoai Non was intimate with a male star, always saying one thing to his wife - Photo 4

After watching the MV, Xemesis admitted that he did not have enough knowledge about music, so he only talked mainly about the acting of Lou Hoang and Xoai Non. After that, he also shared about how whenever Xoai Non stars with a male singer, netizens often like to "ship" the two people together and tag him on social media sites like "pairing", "brother". Hieu, I've lost my wife now."

Xemesis frankly expressed his opinion: "You have to understand that this is just a music MV. I personally find Lou Hoang extremely cute, extremely funny. Lou Hoang to me is always the best. 10 points, quite good for me".

Xemesis reacted strangely when Xoai Non was intimate with a male star, always saying one thing to his wife - Photo 5

Recently, Xoai Non was caught up in rumors of a broken relationship with Xemesis after 4 years of marriage. Some viewers believe that the cause of the conflict is because of children's issues. Previously, Xoai Non had revealed that she intended to undergo medical intervention to find her c.hild, but so far the couple still has no good news.

Xoai Non did not directly speak up about the news of marital problems with Xemesis, but freely shared her new project in collaboration with male singer Lou Hoang. This made the public question her for bringing up personal matters to gain views.

Xemesis reacted strangely when Xoai Non was intimate with a male star, always saying one thing to his wife - Photo 6

In the livestream on the evening of June 10, Xoai Non said:

"Now my mouth cannot argue with thousands of comments out there. And I have no responsibility to inform you how. If you say I often argue, where do you see me arguing? What happened? After so many years and so many things have happened, I have learned my lesson and I have tried to change a lot.

Besides, you want to know the story but the problem is that people don't want to share it, so what? It's not their fault! That's the story of people's lives. Why do you want to know information about other people's lives? Why should other people have the responsibility to tell you what problem they are facing?" - Xoai Non said.

Xemesis reacted strangely when Xoai Non was intimate with a male star, always saying one thing to his wife - Photo 7

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