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Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding?

Đình Như16:15:24 14/05/2024
After the wedding and giving birth, hotgirl cover Ut Nhi continues to fascinate the audience with her sweet, deep voice. Besides, her postpartum appearance was also praised by people.

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The female Vbiz star carried her pregnant belly to the antifan's house, angry because she was slandered for "working in the industry", something that was lost in the market

Minh Lợi08:35:23 11/10/2023
Accordingly, social networks recently couldn't help but stir over the drama of female singer Hana Cam Tien carrying a pregnant belly and going to an anti-fan's house to confront her because she was insulted and questioned by this person.

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Hana Cam Tien: The most prolific singer in Vbiz, what is the career like after the drama of snatching her colleague's husband?

Nguyễn Tuyết11:17:02 06/09/2023
Hana Cam Tien is one of the young singers pursuing the authentic country music genre that is storming today. She also left many marks when she had MVs that reached millions of views on YouTube.

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