Non Mango is less delicate in the royal house: ignoring her mother-in-law, letting her father-in-law "serve"

Bút MàuJun 06, 2024 at 11:04

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The drama series related to the breakup between Xoai Non and Xemesis has not shown any signs of stopping when recently, Netizens suddenly reopened some moments of the same frame of Xoai Non and her husband's family. Accordingly, many people think that if you pay close attention, you will see that Xoai Non is often not skillful, sophisticated, and too childish in her behavior when returning to her husband's house.

One of the clips that the online community is most interested in is the moment when Xoai Non celebrated Tet for the first time with her husband's family. With her carefree personality, Xoai Non comfortably chats with her mother-in-law and constantly asks questions such as: "Do you love me?", "Is it fun to have a c.hild as a bride this year",...

Non Mango is less delicate in the royal house: ignoring her mother-in-law, letting her father-in-law serve - Photo 1

However, netizens noticed that although Xoai Non's mother-in-law also responded to her daughter-in-law's words, the first sentence she said when Xoai Non entered the kitchen was: "My daughter-in-law is now going to cook rice". However, Xoai Non still ignored this sentence and continued to record the clip, wanting her mother to answer her question: "Do you feel happy since having a child".

Many people think that Mango Non is quite unsophisticated in this. Because usually, when seeing the mother-in-law in the kitchen, the general psychology of the brides will be to go in with one hand. If the mother-in-law does not need an additional person in the kitchen, she can prepare the dishes and chopsticks in front of the dining table,... In general, there are a lot of things to do, especially on Tet holidays.

Non Mango is less delicate in the royal house: ignoring her mother-in-law, letting her father-in-law serve - Photo 2

"I still know that Xoai Non is filming a vlog and their job is to create content, but it would be better if you set up the machine and then 2 mothers and daughters are working and chatting. Because I see that my aunt also has a good reminder, but Xoai Non must be too young, so she is inexperienced and has not realized it," a comment from the online community after watching the clip.

In another clip, when both Xemesis and Xoai Non visited her brother's house to celebrate Christmas and birthday for her mother-in-law, the beauty born in 2002 caused controversy because of her inappropriate dress.

Accordingly, Xoai Non wore an outfit with a rather revealing shirt. She even had to use her hands many times to cover the 1st round or adjust her outfit so that it was not too revealing. Because the family held a party, the house was very crowded with both adults and children, so many people thought that Xoai Non's way of dressing was inappropriate.

Non Mango is less delicate in the royal house: ignoring her mother-in-law, letting her father-in-law serve - Photo 3

However, some people think that maybe Xoai Non's husband's family is also comfortable and does not pay too much attention to this. Besides, Xemesis' wife herself once shared that her mother-in-law and her husband's family are quite open-minded, modern and open-minded. Moreover, her mother-in-law also understands Xoai Non's work, so she often does not remind or have any problems when she sees her daughter-in-law wearing somewhat revealing clothes.

Non Mango is less delicate in the royal house: ignoring her mother-in-law, letting her father-in-law serve - Photo 4

An old clip of the couple on their 1st wedding anniversary is also going viral again on social media. Specifically, that day the couple held a party on a yacht-style restaurant, inviting Xemesis' mother, brother's family and 2 friends to attend. While chatting, Xoai Non's mother-in-law mentioned inviting the whole family to go on a trip to Europe. However, Xoai Non's reaction is what makes people controversial.

She is quite fast, constantly interrupting and interrupting to speak even though her mother-in-law is chatting with others. In particular, when her mother-in-law mentioned: "I will leave 1 billion to go", Xoai Non suddenly uttered a sensitive word: "Ah **, what a headache". Although at that time the words were small, no one noticed, but Xoai Non was still arrested by the people.

Non Mango is less delicate in the royal house: ignoring her mother-in-law, letting her father-in-law serve - Photo 5

Many people think that Mango Non is too childish and carefree to control his words. No matter how close the relationship with your mother-in-law is, you should still keep your mind, be calm and gentle in your words. Besides, the fact that Mango Non invited Sunna (Wilson Nhat Anh), a close friend, to attend the family's intimate party also made netizens have many mixed opinions.

Not only close to her mother-in-law, Xoai Non also showed off her father-in-law who loves the most in the house many times. On her TikTok page in 2022, Xoai Non posted a clip to flex about being pampered by her husband's family.

Mango Non said that because she knew that her daughter-in-law liked to eat vermicelli, her mother-in-law worked hard to prepare and cook for food. However, because she is losing weight and does not eat fat, her father-in-law specially cuts the meat only with the lean part for Mango Non to eat. This made her mother-in-law also exclaim: "These girls are so happy."

Non Mango is less delicate in the royal house: ignoring her mother-in-law, letting her father-in-law serve - Photo 6

However, people think that Xoai Non is lacking in attention in that her mother-in-law has cooked for her, but just because of the lean meat and fatty meat, she is picky and sluggish, which easily hurts the person in the kitchen. In addition, because Xoai Non's parents-in-law have divorced, this action of her is considered insensitive in behavior.

Although many times she has been "scrutinized" for her way of speaking and behaving unskillfully, many people think that when she first became a bride, Xoai Non had just turned 18 years old. Therefore, partly understand the childishness, carefreeness, and comfort in her personality.

Non Mango is less delicate in the royal house: ignoring her mother-in-law, letting her father-in-law serve - Photo 7

Besides, people also think that Xoai Non is quite honest, straightforward and does not pretend or deliberately show herself to be a different person at her husband's house. However, those who have been becoming brides all give advice to Xoai Non that they should be more delicate to avoid encountering situations of unwanted evaluation and judgment.

Non Mango is less delicate in the royal house: ignoring her mother-in-law, letting her father-in-law serve - Photo 8

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