Seeesis "stealthly" watched TikToker's video in the first round, and erased traces of comedy

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Rarely do livestreams, but once it's aired, streamer Xemesis spends a lot of time "comedy" and entertained with fans.

As in the last meeting, this male streamer made viewers laugh with a series of reactions after watching a TikTok video of a h.ot g.irl with an oversized bust.

Seeesis "stealthly" watched TikToker's video in the first round, and erased traces of comedy - Photo 1

Accordingly, when watching a video of dancing to the g.irl's music on the social network TikTok, the richest male streamer in Vietnam was attentive, not missing a second, not a single frame. But after the video ended, this married guy quickly grabbed a bottle of eye drops and repeatedly told his heart: "You have to wash your eyes or others will know".

Seeesis "stealthly" watched TikToker's video in the first round, and erased traces of comedy - Photo 2

And even without saying it, fans also know that the object that the male streamer prevents is his 19-year-old wife. But not letting Xemesis "escape", fans quickly recorded that series of moments and shared many on the forums. And yet, the fans also deliberately "coffee" him: "Ah, so he chose the sofa"; "The sister in the back"; ... Not sure what the current fate of the male streamer is, but the famous h.ot g.irl's wife in the Saigon model village will probably have a face-off with her husband, making the fans extremely anticipating.

After the "wedding of the century" that made the media and netizens admire at the end of 2020, the married life between Mango Non and Xemesis has always been of interest and discussion among netizens. During the sitting with MisThy, Non mango publicly "unmasked" 3 bad habits of her husband that many people do not know: cold, sometimes irritable and messy.

Not only that, the beautiful 2k2 g.irl not long ago publicly added an annoying habit of Xemesis, but she also said that she has gradually adapted to this. Accordingly, Mango Non said that her husband snored a lot and when she was newly married, she couldn't stand it and had to sleep on the sofa. However, she gradually got used to this and now snoring is no longer an annoying thing. However, the bad habits of Xemesis and Young Mango were freely shared by the couple, modified and gradually familiarized, without any controversy or contradiction that was higher than necessary. This is probably what makes the young couple score more points in the eyes of the fans.

Xemesis is known as "the richest streamer in Vietnam", "the young master of the YouTuber village"... because he is not only a streamer, he is also a famous businessman in Saigon. Xemesis is taking over the family chain of motorcycle shops and auto salons. Meanwhile, Non mango is known as a h.ot g.irl on social networks with stylish and h.ot fashion style. Besides working as an influencer, she also acted in sitcoms and music videos. The g.irl born in 2002 left a mark in the audience's heart with a hybrid face and a s.exy b.ody.

Seeesis "stealthly" watched TikToker's video in the first round, and erased traces of comedy - Photo 3

It is known that Xemesis and Young Mango first met at an event in 2018. Although impressed with Young Mango's beautiful appearance, he did not make any special moves until he received an invitation. Mango's friends after the event. Since then, many stories of "bad crying and laughing" of both began to take place. The c.limax was when Xemesis knew the real age of the h.ot g.irl, he was almost "shocked".

Seeesis humorously said: "I looked at my wife like an adult and thought I was old enough. That day I asked her how old she was, she said 16, I was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say, I had to ask to see the proof. people because they couldn't expect it, I think this "bet" is a bit "sour". However, the famous male streamer conquered his wife and quickly "bred her back to the palace" as soon as she turned 18 years old, with a super expensive billion-dollar wedding at the end of 2020.

That happy wedding is the result of a very beautiful love story of the couple. Mango Non said: "At that time, a lot of people came to find out about me, but they also went. And this guy, when I need him, he will always be there. On the internet, people often say that my husband is a promiscuous person, so When I first met, I was a bit scared. After a while of researching, I found that my husband is not what people say, I opened my heart more and gave him a chance, now I can see my husband, delicious."

Seeesis "stealthly" watched TikToker's video in the first round, and erased traces of comedy - Photo 4

What makes People's Artist Hong Van quite surprised is that although Mango Non is young, her way of thinking is very mature. When asked about the pressure from the online community on the two's love story at the time when it was public, Xoai Non said that the couple did not have much impact. The beauty has been active on social networks for a while, so she knows how to overcome the mixed reactions of netizens. Up to now, Mango Non is sure that her married life is really very fulfilling.

In the show Son and wife, the couple did not hesitate to tell a series of bad habits of their partner. In addition to the bad habits of Xemesis that caused Mango Young to have many headaches when hungry, living a bit messy, he was always a great husband in the eyes of his wife. Besides, Non mango also crouched down on stage to recreate the super cute b.eating scene of Xemesis at home, causing the two MCs to have a laugh. Talking about upcoming plans, Xemesis and Young Mango shared that they are both ready to have a b.aby. This surprised the two MCs, happily sending their blessings to the couple soon to welcome their first c.hild as desired.

Seeesis "stealthly" watched TikToker's video in the first round, and erased traces of comedy - Photo 5

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