Xemesis justified himself, ignoring Mango Non being attacked, fans are frustrated

Minh LợiJun 18, 2024 at 15:13

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Currently, the information surrounding the divorce of Xoai Non and Xemesis is still a topic of interest to the online community. The every move of the two attracted the attention of the people.

While Xoai Non has posted a long post to protect her best friend Sunna and affirm that it is not a reason for divorce, Xemesis has also made the latest moves.

Xemesis justified himself, ignoring Mango Non being attacked, fans are frustrated - Photo 1

Accordingly, Xemesis was completely silent about the comments of relatives and friends in the announcement confirming her divorce. However, the male streamer did not hesitate to leave a comment in the post of Diep Lam Anh - who was also the bride of the Nghiem family.

Specifically, Diep Lam Anh expressed her frustration because she was c.ut o.ff from the sentence when she encouraged Xoai Non after the divorce. Very quickly, Xemesis also thought that he was in a similar situation. "Hieu also said a lot of things that Hieu didn't know very much," Xemesis wrote.

Xemesis justified himself, ignoring Mango Non being attacked, fans are frustrated - Photo 2

In response to this comment, Diep Lam Anh said that everyone has their own reason for their story, she wished both Xoai Non and Xemesis to be stable in the upcoming journey. "Each person has their own reason, the insider's family does not dare to joke. The person who jokes is the one who is not yet in this situation. Brother Bo and Mango get stronger," Diep Lam Anh expressed.

Xemesis justified himself, ignoring Mango Non being attacked, fans are frustrated - Photo 3

This series of interactions of Xemesis attracted the attention of many people when they learned that he still maintains a good relationship with Diep Lam Anh. She also appeared at the wedding of Xoai Non - Xemesis as well as the family's holidays and Tet. Besides, people also commented on Xemesis' answer, affirming that he still knows and follows everything the online community says about him, but they all choose to be silent, letting everything pass.

Xemesis justified himself, ignoring Mango Non being attacked, fans are frustrated - Photo 4

It can be said that the marriage of Xoai Non and Xemesis opened extremely loudly with a billion-dollar wedding and when it ended, it was equally noisy. Although insiders give each other kindness and respect when parting, there are still a lot of rumors on the sidelines, even many things that are false. Therefore, the two have taken turns to clearly explain questions such as "Mango Non received 20 billion for divorce" or "Sunna is the 3rd person to enter the relationship".

Many people think that, because the couple has confirmed that everyone is going their separate ways, let everything stop here. Because, Xoai Non and Xemesis themselves want to keep the reason for their divorce a secret. Moreover, everyone has their own hurts when stepping out of a relationship, so people think that they should be allowed to have their own space to start their life again.

Xemesis justified himself, ignoring Mango Non being attacked, fans are frustrated - Photo 5

Currently, Xemesis updates social media less often, also continues to build his business base and occasionally gathers friends.

On Xoai Non's side, she is living in a private apartment. After the divorce, she focused on her own work, worked hard to livestream sales and attach product links on her personal page.

Recently, she also attracted attention when she participated in Lou Hoang's MV "Beautiful day to say goodbye".

Worth mentioning, the MV was released at the right time when Xoai Non - the main actress in the MV - announced her divorce from streamer Xemesis. This makes netizens question the artist's use of his private life story to attract attention.

Xemesis justified himself, ignoring Mango Non being attacked, fans are frustrated - Photo 6

Regarding this, singer Lou Hoang said that he himself did not anticipate the incident and affirmed that the crew did not deliberately release the MV at this time.

Lou Hoang said that initially he planned to invite both Xoai Non and his wife - Xemesis, but then only Xoai Non participated in the MV. Lou Hoang and Xoai Non have collaborated on a previous product, so they are quite close.

Xemesis justified himself, ignoring Mango Non being attacked, fans are frustrated - Photo 7

The male singer highly appreciated Xoai Non's professionalism even though during the working process, he partly guessed that she was unhappy. He also advised Xoai Non to learn more acting and other skills to pursue art professionally.

Xemesis justified himself, ignoring Mango Non being attacked, fans are frustrated - Photo 8

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