Xoai Non - Xemesis officially announced their divorce, the reason for leaving attracted attention

Nguyễn KimJun 17, 2024 at 07:05

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Information about Xoai Non - Xemesis confirming the breakup has attracted attention from a large audience. Besides, the reason why the two "went their separate ways" is also something that everyone is interested in.

On the afternoon of June 16, Xoai Non officially confirmed that he had broken up with streamer Xemesis. The h.ot g.irl born in 2002 expressed: "First of all, I want to thank everyone who has loved and supported us. And I'm sorry to announce that our relationship has ended." . At the same time, Xoai Non also sent a message to streamer Xemesis: "Thank you for making my youth beautiful."

Xoai Non - Xemesis officially announced their divorce, the reason for leaving attracted attention - Photo 1

Image of Xoai Non announcing divorce

After less than 1 hour of posting, the article received a high amount of interaction from netizens with more than 12,000 comments. Many Vietnamese stars such as Truong Quynh Anh, Do Phu Qui... and the audience sent words of encouragement, hoping the beauty would soon overcome the emotional incident. One account said: "I love you so much. When one door closes, another door will open. Stay strong." Another viewer regretted: "After the rain, the sun will shine again. I wish you strong legs and soft stones."

Immediately after Xoai Non's post, Xemesis also shared a response. He wrote: "Wishing you all the best, thank you for everything you've done for me in the past 6 years, and everything you've sacrificed during our time together, even though it's unfortunate. That didn't make sense. However, the time we spent together was definitely the best time of my life."

Xoai Non - Xemesis officially announced their divorce, the reason for leaving attracted attention - Photo 2

Over the past month, the two have been entangled in rumors of a breakup. There were many rumors on social networks about the reason for the star couple's breakup, but they kept silent. Many people believe that children are the reason why the couple had to break up.

Previously, doctor Cao Huu Thinh posted a photo with Xemesis and expressed his opinion on the importance of children. He believes that children are the happiness of the family, the bond that connects the couple more closely. Too large an age gap will also lead to disagreements about choosing when to have children, and problems in the marital relationship.

In the end, Dr. Thinh concluded: "Without children, there are no strings attached, just one minute of exchanging words is frivolous, just turning away will turn from lover to stranger! I hope you two understand, for each other. Just a little bit to get along!".

Xoai Non - Xemesis officially announced their divorce, the reason for leaving attracted attention - Photo 3

Although no one's name was mentioned, netizens discovered details that Dr. Thinh had posted a photo with Xemesis with this status line. A few minutes later, Dr. Thinh deleted the photo. Therefore, many people believe that children are the reason why the couple went their separate ways.

In talk shows and sharing with the media, Xoai Non shared that she had health problems so she decided to give birth using artificial insemination, but she still had no luck.

Xoai Non - Xemesis officially announced their divorce, the reason for leaving attracted attention - Photo 4

As for Xemesis, Xoai Non confided that the male streamer really likes children so he also wants to have children but does not put pressure on his wife but only teases. Worried about her health, Xoai Non also asked her husband directly: "If I am infertile, will you marry someone else?" Xemesis replied, "No, go adopt a c.hild."

There are also opinions that the reason comes from the disparity between the two parties and the scandals that Xoai Non had to face after getting married. In a program, Xoai Non revealed that she had been looked down upon since she married a rich man.

Xoai Non - Xemesis officially announced their divorce, the reason for leaving attracted attention - Photo 5

Xemesis was born in 1989, is called "the richest streamer in Vietnam" by the audience as he owns a supercar, many branded watches and handbags, and is the cousin of ex-husband Diep Lam Anh. Xoai Non's real name is Pham Thuy Trang, born in 2002 in Ho Chi Minh City. The star couple got married in 2020. Their wedding once attracted attention with a wedding dress worth VND 28 billion Xemesis gave to his wife.

Xoai Non - Xemesis officially announced their divorce, the reason for leaving attracted attention - Photo 6

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