Nham Gia Luan silently did 1 thing to f.ight Duong Duong and was mocked by netizens?

An NhiSep 30, 2022 at 11:18

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The Chinese social network is spreading rumors that Nham Gia Luan invites a lecturer to teach how to read dialogue on film to compete with Duong Duong. Accordingly, so far, the beautiful man of the Nham family has been criticized by the audience about the radio.

Nham Gia Luan is one of the most sought-after actors in Cbiz, not inferior to traffic peaks like Tieu Chien or Vuong Nhat Bac. However, the big disadvantage of Nham Gia Luan is that the radio is bad and the way he reads the lines is not good, causing the actor to lose points in the hearts of moviegoers.

Nham Gia Luan silently did 1 thing to f.ight Duong Duong and was mocked by netizens? - Photo 1

Previously, Nham Gia Luan was mentioned by CCTV 6 because the original voice was too boring in Thinh Quan. In the posts cited by CCTV, there was an account that wrote: "Every time I hear his voice, I feel down, it doesn't match Luc Viem's temperament at all. I have already imagined these sentences in my mind. what kind of tone will he have when he says it, the result is that he doesn't have any emotions even when he speaks... Encourage the actor to use his real voice but also consider whether it suits the character or not".

Nham Gia Luan silently did 1 thing to f.ight Duong Duong and was mocked by netizens? - Photo 2

In addition, CCTV6 also mentioned the criteria for voting for the 2020 Golden Rooster A.ward in the acting category: All characters must be voiced by the actors themselves, otherwise they will not be able to enter the next round.

Recently, on Weibo, many bloggers reported that the male lead Thinh Quan had just found a famous voice reading teacher. This person will help the actor better control the voice and the radio to serve the next roles.

With the guidance of this experienced teacher, soon, Nham Gia Luan could confidently use the original voice in the film. Even a handsome male who specializes in using the original voice on the screen like Duong Duong sometimes is not "qualified" to match the male lead Ngu Giao Ky.

Nham Gia Luan silently did 1 thing to f.ight Duong Duong and was mocked by netizens? - Photo 3

It is known that it is not natural for Nham Gia Luan's side to invite him to teach reading dialogue. It seems that the film department is requiring actors to use their original voices, prompting his team to urgently implement the above measure.

Currently, Nham Gia Luan has not spoken about these rumors and continues to participate in film projects and promotional activities of the brand he is representing. On social networks, the audience left many comments about this information.

The majority of the public expressed their support for the work of the Nham Gia Luan team and acknowledged that they should have done this sooner. Because so far, the actor has often been criticized for his real voice.

Nham Gia Luan silently did 1 thing to f.ight Duong Duong and was mocked by netizens? - Photo 4

In addition, someone also mentioned Duong Duong as a symbol of an actor who specializes in using a real voice with an extremely inspiring way of reading lines. They believe that after taking a voice reading course, Nham Gia Luan's skills will not be inferior to Duong Duong's, even surpassing the male lead Let Thi Thien Ha in this clause.

Nham Gia Luan silently did 1 thing to f.ight Duong Duong and was mocked by netizens? - Photo 5

Currently, Nham Gia Luan is attracting attention with the movie Thinh Quan in cooperation with Ly Tham. Content Thinh Quan was initially evaluated well, the acting of the main cast was diverse.

However, after a week of airing, the film has a Douban score that is not really impressive. Specifically, Thinh Quan was rated 6.4 points on Douban with more than 25,000 reviews. This achievement is only considered temporary, but not really breakthrough. Besides, the work also received many criticisms from the audience. They think that the content of Thinh Quan is gradually entering the rut, without a breakthrough, making the film circuit increasingly slow and boring.

Nham Gia Luan silently did 1 thing to f.ight Duong Duong and was mocked by netizens? - Photo 6

Although no longer appreciated in terms of content, Thinh Quan is still proving his charm with an impressive series of achievements. Specifically, Chinese media reported that Thinh Quan is the next film with both male and female leads breaking the 9.0 mark in Vlinkage's character index. Specifically, on September 26, the index of the character Luc Viem reached 9.11 (breaking 9.0 for 8 consecutive days, 9.11 is the current highest index). Meanwhile, the character Vu Dang Dang is no less competitive with a score of 9.02.

This is an impressive achievement that any movie or actor wants. More especially when Thinh Quan is a film without the presence of the top. This achievement also proved the audience's interest in the works of Nham Gia Luan and Ly Tham.

Nham Gia Luan silently did 1 thing to f.ight Duong Duong and was mocked by netizens? - Photo 7

Thinh Quan is a movie in the genre of the nation, first half. In which, Nham Gia Luan will play the role of Luc Viem, and Ly Tham will transform into the character Vu Dang Dang. The film tells the love story of 2 lives between the female farmer Vu Dang Dang, who is loyal and loyal, and Luc Viem, a cold, arrogant god-slayer who has fallen asleep for a thousand years because of love.

The female farmer Vu Dang Dang was unlucky enough to accidentally steal and kiss Luc Viem. Only later did I find out that the "unlawful family" in this life was the lover of his destiny.

Nham Gia Luan silently did 1 thing to f.ight Duong Duong and was mocked by netizens? - Photo 8

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