Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesis's condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace

Bút ChìJun 17, 2024 at 13:38

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The breakup announcement of Xoai Non and Xemesis is the focus of attention from netizens. The couple officially went their separate ways after 4 years of marriage. In the confirmation post, Xoai Non thanked Xemesis for being a part of her beautiful youth.

As for Xemesis, the male streamer also quickly spoke up on the evening of June 16. He thanked Xoai Non for being by his side for the past 6 years and hoped the best things would come to her in the future.

Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesiss condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace - Photo 1

The fact that the two broke up has been rumored by the online community in advance with the actions of the couple and their relatives. Specifically, during a livestream with two close friends Do Mixi and Pewpew, Xemesis revealed a tired and lost voice, so PewPew immediately asked and received the answer: "I'm sick, I have a cold." "Caught sick" online for a close friend, PewPew immediately said: "You lack a warm embrace with a breath near your ear, right? I'm telling the truth, you have to fix it soon. But you're missing a lot." After listening, Xemesis just laughed without saying anything.

Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesiss condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace - Photo 2

After that, the two close friends also discussed meeting to confide in each other. Xemesis proposed to meet the next day, but PewPew postponed it because he had to think of a reason to go back and ask his wife's permission. "I thought you were still the same as before. Just call and I'll be there. I don't mind going to Hanoi" - Xemesis said.

Do Mixi also contributed to the fun by inviting Xemesis to go to Hanoi to have fun because he had many friends. After the livestream, netizens couldn't help but talk about this conversation. Many people believe that PewPew implicitly confirmed that Xemesis is single with his joke.

Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesiss condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace - Photo 3

Previously, Xemesis also posted a status revealing her instability. Accordingly, the male streamer admitted that he got drunk and did unspeakable actions. Below the post, many friends in the streamer world left comments asking about them, and Xemesis half-joked and half-seriously said that just meeting everyone would be better.

Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesiss condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace - Photo 4

The two's marriage controversy also stemmed from a move by Xemesis. The male streamer suddenly "unfollowed" Xoai Non on Instagram. In a livestream, H.ot g.irl 2k2 revealed a tired, lifeless and extremely reserved expression unlike usual. After that, Xoai Non also moved to unfollow her husband's social networking sites.

Besides, the online community also "spotted" that Xoai Non usually checks in to an apartment, not to a million-dollar villa with Xemesis. When her husband opened the snail shop, Xoai Non was also suddenly absent even though she had appeared with her husband on trial day.

Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesiss condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace - Photo 5

On the other hand, when his wife was receiving a lot of criticism, Xemesis only worried about justifying himself. He constantly argued with fans about side stories such as: not being followed by his wife, not paying 20 billion VND for divorce,... but not mentioning his current marital status at all.

Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesiss condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace - Photo 6

Xemesis's real name is Nghiem Anh Hieu. He graduated with a degree in Information Technology in London (UK) and lived here for a long time before moving back to Vietnam. Xemesis is a famous streamer in Ho Chi Minh City that is loved and followed by many young people.

Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesiss condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace - Photo 7

He is also known as one of the 4 "Four Streamers", including Do Mixi, PewPew and ViruSs. Xemesis is also a successful businessman and owns many internet shops, motorbike garages, etc. In particular, people often talk about Xemesis as the richest streamer with his willingness to play and spend huge amounts of m.oney on his cars. Currently, Xemesis also pursues many different business projects.

Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesiss condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace - Photo 8

According to research, Xoai Non and Xemesis have known each other since the end of 2018 and in February 20219, the two officially announced their relationship. However, the couple received many mixed opinions due to the age gap and family background.

However, Xemesis revealed that Xoai Non was the first Vietnamese girlfriend that his family agreed to let him know. Xemesis himself also said that he feels lucky to love and marry a h.ot g.irl born in 2002, so he always loves and pampers her to the fullest.

Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesiss condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace - Photo 9

In 2020, the wedding of Xoai Non and Xemesis caused a stir in the media and social networks because of the level of spending the groom's family had to pay. After getting married, both Xoai Non and Xemesis support each other in work and life, but Xoai Non still focuses on modeling, attaching sales links, livestreaming orders and being a KOL for some brands... She said she is financially independent from her husband.

Do Mixi, Pewpew revealed Xemesiss condition after the divorce: lack of warm embrace - Photo 10

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